Now Our Guests Can Shower

Progress has been made in the guest bathroom, folks. Which is good news since we’re less than 30 hours away from the arrival of Sherry’s mom and stepdad. Our first score was finding a shower curtain. Despite being burned by pattern in our last shower curtain attempt, we bought this guy at Target on Friday for about $20.

It definitely still looks kinda rough in there (still have to paint the walls and hang art, but we don’t think we’ll get to that before the inlaws arrive, uh, tomorrow). But getting back to the shower curtain, we think the pattern works much better because it’s bigger when it comes to the scale. The large medallions don’t compete with the tiny square tile on the walls and floor like the smaller scale yellow pattern in the last one we grabbed. The dark brown also introduced some nice contrast since the yellow tiles and off-white walls were sort of washing out the rest of the space. And because our old guest room bedding – which we plan to reuse – includes brown & white, while the walls in there are blue, this curtains sort of ties things together.

Then once we had the curtain finalized (and picked up a cheap white fabric liner to keep this guy from getting drenched, also from Target), we turned our attention to the bathmat – or the lack thereof. We originally brought home a brown one that matched the curtain but it was waaaay too dark. And walking into a bathroom to see a big brown spot on the floor wasn’t the most, um, clean looking choice.

So we went back to Target and picked up three other options for a little bath mat fashion show (Sherry may or may not have clapped and chanted “fashion show, fashion show” as we made our purchase). First we tried this square one that almost blended right into the floor completely.

No dice. It just looked kinda dirty and blah.

Our next choice was the polar opposite. We decided to try a more colorful rectangular mat to pick up those blue tones in the curtain (and the adjoining deep teal guest bedroom).

We didn’t really mind this one. It matched the curtain nicely and certainly would help us achieve our goal of bringing more color into the house.

But when we saw the third option we knew it was “the one.” It just felt crisp and tailored without being matchy-matchy. The stripes are a fun counterpart to the circles in the curtain (the white and brown tones in each one keeps them related in a fun mixed & matched way).

What can we say? I guess even though we’re embracing more color, we’re still suckers for crisp white stuff from time to time. Especially with there’s a white toilet, sink, and mirror in there (so it automatically ties right in). I guess when it comes to bathrooms, nothing trumps clean white linens for us (99.9% of hotels that we’ve stayed at always have plush white towels and bathrobes, so we want our guests to feel like Casa Petersik is just as spa-like and inviting). Long story short, we had a bath mat fashion show winner. So we hoisted it up and sang For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow, removed the tag, and returned the others.

We also accomplished a few hardware updates yesterday. The most needed of which was a new toilet seat, since the old one boasted several chips in the lid and tears in the soft seat (and we’re not really fans of the soft toilet seat thing anyways). Here’s the least offensive shot of the old toilet seat that shows off some of those chips on the lid. We refrained from sharing the open lidded shots since we know some of you eat breakfast slash drink coffee while reading. You’re welcome.

Replacing a toilet seat isn’t rocket science, nor is it a very glamorous job. But I did my best to enjoy the process, and even flashed a thumbs up at the wife as she snapped this pic.

The whole switcheroo brought back memories of when I used a toilet seat for a 9th grade science project where I had to illustrate the anatomy of a mollusk (i.e. clams). In case you were wondering, toilet seats take well to dry erase markers. Yes, I really am that dorky. Go Team Mollusk.

We also replaced the old rusted shower head. It functioned just fine (the water pressure was great and there were thankfully no leaks to deal with) but it just didn’t look very nice.

So we sprung for the cheapest multi-setting shower head at Target (it was $14) in an effort to fancy things up a smidge.

And after using some serious elbow grease to get the old one off, the new one went on within 60 seconds. So shiny, right? I can even see myself in it.

Speaking of being in it, I actually took the shower for a test run shortly after this installation. I figured if anything weird or gross was going to happen in the first use of this shower, I wanted it to happen to me and not my mother-in-law. Fortunately things were all good. In fact, the water pressure is better in there than our master bedroom. Lucky guests.

