Now Our Guests Can Shower

Progress has been made in the guest bathroom, folks. Which is good news since we’re less than 30 hours away from the arrival of Sherry’s mom and stepdad. Our first score was finding a shower curtain. Despite being burned by pattern in our last shower curtain attempt, we bought this guy at Target on Friday for about $20.

It definitely still looks kinda rough in there (still have to paint the walls and hang art, but we don’t think we’ll get to that before the inlaws arrive, uh, tomorrow). But getting back to the shower curtain, we think the pattern works much better because it’s bigger when it comes to the scale. The large medallions don’t compete with the tiny square tile on the walls and floor like the smaller scale yellow pattern in the last one we grabbed. The dark brown also introduced some nice contrast since the yellow tiles and off-white walls were sort of washing out the rest of the space. And because our old guest room bedding – which we plan to reuse – includes brown & white, while the walls in there are blue, this curtains sort of ties things together.

Then once we had the curtain finalized (and picked up a cheap white fabric liner to keep this guy from getting drenched, also from Target), we turned our attention to the bathmat – or the lack thereof. We originally brought home a brown one that matched the curtain but it was waaaay too dark. And walking into a bathroom to see a big brown spot on the floor wasn’t the most, um, clean looking choice.

So we went back to Target and picked up three other options for a little bath mat fashion show (Sherry may or may not have clapped and chanted “fashion show, fashion show” as we made our purchase). First we tried this square one that almost blended right into the floor completely.

No dice. It just looked kinda dirty and blah.

Our next choice was the polar opposite. We decided to try a more colorful rectangular mat to pick up those blue tones in the curtain (and the adjoining deep teal guest bedroom).

We didn’t really mind this one. It matched the curtain nicely and certainly would help us achieve our goal of bringing more color into the house.

But when we saw the third option we knew it was “the one.” It just felt crisp and tailored without being matchy-matchy. The stripes are a fun counterpart to the circles in the curtain (the white and brown tones in each one keeps them related in a fun mixed & matched way).

What can we say? I guess even though we’re embracing more color, we’re still suckers for crisp white stuff from time to time. Especially with there’s a white toilet, sink, and mirror in there (so it automatically ties right in). I guess when it comes to bathrooms, nothing trumps clean white linens for us (99.9% of hotels that we’ve stayed at always have plush white towels and bathrobes, so we want our guests to feel like Casa Petersik is just as spa-like and inviting). Long story short, we had a bath mat fashion show winner. So we hoisted it up and sang For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow, removed the tag, and returned the others.

We also accomplished a few hardware updates yesterday. The most needed of which was a new toilet seat, since the old one boasted several chips in the lid and tears in the soft seat (and we’re not really fans of the soft toilet seat thing anyways). Here’s the least offensive shot of the old toilet seat that shows off some of those chips on the lid. We refrained from sharing the open lidded shots since we know some of you eat breakfast slash drink coffee while reading. You’re welcome.

Replacing a toilet seat isn’t rocket science, nor is it a very glamorous job. But I did my best to enjoy the process, and even flashed a thumbs up at the wife as she snapped this pic.

The whole switcheroo brought back memories of when I used a toilet seat for a 9th grade science project where I had to illustrate the anatomy of a mollusk (i.e. clams). In case you were wondering, toilet seats take well to dry erase markers. Yes, I really am that dorky. Go Team Mollusk.

We also replaced the old rusted shower head. It functioned just fine (the water pressure was great and there were thankfully no leaks to deal with) but it just didn’t look very nice.

So we sprung for the cheapest multi-setting shower head at Target (it was $14) in an effort to fancy things up a smidge.

And after using some serious elbow grease to get the old one off, the new one went on within 60 seconds. So shiny, right? I can even see myself in it.

Speaking of being in it, I actually took the shower for a test run shortly after this installation. I figured if anything weird or gross was going to happen in the first use of this shower, I wanted it to happen to me and not my mother-in-law. Fortunately things were all good. In fact, the water pressure is better in there than our master bedroom. Lucky guests.

