Buh-Bye Bi-Folds: Removing Them For An Open Look

Our new place sure has its share of bi-fold doors. Like this pair sectioning off the future dining room and the main hallway (see a floor plan here to get your bearings):

And this nearby set that closes off the hallway that leads to most of the bedrooms (we removed one door to get the daybed through on moving day):

Then in our bedroom we’ve got another big set closing off the bathroom sink area…

…and a single bi-fold door right next to it closing off the walk-in closet.

That doesn’t even include all of the bi-folds that close off the other three bedroom closets. So basically… yeah, there’s a lot of ’em. And unfortunately most of them go against the whole open / airy vibe that we’re going for, so most of ’em had to go. Sorry bi-folds. But we’re already loving how the hallway looks so much more open sans doors.

And getting rid of the straggler leading to the back bedrooms certainly helped too (we still have to go back and putty / paint where the doors were attached).

Our master bedroom is even looking airier thanks to the door departure.

And although we’re going to leave them on all of the other bedroom closets for now, we did take the bi-fold door off of our own closet (we were constantly bumping into it). We’re thinking we might replace it with a thick floor length curtain at some point.

Another bi-fold that didn’t get the axe was one between the kitchen and the laundry / mudroom.

We don’t have a particular fondness for the look of this door, so right now its saving grace is purely functional. Without it there’s a straight shot from our carport right into the kitchen. See, here I am leering through the door to demonstrate.

We’ve learned that surprisingly enough, the side door that leads out to the carport is the one all of the neighbors use when they stop by (in the words of the previous owners: “if someone comes to the front door, they’re probably selling something”). And since my wife can and will nurse pretty much anywhere – even at the kitchen table – it’s probably not a good idea to leave that window unobscured.

So we’re going to leave that bi-fold up for now, but as soon as we can find a moment to frost that glass (so the light still pours in but the view is muddled) that bi-fold will be getting the same farewell treatment that the rest of them got. Stand by for that unbelievably exciting undertaking (I’m kidding, but hey- not every project is mind blowing). Oh and we’re donating all of the bi-fold doors to the Habitat For Humanity ReStore so they get to live on in someone else’s house, as opposed to junking up a landfill. Have you guys been to a ReStore yet? They’re full of awesome old windows, doors, sinks, faucets, light fixtures, and even rainbow colored toilets. Believe me when I say that there’s something for everyone.

Psst- This week’s BabyCenter post is all about trying to get Clara to adjust well to the new house (so we didn’t have an angry/grumpy/confused/scared bean on our hands). Here’s what worked for us.


  1. says

    it does look way better having an open doorway for your master bedroom bathroom, but the rest i like! you should keep one around the house. that will make it unique!


  2. says

    Removing the doors is probably the first thing I would have done. I count three different trim colors so far – white, pine and a chocolate color…wow! I’m a firm believer in all trim matching throughout the house so that would be a HUGE undertaking. Are you planning on making the trim cohesive throughout? (sorry if you already answered that in another post)

  3. says

    Am I the first comment?…how exciting. That really is an unnecessary amount of bi-folds. We have one between our kitchen and laundry nook, much like yours. It is highly annoying and it’s main purpose is to muffle the washer and dryer. I can’t wait to see what you do about the sink in the master bedroom either, ours is just like it. How romantic…

  4. says

    Those floors in the master bedroom (I think?) are to DIE for! I love wide plank floors. Good luck with settling in and have a wonderful first xmas with the beannette!

  5. says

    One house’s junk …
    drat! I’m actually looking for something like the first set of bi-folds pictured for our laundry nook — especially if they’re hard wood instead of hollow core.
    But you’re not geographically desirable, so I’ll just keep stalking craigslist and our own ReStore til I find just the right fit.

  6. says

    Holy cow! It looks instantly more roomy and current. This makes me want to remove the huge bifold doors on my closet, which are always getting in the way.

    I’ve considered hanging pretty fabric that could be pulled to the side, but I also have a two side-by-side windows with floor length curtains on the adjoining wall in there. Do you think that would be too much fabric going on? (Both the closet and the windows are about the size of a sliding glass door, to give you point of reference).


  7. says

    The hallway ones and the one leading to your carport are probably to close off sections of the house from entryways to save on heating. Our 1950’s home was the same way, and we still left up one of the entryway ones b/c it really does help. Although, I live in NY and it gets WAY colder for WAY longer here! :)

  8. Christi says

    Our old house had bi-folds in every room and on all closets (hallway, linen, etc)… I think I was injured by them all at least once!

    It looks better already!!!

  9. says

    I’ve got this crazy bi-fold in a space that’s just a little too narrow for the door – a shoddy craftsman did the reno, I guess (not me!). If I take the door out completely, what are some other options? (It’s just on a closet, but needs to be concealed.)

    P.S. LOVE ReStore.

  10. says

    We have them on all three closets which is not as weird as between rooms. Until now, I thought our knobs were in the wrong place because they are so hard to open, but your knobs are on the same panels as ours. They’d be so much easier to open if they were on the panel closer to the hinge! [End of bi-fold rant]

  11. says

    Wow what a huge hallway! It does look much better without the doors!!!

    And you do look really creepy looking into the house from that door!! And there are some creepers in Richmond =)

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