Last but not least was a quick zero-cost change. After removing the mirror on inside of the bathroom door (awkward!), we realize we were missing towel hooks… ’til we discovered them on the other side of the door while painting this weekend. Seriously, in the two months that we’ve lived here we never once closed the door to the guest bathroom to discover those towel hooks hiding back there until a few days ago. So I just unscrewed them from the back and reattached them to the inside of the door where they’ll actually be seen and used (and Sherry spackled and painted the leftover holes on the lesser seen back side of the door).

We’ve still got a few other things (like towels, and maybe some art) to make the room look more complete and guest-ready, but at least it’s completely functional now. Stay tuned for pics of the whole room after Sherry gets her kicks by adding a few accessories. And we still have to share our progress in the guest room. Which we’re most likely working away on as you read this post.

In the meantime, have you guys made any recent bathroom upgrades? Or do you have any tips to share about how you get a guest bathroom ready for guests (besides buying some shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste – which is already on our to-do list along with fluffy towels and a few washcloths)? This is our first time having to furnish a devoted guest bathroom that we don’t regularly use ourselves, so we’re definitely feeling kind of JV about the whole thing.


  1. Jennifer says

    My husband and I stayed at a friends and have never felt so welcome. She had a basket of essentials- razors, a comb, tylenol, floss, extra toothbrushes, mini travel deodorants, q-tips, even contact solution! She just went through the travel section and picked up all the mini bottles of things and it was so inviting.

    can’t wait to see the bedroom. I’m in love with the color you guys chose.

  2. zinna says

    I love guest soaps. And not those weird shell shaped ones that end up looking like fuzzy dead sea creatures. I’m talking about these

    The last time I was in the factory store, Danielle was having a huge sale on her travel soaps ($1/each) and I bought a ton. So, whenever we have guests, I always put out the towels (rolled nicely) and put a couple of bars on top to say, this is for you. They’re the perfect size and the scents are wonderful.

  3. Natalie says

    Love that shower curtain! I love the way it brings in the blue from the guest room!

    Also, just a warning, I had those shower rings, and mine rusted relatively fast. Don’t know if it’s a big deal for you, but it’s only a pain when you need to take the rings off the shower bar (it gets a little grody!).

  4. Lindsay says

    Besides the shampoo/conditioner stuff, a drinking glass is nice, as is making the location of extra toilet paper and a plunger obvious (because nobody wants to have to ask you for that).

    And I don’t think this is relevant for you (at least not this specific example), but since I live in LA and have a yard, I also have an automatic sprinkler system. We set it to run at 4:30 am and had never noticed it being loud from the master bedroom. But, when we checked out the guest bedroom by sleeping in there one night, we found that one sprinkler head is JUST on the opposite side of the wall from the head of the bed and apparently the insulation is not good there – SOOO LOUD. So if someone’s coming over, I have to remember to change the time the sprinklers run! (super random, I know, but I’m sure they wouldn’t enjoy being woken up that early). :)

    • says

      Well the inlaws arrive tomorrow, so we’re hoping it’ll be done by then and we’ll have pics to share! We have some progress pics in the hopper for this afternoon if we get a moment to put that post together (so many comment questions and last minute shopping trips to attend to- so little time, haha).


  5. Sarah B says

    I can’t remember the exact layout but would love to see a shot of the bathroom from the bedroom so we can get a sneak peek of how the gorgeous blue walls look with the shower curtain!

  6. says

    We are revamping the four baths in our new townhouse before we move in. The master bath tile actually had raised crabs on it, randomly place around the floor and shower. Very yucky. We switched to honed carrarra marble for a very classy/classic look.

  7. says

    Love the tiles. I would have voted for the teal but the one you went with is super fancy and spa like!

    My most recent bathroom update was a new bathmat from anthropologie (super sweet present from the bf), which inspired me to pretty up the shelves with a basket to corral ugly things and a few vintage glasses for cotton buds etc.

