I Like To Move It Move It (Moving Lists & Tips)

Do I get a point or two for a second moving post with a 90’s song reference in the title (here’s the first one)? And since it’s Friday, we figured we’d toss a video in. Oh but there are some bouncing booties on blast, just in case you’re at work or have an old-enough-to-ask-questions kiddo on the ol’ lap. You’ve been warned.

We’re about 90% packed, which is a good thing with moving day looming around the corner (we’re packing the truck on Sunday and officially moving on Monday afternoon if all goes well and our closing doesn’t get bumped to Tuesday). Cross your fingers for us!

Here’s how we’re doing on our little to do list that we shared on Wednesday:

  • remove every single item from the wall and patch/paint every nail hole in the house (this was actually about 500 times easier than I expected- just remove all the nails at once, spackle everything at once, and then paint room by room. It’s a lot faster than doing those three things in each room before moving onto the next one since you’d be opening and closing the spackle and cleaning the putty knife about a million times).
  • transfer all of our utilities so they start over at the new place on move-in day
  • pack the entire bathroom (except for travel sized shampoo & conditioner, our toothbrushes, and the shower curtain)
  • pack all of our frames, mirrors, books, ceramic animals, and 80% of the breakables (still need to do our dishware – yikes!)
  • rake the yard so the new owners don’t think they’re moving into a giant leaf pile
  • oversee the completion of a few random inspection items (some flue work is being done by a pro)
  • get our oil measured for closing (new buyers pay for the oil that’s left in the tank, isn’t that a nice fair way to do it?)
  • wave goodbye to our tan slipcovered Pottery Barn sofa in the den (someone from craigslist is supposed to be picking it up)
  • pack the rest of the kitchen along with about 10% of the other rooms that still need to be done
  • clean the oven and the fridge (can’t really do this until right before we go)
  • vacuum/sweep before locking the door with a tear in my eye

Not bad right? Just that last 10% of packing along with some cleaning is left and we’re on to the new place with a spring in our step (ok, maybe no spring if we’re carrying heavy boxes). After a long and stressful day yesterday – all the last minute closing details and papers are keeping us on our toes! – we went for a drive over to the new house and just gazed at it through the car windows. Even Clara and Burger looked. It definitely got us back into the excited state of mind that we’re trying to live in for the next crazy few days. Ah new house, how do we love you. Let us count the ways…

And for those who love to see our house tore up from the floor up, here’s how things are looking right this moment:

Oh and since a few people have been wondering, here’s what is conveying (staying) with the sale of our house:

  • all the appliances both in the kitchen and the laundry nook
  • the storage pieces and cabinetry in the basement
  • the built-in wardrobes on either side of our bed & the bed frame itself
  • the floating shelves in the dining room
  • all hardwired light fixtures and the plug in swing-arm lamps in the bedroom (except for the chandy from Clara’s room, which we replaced with a standard light)
  • all of the blinds, shades, curtain rods, and curtains in the house (except for the curtains in Clara’s room- I’m just too sentimental to walk away from those)
  • a folder of manuals and house info along with all the exterior & interior paint (labeled by room)

We’re actually really happy to leave those things behind (they added up to a nice quick sale and an offer above our asking price). Now for another bulleted list (I’m on a roll here). These are a few packing things we’re doing that seem to work well for an obsessive type-a gal like me:

  • John came up with the genius idea to use blue painters tape to mark boxes that are breakable so we can easily identify the ones that we should be extra careful with
  • He also decided to put a piece of painters tape on the cabinets in the kitchen that aren’t empty yet (so we don’t keep opening all the doors to see which ones are done and which ones still have to be packed)
  • We’re using a sharpie to write what’s in nearly every box (so if we have to find Clara’s bath stuff in a snap, we know where it is).
  • Thanks to lots of recommendations, we hit up our local wine store for a few more boxes (they’re free, sturdy, and some even have handles).
  • We’ve packed a “vacation stash” of clothes, toiletries, baby stuff, etc that we’ll rely on for the next few days here and the first few days at the new place (so there’s no rush to dig through boxes for the essentials).
  • We also packed a “good to have around” box for the new house that we’re keeping in the car (with toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, cleaning supplies, cups for water, and a few other things we’re sure we’ll appreciate having right away for our friends & family members who are helping us move – and also for ourselves once they leave).

