What Could Have Been…

When we’re painting we talk about all sorts of weird things that we probably wouldn’t otherwise get around to. And while painting the bedroom we got to the topic of “names that our parents almost gave us.” Get this. My mom wanted to name me Gina. We would have been John & Gina. That made us titter. Not sure if it’s a had to be there thing though. Either way, John’s dad’s choice of names takes the cake. He wanted to name John… wait for it… Lars.

Lars Petersik.

How funny is that? If I had seen tall dirty blond John at work and asked a coworker “oh who’s that?” and heard them respond with ” that’s Lars Petersik, he’s an account manager.” Let’s just say I would have been all “niiiiice to meeeeeeet you Laaaaars” with that over-enunciated-because-I’m-not-sure-you’re-great-at-deciphering-super-speedy-NY-talkers connotation. The same long drawn out delivery I use with my only-speaks-Italian grandmother. It would have been hysterical. John probably never would have let me live it down. Or asked me to marry him a year-ish later.

But that’s not all. Apparently John’s dad also wanted to name John “Vector.” Because he liked math. How I was able to continue painting with tears of laughter streaming down my face is beyond me. So it got us wondering what you guys were almost named. Come on… someone out there can beat Vector and Lars, right?


  1. Jennifer K says

    We had a Swedish foreign exchange student in my high school named Lars. He was gorgeous!!! Ah, the memories.

    If I had been a boy, they were going to name me Todd. Not exciting. Certainly not as good as Vector. :)

  2. Amanda says

    Ok…this sounds utterly ridiculous…

    But my grandfather wanted me to be named Peregrine. Peregrine you ask??? Yes, apparently it was the first child born on the Mayflower when the English settled in New England. I always thought that was hysterical!!

  3. says

    i made the mistake of telling my 5 year old daughter those ugly names i almost had— now ihave to hear them all the time since thse are the names of HER babies now. :)

  4. Erin N. says

    I would have been called Brandy, if not for the woman sitting next to my mom in the delivery room. The kind lady told my mom that all the Brandies she knew turned out to be alcoholic. (I’m sure that’s not true, but I guess at that time it was enough to scare my mother.)

  5. Claire says

    My mom wanted to name me Abraham if I turned out to be a boy. Abraham! Oh the humiliation.

    My FIL wanted to name my husband (who’s also named John) Buck. BUCK. I can guarantee I would not have married him then…

  6. says

    That is hilarious! I hated my name as a child, and my mom told me that she almost named me Zelda to get me to quit complaining. I used to sign cards to my parents with the name Crystal because that’s what I wanted my name to be.

  7. says

    Okay, I am the 4th of 5 girls in my family–so they were counting on me being a boy after 3 girls already. My baby blanket was blue and had “Billy Joe” embroidered in it. Noooooooo! Hahahaha. I am so glad I was a girl. :)

    Dropping “Dang Gina” would be kinda fun. :)

  8. says

    My mom says she knew my name before they were even pregnant (I’m named after her mother who died a year before I was born). However, if I was a boy, my hippie parents would have named me Cedar Isaiah Morgan. Thank God it worked out the other way!

  9. Stacey says

    I’m a Christmas baby so my mother wanted to name me Holly Noel. My father put his foot down on that one pretty fast. I am soooo not a Holly. The funny part? When I first met my husband he was dating a Holly…as he says “I was dating the wrong Holly”

  10. Laura says

    Well, If I was a boy I was going to be name Corey. I just can’t see the male version of me being a Corey…nor do I know what the male version of me would be like….the other girl choice was Laurel after the flower (mountain laurel). But my dad always said that he wanted to name my brother Belvedere. I’m pretty certain he was joking. I hope. :)

  11. says

    I can’t seriously be the first commentor – I’m usually # 426!
    I don’t have a funny ‘would have been my name story’ but a funny how I met my dh. Years ago, my girlfriend wanted to set me up with some great guy, telling me how he just broke up with his girlfriend who had the same name as me. So he wouldn’t forget my name – wouldn’t that be great? Surprisingly, I passed :) A year later, she set us up (unknowingly), we hit it off, and 2 months later I connected him back as the same setup guy! Still cracks me up!

  12. T says

    My mother was desperate to name me after Travis after the Air Force Base on which I was born– despite the fact that I was a GIRL!!! (Way to win THAT battle, dad!)

    Ironically, I married a Travis.

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