    As for things for guests, my boyfriend’s mum used to puts out a little wooden box full of different painkillers and other things I might be embarrassed to ask for. So sweet! And flowers.

    I’ve always collected miniatures from hotels so I like to put out a shower cap and stuff. Maybe ear plugs for the baby?

    • says

      not earplugs FOR the baby, rather earplugs because of the baby. Although if your parents are anything like my boyfriends, they’ll be eager to get clara at whatever time she wakes up so you guys can snooze!

    • says

      Thankfully Clara sleeps 12 straight hours these days, so we hope there aren’t any unexpected wake-up calls from her (or I fully expect to find my mom running down the hall to get to her first- haha).


  8. says

    I’m so interested in how you guys have the exact same 50s tile as we do, yet the yellow just changes everything. We have two tones of PINK. The only thing we can do is mix beige with it to try to tone it down. The colors just make it worse.

    A sledgehammer helps, though. :)

  9. Bob says

    Please be careful putting capital-A Art in the bathroom. The humidity changes and potential for sprayed water would be a big risk to the Art. Some wall decor you don’t really care about is fine, but please, please be careful with Art.

  10. Jess says

    Do you guys have a Kohls nearby? They sell the softest spa-like towels by Laura Ashley. I bought a couple of these before Christmas and my husband and my sister who stayed over both have said that these were the softest towels they had ever used. They wash well too! Just sayin… I know you’re in the market for towels and they are super affordable!

    • Jess says

      I thought I was the only person that still says T minus! LOL! You may not be able to squeeze in a trip, but just in case, I forgot to mention that the towels come in more colors in the store. They are always out of stock of most colors online. I hope you have a great time with your family – I’m sure your mom has been going through some major Clara withdawals.

    • says

      She is! Whenever Clara coos while we’re talking on the phone she drops whatever we’re chatting about and says “I hear the baby- hi Clara, it’s Nona!”

      She’s counting down the seconds til their arrival I’m sure. Not to see me or John- just Clara. Haha.


    • Jess says

      Your mom sounds exactly like my mother and mother in law. The sun rises and sets in our children and me and my husband are ancient history! That’s not a bad thing though… We’re blessed to have such wonderful parents! (Sorry to hijack the thread – this makes my 3rd comment!) :)

    • Nikki says

      I’m surprised I never hear you mention Kohl’s! They send out super frequest coupons and once or twice a year I even managed to get 30% an entire purchase coupon…it makes things really affordable! Love all the progress on the house! Keep up the great work and enjoy your weekend with family!

  11. says

    We just finished a complete remodel of our master bath, but I’m sure you don’t need any tips there! I find it best to just get things really clean in the guest bath. We also have a little vintage looking soap pump from target in there that I refill (they still have it too, fyi!)

  12. says

    Everything that you guys do is fantastic! I’m sure your guests will feel right at home! My only tip would be is to not overdo it with the decorations. Make sure your guests have room to put things, especially in the bathroom if it’s a tight space.

    My mom, bless her heart, has a beautiful guest bathroom that me, my husband, and two kids use when we visit. It’s perfectly decorated but the space isn’t functional for the guests needs. Less rolled fancy towels and decorative soaps equals more space for make-up bags, dopp kits, and toothbrushes!

  13. Megan says

    Your progress on the bathroom is looking great! I have almost the same yellow tile in my bathroom with avocado green marble-y countertops and I’m having a hard time making the best of it before I can completely re-do the bathroom. Do you have any paint colors you’d recommend for the walls? White? Grey? Tan? You can see a picture at
    Please help!!

  14. aimee says

    omg. hilarious–i WAS actually eating breakfast and having coffee while my little one naps so I LOL’d at your comments about the open toilet seat. anyway, just wanted to pop in to say I LOVE your new shower curtain and even with the tiniest details you guys always manage to keep it fresh and fun. thanks for being the BEST “home magazine” ever!!! (like what jordan said above)

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