What Could Have Been…

When we’re painting we talk about all sorts of weird things that we probably wouldn’t otherwise get around to. And while painting the bedroom we got to the topic of “names that our parents almost gave us.” Get this. My mom wanted to name me Gina. We would have been John & Gina. That made us titter. Not sure if it’s a had to be there thing though. Either way, John’s dad’s choice of names takes the cake. He wanted to name John… wait for it… Lars.

Lars Petersik.

How funny is that? If I had seen tall dirty blond John at work and asked a coworker “oh who’s that?” and heard them respond with ” that’s Lars Petersik, he’s an account manager.” Let’s just say I would have been all “niiiiice to meeeeeeet you Laaaaars” with that over-enunciated-because-I’m-not-sure-you’re-great-at-deciphering-super-speedy-NY-talkers connotation. The same long drawn out delivery I use with my only-speaks-Italian grandmother. It would have been hysterical. John probably never would have let me live it down. Or asked me to marry him a year-ish later.

But that’s not all. Apparently John’s dad also wanted to name John “Vector.” Because he liked math. How I was able to continue painting with tears of laughter streaming down my face is beyond me. So it got us wondering what you guys were almost named. Come on… someone out there can beat Vector and Lars, right?


  1. says

    A few years ago I found the list of suggestions in a baby book. My mom’s list of names were fairly common. Sarah. Allison Page (after her siblings). And so on. My father’s list of names on the back was insane. I was *this* *close* to being named . . . Freda Athena. You have GOT to be joking!!!

  2. Lindsay says

    I don’t know if it’s as out there as Lars, but my dad wanted to name me Chesney. This was in the pre-Kenny Chesney days, but still… can you imagine what it would have been like to be in middle school then all of the sudden it looks like you are named after a mediocre country singer? Yeesh!

  3. says

    While I was going to be Kevin if I were a boy, my fiance would have been named Cokissa if he had been a girl. My best friend was almost named Cristobelle, and her dad was almost named Aloyisius.

  4. Ashley says

    My parents already had three girls and were convinced that I was going to be a boy. My name would have been Dane Christian. When I was born, they took me to my sisters and asked them what my name should be…and here I am today.

  5. says

    Hah, Lars.That’s pretty bad… but a good friend of mine’s dad wanted to name him Thor. Or Nikon. Both were firmly vetoed by his mother, who chose a much less oddball name!

  6. Kate says

    My mom wanted to name me Bronwyn. To me that sounds like the name of the meek and mild librarian in a trashy romance novel who becomes gorgeous and wild when she takes down her hair and gets rid of her glasses.

  7. says

    My mom wanted to name me Carrie after her grandmother, but didn’t because the movie had just come out. They referred to my sister as “Elmo” before she was born, if I remember correctly.

    My husband was supposed to be Sarah Elizabeth. Surprise!

  8. Lara says

    My maiden name is Yacus…my Ukrainian-American grandparents almost named my dad Yuri instead of George. How cruel would it been for the kid growing up in central Jersey to be Yuri Yacus?! Oh the horror. ;)
    Thanks for sharing the laughs, as always.

  9. Chelsea says

    At one point, my parents thought about going old-school-Welsh and naming me Blodwyn or Bronwyn. Yeah, I lucked out there! They also thought about Gwyneth, though, which wouldn’t have been so bad.

  10. Penny says

    My sister who is 4 years older than me wanted to name me April Tiger. If I had been a boy it would have been Matthew Everett which i think is pretty cool. Either way i lucked out Penny is great but it took me a while to appriciate it.

  11. says

    My mom has told me a ton of crazy names that she “considered” for me, but I highly doubt any of them were actually considered. My other half on the other hand… his father was set on having him named “Heath”. I’m glad they decided to go with Brett instead! :)

  12. Adam says

    I was almost named after my great-great grandfather: Erasmus Lafayette. My parents instead went family agnostic and came up with Adam Dell.

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