More Virtual Gift Shopping

We’re back with part two of our virtual gift shopping roundup (see part one here) and this time we headed into Pottery Barn to see what we could find. Here’s what we loved.

This charming $12.50 rubber stamp kit is so cute for anyone from a well traveled kid to a crafty adult (who might use them to whip up some custom stationery).

In the can’t-get-much-cheaper-than-this category, these $3 vases would be perfect for this DIY reed diffuser project that we tackled last year.

These $11 “His” and “Hers” knobs would be cute for any married couple who share a bathroom (which is pretty much all of our friends and relatives since we’re not of fancy enough blood to know people to have two separate master baths).

The hubs loves maps, so the globe ornament definitely caught my eye as a sweet gift for anyone with geographic interests.

And for anyone who wants to feel swanky, this $29 marble cheeseboard just screams decadence (I actually expected the tag to read $69 or something, so the chunky marble slab and cheese knife for under 30 seems really reasonable to me). Maybe someone you know just recently redid their kitchen and would appreciate something chic like this to finish things off?

I didn’t realize I had a weakness for large hardcover books like these until we were packing/unpacking (they are NOT a plus when you’re packing/unpacking by the way). But they’re gorgeous enough on a coffee table the rest of the time to make them worth the trouble. And since many of these were 60% off (some were marked from $50 down to $18!) they really would make a nice high-roller gift that doesn’t actually break the bank. And yes, I would totally peel off the markdown sticker so the giftee was left wondering if we really paid $50 for a book (but if they know us at all, they’ll know that we didn’t… haha).

So that ends the PB roundup. We’ll be back in a bit with our Urban Outfitters run to finish off the three part virtual shopping spree (we took too many pics to put them in one post). In the meantime, we’ll just be- you guessed it- unpacking. Fun, fun, fun.

Psst- We weren’t paid or perk’d to mention these items or stores, we just like them and thought you might too.


  1. Leigh Anne says

    Great timing on this post! Pottery Barn and West Elm have free shipping all day today for one day only. It was a great opportunity for me to buy some things I’d been eyeing – but hadn’t pulled the trigger because of the shipping costs. Just wanted to pass that info along!

  2. says

    Where did you get your super long shower curtains? A few years ago, I re-did my bathroom, removing my tub and building a large shower, but couldn’t find any shower curtain long enough, so I had to have one custom made. A little help, please?

  3. says

    My mom is an interior designer and one of the projects she has been doing lately for clients when they redo countertops is to take the leftover scrap (usually less than a foot wide, about the size of that cheese board… It think this comes from where they cut out the hole for the sink) and making it in to a cheese/cutting board similar to that marble one. She attaches small “feet” to the bottom, so it does have a little height. Most of all, it matches the countertops perfectly! Perfect end-of-project gift.

  4. kristin says

    wait- there are people who don’t share their bathrooms with their spouse? i love sharing with my hub!
    wait. ok- my in-laws don’t, but i thought that was weird… like a space issue that makes their marriage function well. – they have a strange numbered house. three bed 5 baths. 5 FULL baths. isn’t that crazy!?! great for guests. :)

  5. says

    Lovin the virtual reality shopping experience! Thanks for all the fab ideas too :)

    ps – i know the packing/unpacking feeling as I am going thru it and a REMODEL right now!!! XOX

  6. says

    My husband loved that globe ornament the last time we were in PB! Also, I may need some of those his&hers hooks for when we get new doors, as our over-the-door rack is making a mess of the inside of our linen closet door.

  7. Ali says

    I love these shopping gift ideas! Great suggestions! How do you all do Christmas gifts for each other? A shared expensive gift that you both want for the house? A surprise? Do you have a budget cap on your gifts? What about little Clara? Do you have a limit of gifts (I have friends that do 3 gifts for each of their kids like the gifts from the 3 wisemen). They figure their extended family also gives gifts and they do stockings so their kids still get plenty! I have a hard time limiting gifts for Christmas? How you you gift your extended family? Any tips for us?

    ~ Ali

    • says

      Hey Ali,

      Every year it changes but we like to talk about what the other is doing price wise so one of us doesn’t spend twenty bucks while the other spends a hundred. Usually they fall somewhere in the 50-ish range, and we like to always surprise each other except on years when we’re going in on something together as our gift to ourselves that we’ll both enjoy (like our organic mattress for example). As for Clara, we have asked for books for her (relatives usually have around a $15 limit for kids since there are so many in the fam). We asked for books since we’re not huge lovers of plastic toys (both for eco, health, and general clutter reasons) and we’ll get her some wooden and cloth toys along with a few plastic ones- just so we don’t feel like we’re holding back too much. For adult extended family, we pull names from a hat (we also do that for close family, there are two drawings- one for extended and one for immediate family) so we only have to get one gift for one person in each group. That way we all have something to open, but we don’t all have to spend a million bucks. Christmas is really all about the kids in our family, which we’re more than fine with!


  8. Dianne says

    i am soooooooo lovin that world globe ornament. i will have to go to the mall and get us. We love traveling. THANKS for sharing these wonderful finds.


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