Last but not least was a quick zero-cost change. After removing the mirror on inside of the bathroom door (awkward!), we realize we were missing towel hooks… ’til we discovered them on the other side of the door while painting this weekend. Seriously, in the two months that we’ve lived here we never once closed the door to the guest bathroom to discover those towel hooks hiding back there until a few days ago. So I just unscrewed them from the back and reattached them to the inside of the door where they’ll actually be seen and used (and Sherry spackled and painted the leftover holes on the lesser seen back side of the door).

We’ve still got a few other things (like towels, and maybe some art) to make the room look more complete and guest-ready, but at least it’s completely functional now. Stay tuned for pics of the whole room after Sherry gets her kicks by adding a few accessories. And we still have to share our progress in the guest room. Which we’re most likely working away on as you read this post.

In the meantime, have you guys made any recent bathroom upgrades? Or do you have any tips to share about how you get a guest bathroom ready for guests (besides buying some shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste – which is already on our to-do list along with fluffy towels and a few washcloths)? This is our first time having to furnish a devoted guest bathroom that we don’t regularly use ourselves, so we’re definitely feeling kind of JV about the whole thing.


  1. says

    I can’t wait to see the comments on this one. I’m always looking for new ideas to make our guest room and shower more relaxing and special for our guests, especially since they share the bathroom with our almost two year old :)

    • says

      Just unscrew the head of it (it’s attached to that long pipe at the end, or the “neck”). Ours was pretty tighly on there, so it just took some muscle to get it unscrewed. Good luck!


    • Monica says

      Jennie, if its old and rusted, try spraying the threaded bit as best you can with WD40 and let it sit. Let the WD40 work its way into the screw on connection and loosen it up, then you should be able to screw it off.

  2. says

    That bathmat and shower curtain look amazing in there! Do you think you’ll ever take down that tile? I’m not sure I would tackle a job like that myself – especially since it’s in the guest bath – but I could see you guys taking it on. Or off, as the case would be.

    • says

      We’re thinking way down the line we’d love to do a total overhaul in there (opening up the shower a ton, adding a glass door, bringing in new tile, etc) but for now we’re happy to work with what we’ve got. After doing a full gut job on the bathroom of our old house (and discovering metal mesh along with thick mortar behind the tile) we’re not excited to rush into anything like that again anytime soon. Haha. And we’re kind of charmed by the retro yellow tile (which happens to be in really good shape).


  3. says

    I’d say musts for a guest bathroom include a trashcan (with liner!), drinking glass or 2 & some little samples of things like shampoo, mouthwash etc, extra tp and a clock. Also a plunger if you have one makes any need for one waaay less embarassing for a guest to come to you to ask, or snoop around other bathrooms to find one! Awkward.

    • Chaucea says

      Oh, yes!

      Also, an air freshener spray of some sort (ideally something non-chemically that uses natural essential oils). It can be mortifying for guests who need to do their business worrying about stinking things up. Knowing there’s an air freshener spray handy can help put guests at ease while staying in someone else’s home.

  4. Karen says

    Love the shower curtain! Y’all went in a totally different direction than I expected. I can’t wait to see what color you paint the bathroom walls.

    I’m currently gathering the stuff to re-do my bathroom. I’m going with pear green and brown, with white accents. I’m working up the nerve to paint my light oak vanity a dark espresso color. LOL

    I’ve also been inspired by your guest room paint color. I’m going for it and plan to paint my bedroom that color, with white and lime green accents.

    Thanks for all the great inspiration. Love your blog.

  5. says

    Our “guest room” experience involves us moving one kid into the other kid’s room, and throwing down an air mattress for our guests. Sweet, right?

    (This is just because we are in a temporary living situation right now –while waiting for our renovation to be be finished–)

    A word about open toilet seats: An open toilet is a pet peeve of mine. I’m not talking about having the seat up (man-style), I mean having the lid up. I think this pet peeve developed when I had my own Home Staging business, and I had to go around, constantly closing toilets. Think about it: Who wants to look into a toilet? Ever? sorry…I’ll step down from my soap box…,/i>

    • says

      This is my husband’s pet peeve too. “Who wants to look into what is essentially the sewer?” he says. As for me, I just kept them shut because I didn’t want my cats drinking the water, so we match up well. And I don’t have to nag about leaving seats up, as EVERYTHING gets closed!

