Guest Room Extra Credit

As scheduled, our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore picked up our donation items yesterday. That, combined with us moving tons of frames and accessories into the future playroom (for now), meant the guest bedroom went from this:

To this:

Not exactly ready for the inlaws (who are arriving on Thursday – yikes) but at least it’s no longer a junkyard.

The reason that photo was taken after dark was because once Clara went to bed last night we decided to earn ourselves some brownie points and paint the room. Yup, we’re total suck ups who love extra credit. We figured it’d be easier to paint while it’s empty (the new bed is coming early next week- details on that soon) and with Clara asleep we figured we’d seize the day night.

So by morning the room was looking a bit more like this:

The color is sort of a stoney pale blue, that has hints of purple in some lights. We figured it was neutral enough to not offend any guests and if we ever had a baby boy down the road we’d already have the nursery walls ready. Gorgeous, right?

Okay, we’re totally joking. That’s not paint, it’s just tinted primer. Did we get you? Sorry, we just couldn’t resist the momentary fake out.

But as you’ve probably figured out already is that tinted primer = dark paint. We’ve been itching to try a dramatic dark color somewhere in the house so we figured we’d just go for it in this room. Why not be a bit adventurous for a guest, right? We figure a dark enveloping room would be nice to sleep in (some of our favorite hotel rooms have been deeply saturated), and thanks to having two walls with windows (plus another window in the adjoined bathroom) the room actually gets a fair amount of light.

Let’s just say the color is very dark and very outside of our comfort zone, but we’re geeky excited about it for some reason. Probably because it makes us want to wet our pants. Just a little. For now we’ll leave our choice a mystery (oooh, secrets) until we get the room painted this weekend and have pictures to share. Descriptions of colors can be tricky, so we’d rather just show it to you anyway.

Oh and this is actually our first time using tinted primer. With such a deep color on the agenda, we knew it would probably help with coverage and the richness of the color that we end up with, so we went for it. We chose Olympic Premium Primer because it’s 100% VOC free (and just $12 for a gallon). It was pretty easy to use – not nasty like the oil-based stuff, and not very smelly at all. But it was a little thin, so we had to be extra careful to avoid drips or wipe them up when they occurred (which might actually be the case with all water-based primers since we’re comparing it to our run-ins with the oil-based stuff from back in the day). Fingers crossed that it does the trick. You know, so we don’t find ourselves needing ten coats of paint to get the deep rich tone that we’re going for. We only got one gallon of paint so we’re hoping that’s all we need…


  1. Erika says

    Well that’s just mean to keep us in suspense! :D But looking forward to seeing the finished result.

  2. says

    Nice, can’t wait to see it!

    We just painted our bedroom grey with a purple accent wall and our primer was nearly the exact same color as the paint! It made it awfully difficult to see where we had painted and where we had skipped, but it did help us ease into the idea of grey walls since we primed a few days before we painted.

  3. says

    Congrats, YHL for entering the dark saturated world!!!! We just painted a fairly dark tone on one of our walls (used Glidden paint in a deep navy) and were surprised that we only needed two coats of paint with no primer! We’ve used tinted primer in the past with mixed results. But I’ll say this – if we ever paint over those dark colors, we’ll definitely use primer then!! Can’t wait to see the new color!

  4. RA says

    Love where you’re going with this. I trust your vision. If you decide you don’t like it — hey, it’s only paint.

    Not to rain on your parade but… I couldn’t help but notice you painted your air vents. I can tell you from up close and too personal experience that if those babies aren’t painted with a gloss, or at a minimum semi-gloss, finish they will be a bitch to keep clean, even in the most fastidious of households. Perhaps you’ve had a different experience and will tell your secrets.

  5. says

    sooo…I totally thought that was the color of the walls. I thought to myself, “Well…it looks good in a calm-ish way, but it’s a little…um…dull.” Glad you’re going bold! Can’t wait to see the color.

  6. jane andreassen says

    You got me! Actually I think you’ll get everyone… because the color isn’t thaaat bad. But I was thinking, “hmmm, that doesn’t seem to go with rest of house.”

    I’m guessing navy?

  7. Erica says

    I painted the walls in my dining room a dark red, and I used a tinted primer for the first time. I did 2 coats and the walls look great! I hope your walls look great, and I can’t wait to see what color you guys choose!

  8. Tracy J says

    What a tease! (I just know you are going to post pictures on the blog, then mention it on Facebook at a time when all I have is my slow Blackberry that won’t open the blog.)

  9. Michelle G says

    oooh, cant’ wait to see what you choose!

    quick question (which you’ve probably already answered somewhere in the comment archives): the browninsh strip around the base of the trim by the wood floors, is that wooden quarter round? i don’t remember seeing that sort of set up in your last place. do you guys think you’ll remove it, paint it, or stain it to match the color you end up with on the floors? just curious, thanks youngsters and happy Saturday! :o)

    • says

      Yup, it’s wood quarter round, and we had it at our last house (also unpainted). We usually just go with the house on that decision (if it’s painted we leave it painted, and if it’s not we leave it not painted). Ironically at both houses it wasn’t, so in the name of keeping things cohesive we’ll leave it that way!


    • Katie says

      That is called “shoe molding” & is not the same as a quarter round… just a note in case it ever needs repair or replacing. :)

    • says

      Katie’s right, there is a difference between shoe molding and quarter round (you can read more here) so definitely figure out which you have before you go replacing or repairing anything, that way you’re matching what’s already in our home.