Wall Art Goes Up In Clara’s Nursery

We finally hung stuff on the wall in the beanette’s room. Earth shattering right? Except it’s actually somewhat of a big deal considering we haven’t hung a single thing in the entire house except for a wreath on the back of the fireplace in the living room for Christmas. That’s right, for the last month we were card carrying picture hanging virgins in the new house. But now that we made about 34 holes (yes, I counted) in the walls of Clara’s room, our v-card is long gone. So we snapped some pics of the nursery now that it has a little more flava.

The only real change from Clara’s room in our last house so far is the soft pink wall color (it has great gray and purple undertones- more on that here). Otherwise, we have pretty much all of the same furnishings and accessories in there for now. You know, work with watcha got, blah blah blah. We think it’ll definitely evolve as she grows, but we loved her nursery in our first house (it was the only room that was a bit hard to walk away from when we sold it) so we’re cool with keeping things familiar for now and adding in some subtle tweaks as she grows. Anyway, here’s what it’s looking like in there now that we broke out the hammer and the level (34 times. did I mention we hung a ton of stuff in there? because we did):

Oh and see this mirror. We baby-proofed it.

Although the mattress will drop down more than a foot when Clara starts pulling up, we still wanted to make sure she couldn’t somehow climb the walls and pull that big green mirror down. So after hanging it on the wall with a nice heavy duty anchor, we went overboard and decided to drive two looong screws…

… through two holes on the bottom of the frame. Yes, we screwed that mirror right into the wall. See that little silver nail-head hidden among the ornate mirror frame in the foreground of the pic below (and the one that’s kinda blurred on the other side)? We used heavy duty anchors to hold them nice and firm. That thing ain’t going nowhere. And we even have the green paint that we used on the mirror to paint those screw heads so they’re totally invisible among all that scrollwork around the frame of the mirror.

In other baby-proofing news, we also added outlet covers to nearly the entire house (still need to run out for a few more to complete the job) and of course we mentioned how our curtains are baby-proofed a while back in this post when we made them (they’re held up with ring clips, so if Clara swings on them like a monkey the fabric will slip out but the rod and the ring hooks won’t come crashing down. Because that would be bad. Anyway, on with the nursery pics.

The closet is actually my favorite place in Clara’s room. It’s huge and I picture her in there relaxing on a beanbag and reading books when she’s a little older. So there you have the current state of the nursery. It’s funny to think that a little over a month ago it was completely babyless and looked like this:

And speaking of my favorite girl, here she is now enjoying her room. This is the expression she gave me when I asked if she liked her block.

And this is what she did when I said “Now give me fierce! Work it girl!” while channeling Tyra.

I think she understands more English than my sweet Italian grandma.

Psst- For more info on where we got something in Clara’s room, click here for the full rundown.


  1. Karen says

    Can you give additional info on how you hung the mirror? I’m still not completely sure on how you accomplished that. We found the same one @ Home Goods this weekend in white…painting it aqua, and it will hang over our 2-yr-old’s big girl bed, but I want to make sure it’s not going to crash down on her in the middle of the night!!! TYVM!!!

    • says

      Hey Karen,

      We hung it on the wall from the back using the regular hanging method of a screw into a heavy duty anchor in the wall. Then we marked the wall with a pencil through those two holes on the bottom of the mirror (you can see the screw in one of them in the pic to get a better idea). After we marked the wall with those holes we removed the mirror and drilled in two anchors into those spots. Then we rehung the mirror so we were left with two anchors drilled into the wall behind those two holes and with the mirror hanging in place we drilled into those anchors with long screws, which literally attached the mirror to the wall. The only way to remove it would be to drill out those two screws, and they’re in there good! Hope it helps!


  2. says


    It may be the same furniture, but the room still looks adorable. I love the way the frames/pictures, etc. are placed on the wall. We took the door off of our closet too. I prefer the curtain. Wow! A baby w/a walk-in closet. I was an adult before I got a walk-in closet. She’s livin’ the life.

  3. says

    Looks great! I love the subtle changes from her last room and the closet space is an upgrade for sure, right? Is her name canvas a new addition? Very cute…as is her middle name. :)

    • says

      Hey Mandy,

      Yes that name canvas is from Numsi. We love it! We plan to add to her frame collage for a while, it’s just so much fun to plop more things up there as we go. And yes, that big closet is definitely an upgrade from her teeny one in our first house. Thank goodness.


  4. says

    There’s something about decorating kid’s rooms that is so much fun – maybe because we all innately feel that we can be a little whimsical and a little more daring? Anyway, it’s just beautiful.

    Did you make those silk-flower-globe thingys??

    I am (mentally) planning a solar system to hang from my son’s ceiling, and I am looking for different creative ways to make globes…

    • says

      Hey Karen,

      Yup, I DIYed those with wire and faux flowers from Michael’s. Click the link at the bottom of this post to be taken to another post with more info (actually with a link to the tutorial).


  5. says

    Looks great! I’m crazy how much it looks like her old room :)

    Is Kenley Clara’s middle name? Did you tell us that before? Anyways, if it is, I love it!!

    • says

      Hey Kelly,

      We shared her full name (and who she was named after) when we announced that she was born, but it doesn’t usually work its way into other posts so I guess it’s a “little known YHL fact.” Haha.


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