    • says

      I’m adamant about our toilet lids being closed, too! But (not to be too gross) I do it because I hate the thought of what splatters out with the water when the toilet is flushed!! Especially in our downstairs bathroom. The previous owners put carpet CARPET in the bathroom and I’m not even sure how to disinfect carpet. Saving hard for that reno, lemme tell you!

    • Samantha Sue says

      Im with you on the lid up thing, i’ve sat on too many wet toilet seats from the dogs drinking out of the toilet. My honey doesn’t do it, its the guests!

    • Sara says

      I hate when people leave toliet seat lids up, it just looks gross to me. We always keep ours closed and our cats are used to being able to jump on top of the closed lid. There have been times when guests have left the lid up and a cat has ended up jumping and landing in the toliet!

    • Ally says

      *Grossness alert!!*

      I work in a healthcare facility and have a lot of interactions with our infection control coordinator. When you flush the toilet, it can actually aerosolize whatever’s in the bowl. So those germs don’t just get splashed on the seat, but kicked up into tiny particles in the air where they float around and land on – gulp! – your toothbrush? Towels? Door handles?

      Yeah, everyone should keep the lid down to help maintain a healthy home.

    • Kristin says

      this is also one of my pet peeves – I’ve been trying to convince my husband for the past 10 years that the lid NEEDS to be down, obviously Iam not getting through to him or our 3 boys…

    • SouthsideShellyP says

      That’s why toilet seats are designed with lids: they should be closed. It’s my pet peeve as well. I see it all the time on design blogs: photos of bathrooms and I am subjected to peering into a toilet bowl and there is a perfectly good lid not being used. Lids — like car blinkers — are essential and need to be used. All the time. Thanks Karen for the soap box. I am simpatico.

  6. says

    Before our guests come over, I normally stick one of those plug-in air freshners in our guest bathroom. I normally don’t like those things (and my husband is allergic to most of them!) but since we keep our guest bathroom door closed so my cat doesn’t climb the shower curtain, it still smells like new curtain liner in there! We don’t have a window in there so it’s not like we can open it up to make it smell less plasticy!

    Gotta love Target, we finally went for the Target card to get the 5% back! :D

  7. says

    Funny you should ask! I just did the guest bathroom reveal over on my blog this morning. For me that involved most of the things you’re doing: new paint, shower curtain, towels, art and vanity accessories (nothing makes me smile quite like a tidy little pyramid of rolled-up wash clothes). My bath definitely needs a new faucet and shower head, but alas, it wasn’t in the cards on this go-round (guests arrive on Friday for me).

    I love the changes you were able to make while leaving your tiles intact and walls un-re-painted. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do for storage in there with the pedestal sink.

  8. says

    I have a basket in our guestbathroom that has the things you mentioned (toothpaste, a few packaged toothbrushes in case someone forgets one, lotion, body wash, floss, etc…) and I think it works as decoration (I have color corodinated items in the basket) and it’s functional. Also, a candle sits on the pedestal sink across from the fun foam handwash from B&BWorks. Our guestbathroom is really small (yet still larger than ours!) but I think those touches keep it cozy! Oh and don’t forget a box of kleenex too! :-) Excited to see the room!

  9. says

    Those little touches really help to make it more welcoming.

    Ahhh! We are currently in the middle of gutting our master bath. We got held up on the shower, but things should get rolling now.

  10. threadbndr says

    You mentioned sundries – I always stock a basket with the ‘travel sized’ shampoo, conditioner, body wash, mouthwash, toothpaste, a new toothbrush and floss packet (my dentist always hooks me up with more than I’ll ever use). A little sewing kit and first aid kit is always nice, so the guests don’t have to ask for one. A drinking glass. Don’t forget to get a wastepaper basket to go in there!

    Basically, I try to provide all the nice things that a really good hotel does. Though if they need to iron something, my guest have to use my laundry room LOL. I love the new shower curtain – unexpected colors, but I can see why you like it. I actually liked the middle (solid blue) bathmat, but the stiped one is very cool.

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