Leaf Me Alone: Some Seasonal Fall Decorating

I got all leaf-happy to add a bit of that fall/Thanksgiving vibe to the dining area. It was free and it took about ten minutes total. Here’s the dining table with some pretty branches from the cherry tree out front:

And I popped a few smaller branches from the same tree into my floating cb2 hanging vases.

Sure, they’re looking a little limp, but after adding some water to the vases, they perked right up. And since they’re free I’m ok with them lasting just a week or so if that’s what mother nature so ordains.

Oh and I thought a $2 bag of mixed nuts looked kinda Thanksgiving-ish (saw something similar in an old Pottery Barn catalog of yore) so I grabbed the bag and dumped them into two clear glass vases for more of that seasonal vibe. And I added an apple we already had in our fruit bowl- just for more of that pretty fall color.

The great thing is that those apples & mixed nuts can look Christmas-y too, plus they’re edible. Talk about multitasking only-takes-a-minute decor.

Oh and our etched “Thanks” jar is turning out to be a pretty fun project. We haven’t skipped a day of recording something that we’re thankful for yet (one of us usually reminds the other) and we can’t wait til the end of the month when we can read them all (I have no idea what John’s writing but he snickers from time to time, so I’m thinking it’ll be funny to finally read his in a few weeks).

Any fall or Thanksgiving decorating going on at your house? Remember those fun trace-your-hand-and-make-it-a-turkey projects back in kindergarten? I basically lived for that when I was a kid.


  1. says

    It looks great; so simple and elegant. I love using natural elements. Right now I have something similar. I took a branch that had fallen from the tree, hot glued some leaves back on to it, (after I ironed when with wax paper to last longer) and put them in a bright orange vase on the ottoman. I don’t use water because the 2 year old-likes to dump it out, hence, the wax paper/ironing trick. I even mail out leaves to family living in the West desert and their kids’ classrooms for some fall fun.

  2. says

    For some reason I haven’t ever noticed your treatment of the inside of your fireplace… I have a fireplace that I do not burn wood in and it looks boring. I love your idea of putting a mirror & some candles in there to brighten up that space and make it look warm & cozy! Nice!

  3. Jenn(ifer) says

    Looks great

    Off topic: Since you like painting and spray painting so much, maybee you should consider one of those machines for spray painting wall paint and vanish. It saves a lot of time (especially when you have to do a whole house) and is much better for the enviornement than to buy those cans of spray paint all the time…
    Unfortuantely I can only tell you the one we bought (we live in Germany…=
    Wagner WallPerfect W 867 E


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    The mixed nuts are a very impressive use of $2.00. June went wild collecting acorns – super cute (that she collected them and in bowls in house) UNTIL THEY HATCHED BUGS. But I can totally let her buy a $2.00 bag of nuts. She’ll dig that.

  5. Lindsey d. says

    Lots and lots of mums at my house! In my first gardening victory EVER, I managed to keep the potted mums I bought last alive all year. They make me happy every time I pull into the driveway and see them blooming.

    Additionally, I snagged some great orange fake flowers at Micheal’s in October, cut them out of their pot and created two arrangements from them. That along with some pretty faux gourds is my fall decorating in a nutshell…

  6. says

    This blog always comes with fresh ideas of what home should be like.

    Now, I’m reading this post and fascinated of how you can take advantage of some ordinary things and change it into extraordinary accents for your heavenly-called home! =D

    I wish you will post what all the thanks post contain =D

  7. JMB says

    This summer, I found a beautiful, large glass bowl at a local thrift shop for 75 cents. It has been in the middle of the dining table since September filled with pine cones from the backyard. It works for the entire fall season and into Christmas (maybe with a few cinnamon sticks and a little holly thrown in with those pine cones).

  8. bex says

    @Laura – that’s is stinkin’ brilliant! I’m so going to use the wax paper trick on a leaf that I brought back from Wurzburg, GE. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can preserve it (it’s already crackly, so I hope it’ll still work!) to put it into a frame, and that might be the ticket.

    Also, I’ve got a big CB2 order that I’m getting ready to place – good timing with mentioning the floating vases. I keep forgetting that I love them. :)

  9. says

    I love that idea of the branches from outside. I wish I had seen this post just a few days ago, but after the 50 mph winds we had on Long Island yesterday, all the leaves are gone now. LOL! And I love the wax paper idea that Laura wrote about. I will have to try that one next year. I really love the floating vases with the leaves in them, great touch.

    I have some posts on my blog for the Fall. Check them out here: http://www.thedecorscene.blogspot.com/

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