Leaving A Note For The Future Owners

We made a little time capsule to leave behind and it was actually a lot of fun more fun than packing. Our big hope is that someone finds it at least a few decades from now (when there are flying cars and precogs) since it would be kind of a wop-wop moment if the new owners discover it as soon as they move in on Monday. Which is why we hid it very very well. So well that it may never be found. Of course we can’t reveal its location because that could ruin the surprise, but consider it to be something along the lines of “inside the walls” trickery. No “taped under the sink” easy stuff.

Anyway, the “capsule” included a hand written letter and a sheet of paper with two photos on it (one of me, John, and Clara from this year & one of our backyard wedding from ’07 – both of which were labeled with the date and the event/our names). Here’s what the letter says:

Dear finder of this note,

We lived in this house from May of 2006 to December of 2010. Our names are John and Sherry Petersik and we moved in as a 25 year old engaged couple and left as a family of four (we got married, adopted a puppy, and had a daughter all during our time here). We actually got married in the backyard on July 7th, 2007 among our friends and family. This was our first house, and we loved it so much that getting married here just made sense.

We actually started an online blog about our life and our renovations here in 2007 called younghouselove.com. You might still be able to find it online if we’re still blogging about our home improvement adventures when you find this note. We had a lot of fun here, from gutting and renovating the kitchen and the bathrooms to getting the driveway paved and adding a cobblestone patio in the backyard. We also closed off a doorway that led from the kitchen to the bedroom behind it (which used to be a formal dining room) to create a true 3rd bedroom, which eventually became our daughter Clara’s nursery.

We hope that you enjoy your time here as much as we have enjoyed ours!

-xoxo, Sherry, John, Baby Clara & Burger the chihuahua

The “dear finder of this note” line makes me laugh. It was all John. I wonder who the heck will find it! And when they do, will they teleport to a friend’s house and show it to them? Only time will tell. Or will it? (Cue the ominous duh-duh-duhhhhhhhh sound effect).

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  1. holly says

    if i were to be the finder of that note at some point in the future, I would love to know that the house had so many good memories in it! plus it would be cool to actually SEE who lived there in the past. I always wonder that when i move to a new place.

  2. Julia M says

    Hahahaha! When I was little, me and my sisters found a very small cubby in the built in closets in the attic (talk about hidden). Honestly, only very small children could fit in there/find it. We wrote notes all over the walls. Sadly, they were more horror notes like: Help us! We’re trapped! and I think we even wrote something about JFK…which was way before our time. Haha. I think whoever finds that will hopefully smile. Hopefully.

  3. mariel says

    when i moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend, the previous tenant left a frame with a note in it wishing us well, and telling us that living there was a wonderful chapter of her life. we still have it up on a shelf today, even after we’ve moved from that apartment. it was so sweet and positive and hopeful, a nice reminder of that first place.

    love your time capsule, but wait! no picture included of burger!!! wah wah!

  4. Amanda says

    How fun! I’ll have to remember to do this whenever we decide to move from our house. I’d love to find something like this hidden in my house from the past. Super cool!

  5. Tara says

    Love this idea! When we renovated our bathroom, we discovered an old fireplace behind the bathtub!! It would’ve been great to have found a note detailing all the changes made to our old house over the last 70 years.

  6. Julia White says

    That is very cool. When we were putting on a second floor, our builder (an old school restoration expert) told us that traditionally time capsules are left under the stair treads. He enlisted the help of my 2 children to put together newspapers, photos, letters, coins and some bill statements to leave under the new front entry stairs. I don’t remember what they put together, but I do remember it being a special family/construction crew moment. Good luck on your new place.

  7. Kristina says

    I am more sad about you leaving your house than I should be. Could be the postpartum hormones, or that you both are documenting this move with such poignancy. Best of luck.

  8. Ellen says

    When my parents were doing some remodeling, my mom put a time capsule inside the wall before they closed it up. She included a newspaper, a family picture from my wedding that summer, and a note about who we are and when we lived there.

    I hope yours stays hidden for awhile. It would be so fun for future owners to find. :)

  9. says

    If I were the soon-to-be-owners of your house and read this post, I would go nuts looking for the note.

    My dad always had us write note to put in the walls of our house whenever they needed a patch job. There’s also a few mason jars buried in our old back yard. They’re filled with notes and random trinkets like Mardi Gras beads and other bits and pieces. I wish I could go to our old house & dig them up.

  10. Kaitlyn says

    What a sweet, sweet note! Now I want to go searching in our house for old notes from past owners. It is clear how much you have loved this house, much like a member of your little family!

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