Another Round Mirror

Just can’t get enough of them these days. I think it’s because of all the rectangles and squares that abound (from windows, doors, and beams, to things like beds, cribs, and fireplaces with right angles galore). It’s just nice to add some curves to break up the square-fest.

We got this guy at Hobby Lobby on sale (they were offering 50% off all wall hanging items, yesssss) for $65 – down from $130. Not bad for an ornate 30″ oil-rubbed bronze beauty, right?

We know it looks a smidge small for that big expanse of wall (see first pic), but once we hang curtains high and wide on the giant picture window – and scooch the mirror over a bit afterwards – it’ll hopefully be perfect.

Not sure if we’ll paint it down the line or leave it oil-rubbed bronze. Once we hang curtains we’ll make a final decision since the room is definitely still in progress and adding in some oil-rubbed bronze curtain rods might be a game changer. Can you handle the suspense? Haha. Although something fun like deep plum might be sweet. Or even white to tie in with the white frames over Karl – especially since this similar mirror (except for the fact that it’s $495 and the links are more oblong than circular) is pretty gorgeous in glossy white.


  1. Ashley says

    Great mirror! I’m personally a big fan of ORB so I vote to leave it as is. I think it ties in nicely with ‘Ed’. Do you guys plan to leave your former desk there along the wall, or is that just where it landed for the time being?

    • says

      That’s where it landed but we’re thinking it might stay there for a while. It’s where we keep Burger’s food and treats, so it’s pretty handy since he comes in and out of that slider and his food bowl is nearby too. We should call it Burger’s desk. Haha.


    • Ashley says

      Sherry I just called your couch Ed. Karl is the couch and Ed is the bed, right. Smack me okay? :)

    • Lauren says

      This is funny to me because we have a shoe cabinet from Ikea that only stores our dog’s stuff. We keep her leash, toys, brushes, travel bowls etc. I do keep a pair of shoes in there for when I take her outside. Enough about my dog….love the mirror! :-)

  2. Sara says

    Ooooh! Something round is just what it needed. Love how this room is coming together!!! Wish you would come up here to northern Canada and help me redo our house!

  3. Threadbndr says

    Wow, not often that I get to be one of the first comments. I like the way that the dark frame and chair help move the eye around the room in the top picture. I love Oil Rubbed Bronze – it’s a classic Arts and Crafts finish that I use a lot in my own house.

    I’ll be interested to see what color of curtains end up in your living room and what it looks like with the green rug in place.

  4. says

    Great timing on this post- my friend recently moved to a new house and the previous owners left them a ginormous good lookin’ circular mirror that she gave to me. Originally $150 from Pier One- score! It has a dark wood and I’d like to paint it before hanging it in my living room- too much dark wood in the room already. We have mocha colored walls, cream colored drapes and navy accents. Any thoughts on what color we should paint the mirror?

    • says

      No way! Haha. Dooce is the mother of all bloggers. As in she’s a whale and we’re ants. Haha. Did you read how her site brings in 30-50K a month?! That’s crazinessssss!


  5. Kristi says

    cute! get rid of that light fixture, please!

    can’t wait to see what you guys do for curtains in there. hurry!

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