Epic Fail

Well, it’s not really epic. More like Not So Bad Fail. Or No Biggie Fail. But we like to share our trials along with our triumphs, so here ya go.

We were in HomeGoods scouting night tables, rugs, pillows and whatever else wanted to come home with us when we spotted this baby for a mere 12 beans.

It’s a shower curtain.

Fun modern pattern? Check. In line with the gray & yellow color scheme for our guest bathroom? Check. On sale? Checkity-check-check. So we brought it home (our only purchase of the day, actually, but that’s another story) and threw it right into place.

At first it felt like the perfect step it waking up the vintage yellow tile of yesteryear and making it feel more current. But then we looked down…

Something about the busy Scrabble-esque pattern on the floor combined with the gridded wall, combined with the semi-small-scale busy modern floral pattern just felt like too much going on. Oh well. At least we gave it the ol’ college try.

So we took it down, packed it back up, relieved our bathroom of its pattern-y overload, and returned it to HomeGoods (on the bright side, we grabbed some pillows for the master bedroom while we were there – more on those later). We’re thinking we need to find something plain (like a white or soft gray waffle knit curtain) or something with a very simple or subtle large-scale pattern (tone on tone wide gray stripes maybe?) so it doesn’t compete with all that tile. But since we don’t have any overnight guests in our near future (knock on wood) we’re in no rush to hunt anything down tomorrow. Maybe we’ll even take our time and DIY something with a stencil or some fabric dye. We promise to share every detail when and if we do…

Psst- Wanna see something we don’t regret buying? Check out our BabyCenter post this week (with another Clara video, because we’re those people).


  1. Hilary says

    I totally agree that the pattern looks too busy in the context of your bathroom, and maybe it’s just my monitor, but the colors look kinda harsher than your tile colors. Probably one of the hardest things to but in the store because it’s not like you can carry a tile around with you. Or can you? You could buy a piece of yellow tile and put it in your purse with your Sue napkin! ;)

  2. Snickrsnack Katie says

    Hmmm, yeah, that just didn’t work. I don’t know – I sort of think it was too busy to begin with – unless it was in a completely white bathroom. Even without the floor – it just doesn’t do well with the tile on the wall. But hey, you only learn through mistakes. You will find the perfect one eventually!!

  3. Sarah T says

    I love the shower curtain, but I can see why you took it back. I have a half bath in my house that looks extremely similar to yours (except the tile in mine is more of a sunny yellow) and I’ve been struggling with what to do with it. We don’t have the money right now to re-do the tile and I’m very interested to see how you update yours.

    Do you plan on replacing the tile at some point or just continue to work with what’s there?

    Thanks! LOVE your site.


    • says

      Hey Sarah,

      We’re definitely going to work with that vintage yellow tile for a while! We think we can definitely make it a charming little room, we just need to find the perfect not-too-crazy things for it. And paint. Can’t wait to do that!


  4. says

    That’s too bad it didn’t work–it’s such a cute pattern! I love the idea of a gray waffle knit curtain, though and can’t wait to see what you guys find.

  5. says

    Aww, I liked the shower curtain! It was nice and bold so it drew your eye to that instead of to the floor or wall tiles. Well, if we know you guys you’ll come up with something way better still and we’ll forget all about those on-sale leaves :)

  6. says

    The lighter floor tiles seems to lean a little “grey,” which on the floor reads as a little dingy (din- jee… not sure if I just wrote ‘reads a little boat’ because of my spelling)… and that is NOT a judgement of your cleaning or your house because our bathroom and kitchen were the same way with a yellowy-grey linoleum when we moved in (matched our yellow toilets…). It may crisp up the space a bit to stick with the fresh aquas or use a large grey graphic on a white or aqua shower curtain if that is a must-have color for the space.

    It seems like the curtain above would have worked great if it didn’t bring another shade of yellow into the room. The blues look great against that yellow tile, in my opinion! I even think the graphic adds a really sweet touch of vintage charm to the space. Not trying to be that person that dictates how you roll… just want to encourage; your house is looking fabulous and you’re just getting started!

  7. says

    I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it, honestly. But I do agree with you, it’s one too many patterns. Speaking of Scrabble, you should get tiles with letters printed on them and replace some of the tiles in there with names or funny phrases. Because honestly, when someone goes into the bathroom, who focuses their eyes on the floor unless its needed!

    And “we’re those people now” sounds like something lifted from Modern Family…

  8. heather says

    Great attempt, but no dice. :) I also have a vintage banana yellow and black tiled bath. It’s in desperate need of some love,so I’m keen to follow your lead.

  9. says

    I rented a house once that had a similar retro yellow bathroom. After trying color and pattern I went with white. It seemed boring but the yellow grid thing was really not something I could compete with. Not successfully anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  10. Melissa says

    We have that same tile on our bathroom floor (mid-century ranch) only it’s in blue/gray. There was blue tile halfway up the walls (as well as blue toilet/tub/sink), but everything has been updated except that floor. The floor and I tolerate each other. For now.

  11. says

    i’d say as epic fails go, this one is not so bad! it was easily un-done, right?!? also, i had to check out the bathtime video – so cute! i also talk in that high-pitched singy voice anytime i encounter a human under 4 years and any animal of any age. every time i realize i’m doing it i try to stop, but it’s really hard!

  12. Stephanie Phillips says

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN on this one! Our bathroom has brown tile on the walls and blue, brown, and cream on the floor. We picked up the cream for the wall color (trying to neutralize!) but have had the HARDEST time with a shower curtain. We’ve settled on a tan/blue floral one that was discontinued by Southern Living a few years ago. It doesn’t feel perfect, but I’m sure it won’t matter once I finally get to gut that bathroom!

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