So far so good. Eye on the prize (aka: the new house). Eye on the prize…


  1. Karen says

    You guys are Amazingly organized even in moving-chaos! Holy-jealous-batman! Soo much fun to be moving into a new place – congrats!!

  2. Maribel says

    You two are awesome..very organized move. Well I’m on the road to living with less stuff, last week we had our yard sale. Didn’t do so well what ever was left I took to the Goodwill. My question is what baby stuff if any will you pack for any future babies. My little one is 2 1/2 and no sibling in the works…yet I have a huge container full of clothes another with blankets and other “stuff”.

  3. fd says

    thanks so much for the video of a blast from the past on a friday. just what i needed to get through the day :-) definite kudos to you sherry!

    have a fabulous weekend moving. hope it goes to plan and is the ridiculously fun kind of exhausting.

  4. says

    I can’t believe you’re going to be able to fit the whole house into a moving truck!!! Now you can tell John that you didn’t really acquire that much at all, ha!

  5. Kana says

    I am impressed (that you’re 90% packed, super organized, and have already posted 2 entries today)!!

    Will you take photos of your completely empty home and do a before (when you first moved in) and after (when you’re moving out) comparison??

    • says

      Hey Kana,

      Yup, we plan to take empty pics of our current house (and maybe do a comparison if we have time) and of course we’ll share pics of our new house all empty and ready for us too.


  6. says

    That’s funny, I just did a “thrift stores, how do I love you. Let me count the ways…” on my blog the other day. :-)

    May I also suggest you have two or three large empty boxes just laying open somewhere to toss extraneous stuff into. Every time I move it seems there are always a ton of things that need a box, even though it seems like you’re done packing.

    Do you have a “moving in” video all lined up? :-)

    • says

      Good idea about a few extra empty boxes! And as for a moving in video, we don’t want to subject our dear friends and family to that kind of “documentation” but we’re planning to make a quick video walk-through for everyone once we’re all moved in and they leave. Wahoo!


  7. Kimberly says

    Is it just me or are you missing a couch? Did you sell one?

    Good luck with the move! I know I hate lifting all those boxes and furniture!

  8. says

    Question my dears!
    So, now that your old house won’t be “yours” anymore…are you considering still keeping the images and stuff online and detailed since a new family will live there and may have safety concerns?
    Just wondering …
    It would suck to see all the awesome ideas from your “old” house go away.
    -ashley ;)

    • says

      We disclosed the fact that images of the house (as it looked with our furniture) would remain online to ensure that the new buyers were ok with it! We never share the address or even show pictures of the house number so that helps too.


  9. annie says

    I LOVE that you will be cleaning the oven and fridge… When we bought our house two years ago, not only were the oven and fridge NOT clean, but they had, shall we say, goo for use to take care of. This “goo” was found in various areas around the house as well. I gave them a pass as they had four kiddos, it was a quick turn around for them (we put in an offer within a week of them listing it) and the Mom was on her own as Dad had already moved to the new city. HOW-EVA … thank you for being so considerate for the new owners!! You guys (as usual) rock!

  10. says

    I can’t believe how weird it is to see your house all boxed up. I’m oddly sentimental about it.

    Good luck with the move. I hope all goes well with closing, etc.

    We had a horror-story closing. The seller changed her mind. And freaked out. And tried to get out of it. We ended up moving our stuff into the basement while she was moving her stuff out the front door.

  11. Kayla says

    This is amazing. I’m loving seeing the packing process you guys have! Quick question….how do I get to see the first few blog posts you have? I’m dying to see where it started and how far you guys have come! Good luck this weekend!

    • says

      Hey Kayla,

      You can click the tab that says “archives” up by the search box on the right and click the oldest month listed to see where it all began (and click forward through things from there). Hope it helps!


  12. says

    Oh, you have just reminded me how much I hate moving! I guess if you are super organized (like you guys) and have great, positive attitudes (again, like you guys!) it won’t be so bad!! Keep your eye on the prize and you guys will be fine ;)

  13. Korinne Barry says

    Eye on the prize is right! We just packed up our entire house, and unpacked it in the SAME day last week! We must be getting old! (we’re only 28) I was more stiff than I remember being after a summer off and going back to highschool volleyball practice!!!

    Can’t wait to see the new digs and all the updates you do…been itching to tackle our house….but wanted to see some of your ideas first! :)

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