They’re Here!

Our new washer and dryer are here!

Which of course means that our old ones are not. Fortunately our plan to craigslist them worked out swimmingly (thanks for buying ’em Leslie Ann!) even if it did leave us appliance-less for a few days (as you saw in the video house tour).

By selling them for $250 thanks to good old craig and his list, we in effect brought our already-super-discounted total down from $638 to $388. Although after the wall plug, the stack kit, and taxes it was closer to $460 spent. Either way, we’re still feeling crazy good about the deal – and we’re glad that so many of you were able to take advantage of it too (whether you also scored the additional 20% off that we begged for or the amazing base price of $399 per machine that Lowe’s advertised online).

Delivery and installation by the Lowe’s team was mostly uneventful, although they did forget to bring the stack kit (the thing that secures the dryer atop the washer) – even thought we ordered it on the same receipt as the washer & dryer to keep things organized – so one guy had to go back to the store to get it, adding about 30 minutes to the process. And we’re pretty sure the guy that stayed back used part of that time to catch a catnap at our kitchen table while he waited (either that or he’s just a heavy breather).

Even though these Whirlpool Duets are higher capacity than our previous Duet Sports, they have a sightly simplified control panel up top, which is fine with us. As long as they get our clothes clean and dry, we don’t mind. And so far, so good.

Except for one thing. Our washer seems to think it’s one of the Seven Dwarfs. It’s got this whole “whistle while you work” thing going on. We noticed during our first load that it made a loud high-pitched whistle whenever cold water was being pumped in. It was literally whistling while it worked. Just listen below (or watch the video on YouTube) to see what we mean:

After adjusting the cold water supply a few times I couldn’t make it any better, so I called the Whirlpool people and they came out yesterday to take a look. They said it’s not a totally uncommon issue, and it’s just a bum supply valve in the washer itself. Boo. But they’ve ordered the part and are scheduled to come back next week to fix it – which is all free since it’s still under warranty (we didn’t purchase any extra warranty from Lowe’s but they’re sold with some sort of built-in warranty for a year, which is really nice – especially given this problem).

In the meantime, we’re just doing our best to distinguish when the laundry starts and when the tea kettle’s boiling. Same exact sound. I kid you not.  We’re also already starting to mentally plan the shelves that we want to someday build next to the appliances and under the window for shoes, laundry supplies, and other mudroom-y junk. Someday being the key word (but that doesn’t stop us from thinking up a million different approaches).

Any other appliance delivery success or horror stories out there? I’m sure someone can top ours.

UPDATE: Due to a somewhat surprising amount of inquiries about my 5’2″ wife (I like to call her pocket sized) being able to reach those top buttons, and three requests for an actual photo of Sherry demonstrating that fact, here you go:

It’s really not a stretch for her at all. Notice that her arm isn’t fully extended and there aren’t even tippy toes going on. Atta girl.

Psst- Thanks to signing up for Lowe’s email list, I just got an alert that they’re doing 20% off all Samsung Appliances that are $229 or more through Monday. You can score that deal at your local store or by checking out their website (you don’t need a coupon code or anything). Just thought I’d pass that along in case anyone’s still in the market.

Pssssst- The repair guys came out to fix our new washer within a week and eradicated the annoying whistle issue. Happy happy joy joy.


  1. Leslie says

    Wow, neat to be the first commenter :) Congrats on your new set, hope they live a long and happy, whistle-free life, well soon anyway!

  2. says

    You guys got a stellar deal! So we just moved too and our Samsung refrigerator made one nugget of ice…just one piece and then stopped. We had Samsung come out. Free of charge which was awesome and the most dapper adorable French man comes to my door. He was complete with Euro techno ringtone on his phone. I know this because his phone rang and he DIDN’T answer it. Impressive. He had Diesel jeans and the whole getup. So he replaces the ice maker in minutes and is about to go and decides to just push the refrigerator in a little more for us. Full service operation these Samsung guys are. He sees that the Sears installers had a kink in the hose (DOH!) and hence only the one piece of ice. He shrugged and was like…cool so you got a brand new ice maker for a brand new refrigerator that would have worked perfectly regardless. No biggie. (All in his lovely accent). So there you go. New refrigerator and new ice maker and Samsung didn’t even make a big deal out of it when turns out it wasn’t even them it was the Sears dudes. I will definitely be buying from Samsung again. :) The Hubs is a little jealous I must say.

