Oh Snap.

And now for a behind the scenes ceramic animal related story. While we were working on this

… this happened:

Since I’m still not ready to talk (or write) about it in depth, here’s John’s depiction of how the tragedy occurred:

Alas, my favorite giant ceramic dog (snagged from HomeGoods three years ago for just 29 bucks) sadly lost his face. In the words of the world’s most famous blogger, it sucked and then I cried.

Yes, there’s a candle lit vigil in progress. Goodbye Mr. Ceramic Dog. You were a wonderful pet. Never had to clean up after you once. Until this happened.

I might try to glue him back together (although some of the pieces are pretty tiny). Until then I’ll be found shaking, crying, and whispering “why?”

Just kidding, I’ll live.

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  1. bridget b. says

    let’s have a moment of silence…..

    now that that’s over, that drawing (and this post) produced some laugh out loud moments. way to turn your traumatic experience into a humorous post.

  2. Claire says

    You crack me up! I have had lots of home revamp casualties…they totally suck and I always cry like a baby until I remind myself to not be so materialistic! He was uber cute too :/ Maybe his ceramic pieces can be turned into some mosaic project!

  3. Christine says

    So sad! I loved that guy. If you can glue him back together, do it! It’ll just add character. (Or maybe be very disturbing. :)))

  4. Patricia says

    I know this isn’t the right time to laugh but that drawing had me laughing out loud for a good 30 min. I’m still smiling about it. LOL

  5. Katy B says

    You could glue on the big pieces, then fill in the cracks with that stuff they use to fix broken mouldings. What is that stuff called?…That I do not know, but if you look on This Old House (or have you boycotted) you could probably find it easily. Then you could spray paint the whole thing glossy white.
    Sure you have a blog to write, a child to tend to, and a list of other projects…but I have to think something you love that much is worth it.

  6. Ashley says

    I agree… amazing drawing! All good things must come to an end but at least it wasn’t due to Clara climbing around on it and getting hurt.

  7. says

    OH NO!! I just gasped and my boss thought something was wrong – “Is everyone okay?!”

    No boss, every *ceramic dog* is not okay. :( (now don’t come over and look at me reading blogs while I should be working) :P

  8. says

    I mean, you could always glue as many pieces as you can back, fill the holes and spray paint it. It’s a little industrious but not completely un-doable.

  9. Zoë says

    Is it sad that my jaw dropped open when I saw the second pic? I know how much you loved that dog. Poor, poor puppy.

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