Dance Party

Seeing as this fun little $22 lamp from HomeGoods is one of our favorite Sue The Napkin colors, which we plan to use as our whole house color inspiration (see them all here) I had to make it mine. It’s really cute in person, but it’s kinda ugly with the paneling behind it. Haha. Sorry ’bout that.

I knew it would look all purty when it’s glowing – and cast lots of fun shadows on the wall. You know, like this:

Except try to imagine it without the soul crushing wood paneling. Slowly but surely we’re working up the energy to tackle the kitchen. Every day that I have to stare at that paneling gets me one day closer to running to the store for primer.

Anyway back to our new lamp and the title of this post. This picture explains it all:

That’s right. My new lamp gives me disco fever. I love it. And it’s Friday. Let’s dance. Off to learn some moves from the adorable Finnish guy who made this How To Disco Dance video:


  1. Sara says

    Let me just say how excited I am for you to paint the kitchen. No really, I think about it daily. Just can’t wait!

  2. says

    This may be my most favorite post ever!!! Love the How To video! And I absolutely adore!!! that lamp! I hope I am able to find one! I like having my own dance parties in my living room and now that I have this video, I must have this lamp!!!

    Sherry you crack me up!

  3. Ames says

    What a cool looking lamp! You guys are so great at finding awesome stuff that other people might overlook. I love it!

  4. Corie says

    I really like the lamp – I was a little weary at first but after seeing it lit up I really like it! I wonder if it comes in any different colors. My hubby and I are just renting a house for now while saving up for our first home and I can’t wait to buy one (hopefully in the next 6 months) so we can start decorating!

  5. Tracy Bryan says

    This is so fun! I love the bold color choices you two are making. I was just telling my husband that we need to find our own Sue the napkin that has a color palate we love.

  6. SarahR says

    Yesterday the music died, but today you got your groove back (Disco style). Nice to know that everything is back to normal.

  7. fd says

    that video has made my day. and not only the Finns but also our German friends can be proud of having given us the music that went with the final dance. :-)

  8. Melissa Irvin says

    A few things:

    1) Love the lamp! I bet Clara would love that in her room too.

    2) I was on mute initially since I am working. I turned on the sound and the effect is still the same since he is speaking …hmmm…do Finnish people speak Finnish? I have no idea.

    3) You’d think they would be dressed more “fun” for teaching DISCO. As it is, they could be back up dancers on Lawrence Welk (do you know who Lawrence Welk is or am I showing my age?)!

    • says

      Yes, Finnish people speak Finnish. And I think that we as a nation would rather forget this episode was ever filmed even if it is four decades ago or so… ;)

    • Ilona says

      I wouldn’t want to forget that video, I think it’s fun and also an accurate portrayal of the time when it was filmed: people took (and some maybe still take) teaching and learning something fun very seriously :-) Even disco!

      I love the lamp and how it changes the atmosphere of the room when the rest of the room is dark…

    • CC says

      @ Ilona–

      Is this video actually from another time, or does it instead portray a group of Baby Boomers who still like the night life? :P

      And maybe that’s what YHL needs for the room: some gold lamé curtains and the occasional pompadour. You could make that party happen before the panel paint comes out; please include pictures…

  9. says

    I’m thinking that the accurate color description is “peuce.” I love it, though! Great color and shape.

    I know what you mean about being surrounded (in one room or an entire house) by something distastful. You don’t *get used to it*… you get more and more ready to FIX it!!

    Color-wise for the kitchen, are you thinking the same(ish) color scheme as your previous house? (I know Sue is influencing your choices, but I doubt you’re going with peuce-colored cabinets…)

    • says

      I’m thinking of something pretty bright for the kitchen. Not ready to say it out loud just yet, but since the adjoined hallway, office, dining room, and living room are going to be that soft gray color I thought the big open kitchen that’s right smack in the middle of them could use a splash of color (with white cabinets of course to keep it from getting too circus-y). Who knows where we’ll end up though…


    • says

      I LOVE the idea of painting the kitchen a pop of color.

      Slightly related question – when you paint the dining room gray, are you going to leave the bookcases white or paint them gray as well?

    • says

      They’ll stay white like the trim. They just look great with the white and teal against each other. Plus repainting them would be a bear. Haha.


    • says

      I totally understand. It’s sort of like when you tell friends and family what you plan to name your baby and their response is like, “Eww! Really?”

      You probably have a great vision in mind, but it’s hard to relate in words. I’m sure it will be great — everything you’ve done so far is nothing-short-of-amazing.

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