  3. Liz says

    Sherry- Do you have any issues reaching/seeing the controls on top? I always wondered if it’d be difficult for the vertically challenged.

  4. says

    Woohoo for your washer and dryer! Bummer about the whistle, but glad it’s getting fixed!

    If the space is right you could just slide one of the Expedits from Ikea that are only one square wide in next to them.

  5. Erin says

    Looking good, sorry about the whistle!

    How does the size of the new units compare to the old stacked washer and dryer? We have a similar laundry area and currently have an old stacked set like you did, I keep wondering whether we will gain more space or lose space by replacing.

  6. Meredith says

    So, um, I randomly remember names pretty well and remembered that a Leslie Ann had commented on your first post about buying your old washer and dryer—it seemed like that wound up working out? In which case, did they even go up on Craigslist? (That would be awesome if you effectively Craigslisted while eliminating the middle man!) :)

    • says

      Hey Meredith,

      Yes! We put it up on craiglist to be fair and just said “first come first served” and Leslie Ann contacted us right away. We love how not complicated it was.


  7. Liz H says

    Our new washer/dryer delivery made me a mad-woman! We finally saved enough to upgrade our ancient top-loaders to LG front loaders we snagged during the black-friday sale at Home Depot. We live in a 1927 Bungalow, that has old stone walls for the foundation, which happens to be part of the basement steps- We measured the doorways, etc., but didn’t discover the new W/D wouldn’t fit down the stairs of the basement till the guys came to deliver them. I freaked! My gorgeous new W/D lived in the garage for 2 weeks, while my husband took down part of the basement wall so they would fit. Day of new delivery, I took a day off of work – we got a snow storm – delivery canceled. Next delivery date, they showed up on the wrong day when our new oil tank was being installed… and had to come back. And finally, on the 4th delivery date… they fit! But the best part, the delivery guys came back a half-hour later with an armful of towels and sheets! We forgot to empty out our old dryer!

  8. Deb Ramsthaler says

    I’m not sure if I would be able to reach those top controls! But they look fabulous, hey if ya gotta do laundry, right? The extra added musical serenade is an added perk! Now everyone gets that, ya know.

    On a different note, I was in Lowes getting paint and was curious to find your Carolina club blah, blah, blah. No luck, I had to tell the paint guy the name four times! Even in Jersey its confusing! :)

  9. says

    The only thing we’ve ever had delivered was our washer and dryer from Sears. The guys were super nice, professional, well-versed in the art of washer/dryer assembly, plus they diffused a potential domestic disagreement. The water line for the washer wasn’t long enough to reach the slop sinks (where the waste water goes in our 60 yr. old house), so the Mr. was trying to convince me to leave the dryer on the left and the washer on the right. The delivery guy politely explained that the doors wouldn’t open correctly with that set-up and they gave us a longer water line, free of charge!

    The did forget their appliance carrier strap thing though, so they had to come back for it. The Mr. was hoping they’d leave it!

  10. Lisa says

    How tall are those things stacked on top of each other? It seems like the controls for the top machine would be over the head of most people in your household. Does that mean that John gets to do all the laundry now?

    • says

      Hey Lisa,

      The buttons are only a few inches above my head so they’re easy to reach! The units are around 70″ but the buttons aren’t at the tippy top or anything (they’re about 5’7″ from the floor, which is as easy to reach as the top shelf of the fridge). It’s actually easier to do laundry than kiss my tall hubby. Boo!


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