One Night Stand

Okay, make that two night stands. Though technically they’re just the living room side tables…

… that were displaced by the arrival of Karl.

So even though they’re not technically nightstands, we love our Target tables (from the Victoria Hagan collection, purchased a few years back) and those seeded glass lamps (from the now sadly non-existent Nate Berkus collection at Linens N’ Things) too much to let them go unused. So they’ve now found a new home in the master bedroom. At least for now.

Not only do they start to balance the room more, they’re a huge help in the function department. Sherry’s poor short arms couldn’t take storing her cell phone and magazines on the floor much longer. At first we wondered if they were a little too low, but we’ve been reading in bed easily thanks to them, and we can also easily reach anything on the table since they’re within around 5″ of the top of the mattress, so we just roll over and grab.

So although they may not be permanent fixtures in our bedroom decor (Sherry has this crazy hankering for eggplant lamps someday, and I, for one, would appreciate a drawer or something in our future nightstands for some extra concealed storage) they were f-r-e-e and they definitely do the trick for now.

And one cool byproduct of our new additions is the way they change the character of the room at night. Using the soft table lamps (instead of the bright white fan lights overhead) cozies up the room big time. It feels a lot warmer, the paint color takes on a greener feel, and there are a few dramatic shadows thrown on the ceiling, courtesy of Ed the Bed.

And I can’t even begin to express how awesome it feels to be able to turn off the light at night without having to get up and walk over to flip off the light switch on the wall anymore. Now I don’t have to fake-sleep so Sherry’s forced to do it. Sweet.

Next on our bedroom lighting to do list: replacing that not-so-purdy fan. We have our eye on something kinda crazy, but it makes us smile so it’s a strong possibility.


  1. jenn says

    hahah, fake sleeping so sherry turns the light off.
    i do that too! or we race to the bed and whoever is last must turn the light off.

    • says

      I love the look of your beige browns intermingled with the whites! Gives it a cozy feel while also coming across clean and vibrant. The lamps were an excellent idea for the greens, especially at night. Really makes it pop. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. says

    Love how you found a new home for these guys! Repurposing your own stuff is always the most rewarding find. They look great. How is the height working out? Obviously way better than leaving stuff on the floor, but high enough for your somewhat tall bed?

    • says

      Yes, the height feels great actually. I thought I might want something higher, but when you lay in bed it’s right next to you (not inches below) so it’s great!


    • says

      Since we’re not 100% sure we don’t want to put it out there just yet. Still mulling it over. Plus we don’t want it to sell out before we pull the trigger. Haha. Details later this week for sure though!


    • Megan says

      I wonder if it is the same style of fan (if you are staying with a fan?) like what my hubby bought me for Valentines Day. (its a clear, beautiful plexi glass fan for our living room).

    • says

      We’re actually fans of table fans in the bedroom (pun intended) although we love a ceiling fan in a den or sunroom. So we’re going for a crazy light fixture instead. Well semi-crazy. It’s not made of baby doll heads or anything. Haha.


  3. says

    They look great….
    You comment about fake sleeping totally made me laugh. My hubby and I fake sleep sometimes too so we don’t have to be the one to get up and turn out the light.

  4. says

    Oh my goodness, I totally fake sleep too! Heavy breathing plus a bit of nasly snoring usually does the trick. Oh, and a well placed drowsy “huh?” when she gets up to turn out the light is perfect!

    I’ve never asked, but always wondered – what type of flooring is that in your living room? Is it a vinyl, a laminate, or a mixture? And it looks like one of the panels (the lighter colored one) has a raised texture on it?

  5. Heidi says

    The night stands look GREAT in their new quarters! As for the future light that replaces the fan, why not a funky chandelier? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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