Sherry’s Lamp-Watching Chair

Call me crazy, but I wasn’t really on board with Sherry’s latest “furniture arrangement” when I saw it in the corner of our living room. I know she enjoys lighting as much as the next gal, but a chair dedicated to staring at a lamp seemed like something straight out of Lovely Listing.

Once I looked up I realized that my wife still has most of her marbles (key word: most). She just put the chair there so she could stand on it and tape some paint swatches to the ceiling. Whew. Not so weird after all. Well, she’s still über weird, but for a host of other reasons.

We’ve been debating what to do with those large white ceiling rectangles (between the grey-washed beams) for the past few days. From wallpaper to bold color and everything in between, we’ve pretty much considered it all. Anything dark or too saturated was quickly nixed since we worry that our standard height (8 foot) ceiling just can’t handle it without feeling like it’s closing in on us. And going with an even softer platinum gray than the color on the walls is a nice safe backup idea, but we’d love to do something a bit more fun. Which is when the concept of bringing in something metallic (either paint or even wallpaper) could potentially luxe up the whole room while reflecting lots of light (so the room still feels airy and open). So we grabbed a few swatches from Martha Stewart’s new Precious Metals paint line at Home Depot:

We were both quick to eliminate the two swatches on the left (too dark) and aren’t quite sold on the other two lighter metallic swatches on the right (they actually don’t seem to read as metallic enough from a few feet away, perhaps because they’re on a ceiling and not a wall). Does anyone know a faux finishing technique to create a glossy champagne or eggshell colored metallic ceiling? I know the term faux finish can strike fear in anyone who has ever watched Trading Spaces (me included) but there have to be some good techniques out there… right? Maybe? We’d also love to hear if you have any other metallic paint experience (any specific brands you recommend?) or even if  you’ve come across some metallic wallpaper that you love.

As for what we’ll ultimately go with, we promise to spill more details when we actually make a decision and have some progress to share. Maybe it’s smarter to wait to see what we’ll do in the way of art and curtains and then pick up a light tone from one of those things for some subtle fun when you look up. Like a super soft silvery celery color if we go with a green rug or bold curtain panels that include some green…

We’re clearly still in “think on it” mode. But at least we’ve got a good spot to sit down and be alone with our thoughts. And that lamp.

Update: A commenter mentioned a caption contest and it’s so on. Feel free to leave ’em in the comment section. Here’s the pic again for ya. Captions. Go.

The prize is 500 points and comment o’ the day status. You know you want that. Or do you?


  1. says

    We did Venetian Plaster our living room which is not realy a faux finish but it has quite a bit of shine to it. Maybe something like that would give you a sheeny type look to reflect light. Because of the burnishing that you do when you put on the plaster is it quite shiny and lusterous.

  2. says

    You could consider keeping the chair there for when Clara gets older. Looks like a great “time out” spot. I keep a chair in the corner just for that reason. Love the metallic idea.

  3. Bob says

    Could you do the metallic paint as is and then just go over it with a thin layer of glossy polyacrylic? The paint and polyacrylic should get along just fine and you could paint right over the polyacrylic later if you want.

    • Bob says

      If you want to get really crazy you could do a spray finish. I mean, if it works for cars, it has to work for your ceilings, right? Right?

  4. Jennifer Laferriere says

    I’ve always been afraid of painting ceilings anything but white…. even if I can hancle bold saturated colour on walls. Which is why, anything you do on the ceiling will be a gutsey move in my books. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I can`t wait to see how you bring in the Plum colour in the new house.

  5. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for providing another way for me to avoid getting anything done around the house! That website with the Lovely Listings is hilarious!

  6. says

    I love colored ceilings! I haven’t tried metallic paint but I went with an eggshell in my living room and I really like how it bounces light.

  7. Agent Scully says

    My Mum (who is a home improver, just like you) swears by Ralph Lauren paint. She has used a color from their metalic line not too long ago, and it looks gorgeous (though, it’s a very dark and rich color, not light like what you’re looking for). The thing is, when you paint you have to do it in a square grid pattern. It really makes a difference in the end, but it takes a long time.


    • Korey says

      Wow! That gold wall in that picture looks great! (not really my style but I didn’t know those metallic paints have come so far!)

  8. says

    I once used a glossy metallic gold glaze (pretty sure it Behr) to paint subtle stripes in our guest room. The base coat was a flat pale golden yellow. In any case, maybe a base coat of paint and then a sheer metallic glaze on top?

  9. says

    I kind of agree with Jennifer – especially since it’s a BIG ceiling area to cover with whatever you decide to do. I would wait to see what you find for rugs, curtains, and art and then make a decision on the ceiling although it does seem like you are in painting mode right now.

  10. Shannon says

    Rust-o-leum makes some metallic paint we have used. The one I love is a hammered metal texture finish. Maybe look at it. We’ve used silver, black, and a bronze/copper color.

  11. Melissa says

    I wonder if Valspar’s Brushed Pearl or Brillant Metals decorative finish would have more of the effect you are going for?

  12. Brittany says


    I did a dresser, coffee table, and end table in a faux metallic finish several years ago. I used a based seafoam green and then sponged on behr’s pearl or metallic finish. I think it turned out well. I liked the idea of the sponging the pearl finish because it was really, really easy. Plus, there were no brush strokes lines! You are brave to tackle a ceiling! LOVE your blog!

  13. Lindsey says

    Ralph Lauren makes a finishing top coat called “Candlelight”, you add it over the color of your choice for a beautiful, metallic glow – highly recommend! Can’t wait to see where you end up!