At Last, A Video Tour Of Our New House

So it’s been exactly a month since move-in day and it’s shameful to think that we haven’t shared a video tour of the place yet. We officially accept a virtual slap on the wrist. Or a noogie if you’re old school. But no indian burns. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

Anyway, after unpacking, list making, nursery painting, door frosting, bi-fold removing, duvet ordering, bed-assembling, washer & dryer hunting, shelf removing, Christmas tree decorating, playing with ceramic animals built-in bookcase arranging, built-in bookcase painting, dealing with a plethora of mirrors (some in very odd places), bedroom painting, Christmas tree dismantling, and waiting for our new washer & dryer to arrive (update: they’re here! more details later!) we finally broke out the Flip and took it for a quick spin around the new digs. Watch it below on Vimeo or here on YouTube (and if you’re at work, you can mute it and still get a pretty good idea of what we’re dealing with). Oh and I wholeheartedly apologize for Blair Witching you guys. I’m not exactly slow and steady with a camera:

Since it would take hours to discuss all of the half-baked projects on our to-do list, this tour is meant to give you a better sense of the layout and how each room connects (while providing some never before seen angles of rooms and shots of things like our closet, our kitchen sink, etc). When it comes to what we’ll do in the future (along with how we’ll do it and why we’ll do it) we honestly like to take those things one day at a time to keep from getting too overwhelmed.

So hopefully you’ll enjoy a look around our house without tossing out any “what are your plans for this sink/bed/wall/room/window?” or “are you keeping/painting/replacing those fill-in-the-blank” or “have you considered doing such & such?” questions. Not because we don’t love your inquisitive nature, but because in truth we’re most likely not set on anything yet and have tons of ideas swirling around in our heads. Which is why we’re so set on taking things as they come and blogging about each and every project & decision that we make as we tackle them in real-time (instead of doing a lot of future conjecturing). Things always change along the way anyway.

Oh and we figured we’d include the rough floor plan that we shared before moving in for easy cross reference. You know, if you’re the cross-referencing type (I’m not. Hubs is). Let the record state that some rooms are labeled differently in the pic below than they’re called in the video (ex: we labeled the future dining room as “living room” below, since that’s what it is now. But there’s more info over here (and another floor plan that reflects how we plan to change the layout/rooms as we go).

Maybe once we’re further along with the transformation, we’ll shoot a more formal house tour without me behind the wheel. Again I apologize for all of the spinning, shaking, and other nausea inducing maneuvers. Fingers crossed that nobody lost their lunch croissant/cheerio’s/pop tart/egg sandwich on the tour. But if you did, at least it was virtual. Which means no clean up on my end. Can’t complain.






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