What Could Have Been…

When we’re painting we talk about all sorts of weird things that we probably wouldn’t otherwise get around to. And while painting the bedroom we got to the topic of “names that our parents almost gave us.” Get this. My mom wanted to name me Gina. We would have been John & Gina. That made us titter. Not sure if it’s a had to be there thing though. Either way, John’s dad’s choice of names takes the cake. He wanted to name John… wait for it… Lars.

Lars Petersik.

How funny is that? If I had seen tall dirty blond John at work and asked a coworker “oh who’s that?” and heard them respond with ” that’s Lars Petersik, he’s an account manager.” Let’s just say I would have been all “niiiiice to meeeeeeet you Laaaaars” with that over-enunciated-because-I’m-not-sure-you’re-great-at-deciphering-super-speedy-NY-talkers connotation. The same long drawn out delivery I use with my only-speaks-Italian grandmother. It would have been hysterical. John probably never would have let me live it down. Or asked me to marry him a year-ish later.

But that’s not all. Apparently John’s dad also wanted to name John “Vector.” Because he liked math. How I was able to continue painting with tears of laughter streaming down my face is beyond me. So it got us wondering what you guys were almost named. Come on… someone out there can beat Vector and Lars, right?


    • Courtney C says

      AHAHAHHAHAH I know this is very late on the up take btu this made me laugh SO hard outloud because that’s what I always say when someone says they’re going to name their baby “Ruth” or “Elmer” ahahaha.

  1. Katie says

    I just found out this past week that my name could have also been Gina! Haha! I am glad my parents chose Katie for me instead! : )

  2. Amanda says

    My parents used to torment me and say they would name be Pearly, since my maiden name is Gates.

    Pearly Gates. I would have died probably.

  3. says

    Vector?!?! Nope, can’t beat it. My dad named me and he was down to Stephanie and Melissa. My mom said she did not to risk me being nicknamed Missy, so Stephanie it is.

  4. windylou says

    The list of potential names for me included:


    (and a we-made-up-our-own) Tupin

    I’m very happy they went with Windy.

  5. Rachel Ray says

    I was almost a tiffany…but it worked out…I was Rachel Davis…then i got married and now I’m Rachel Ray! haha!

  6. says

    Was that taken in front of Brio? Love that place!

    I was born at 11:15pm on December 6th – if I had been born on the 7th my parents were going to name me Pearl! Thank God for being born 45 minutes ahead of schedule!

  7. says

    I was supposed to be Amanda Marie. My mom told everyone that was my name. Then the day I was born, she changed her mind and basically admitted to pulling Rebecca out of her arse. So I have no middle name, because apparently she couldn’t come up with 2 names that quickly.

    My husband was supposed to be Michelle….

  8. says

    Sort of along the same lines, not as bad as Vector (although I’m good friends with a Lars)… when I was in college a girl emailed me because she googled herself and we had the same first and last name. Admittedly it’s pretty weird, we have a pretty unique maiden name. She told me her middle name was Lynn and when I told my parents about it, my mom said she wanted to name me Amanda Lynn too but my dad wouldn’t let her because he didn’t want my name to be an instrument (a-mandolin). Good old dad, always looking out for me.

  9. Amanda says

    My mother wanted to name me Kirby. Mind you that my maiden name was Hoover. My uncle asked her, “What’s her middle name going to be? Eureka?” I could have been a vacuum triptych.

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