In The Words Of Rose From Titanic…

…I’ll never let go. We’re both going to miss so many things about our first casa that we just had to dedicate a post to those little details that bring a smile to our faces. We don’t want to forget a thing.

1. The gorgeous cherry tree in the front yard.

2. The new kitchen (which was totally worth 113 days of eating-out-and-living-without-a-sink chaos).

3. Our view of the amazingly lush and private backyard (which was actually one of the main reasons we bought our house back in 2006)

4. The sweet front porch where we’d sit and watch the world neighbors go by.

5. The layers of paint and slivers of wallpaper that we discovered as we renovated (we loved uncovering “hints” about its past life)

6. The amazing story about our house’s first owners, which we shared here.

7. The fact that the front and back door were so narrow that we had to remove the doors from our new fridge to get it into the house.

8. Waking up each morning and looking out at the spot where we got married (sniffle).

9. The quirky cow weather vane on top of the garage.

10. The cute (and completely unused-by-us) red shed in the backyard.

11. The mostly centered windows throughout the house (we didn’t realize how rare this was until we started house hunting).

12. The fact that neither bathroom had an outlet in it for the first few years that we lived here (one still doesn’t).

13. The two fireplaces- what a lucky break.

14. What the front yard looked like that fateful day when we drove up to check out the house (we made an offer that night).

15. Rushing home from vacations just because we “missed the house.”

16. The sleepless nights we spent painting, planning, sledge-hammering, and daydreaming.

17. The charming neighborhood where we walked with Burger (and Clara when she later came along).

18. The brilliant fall leaves that put on quite a show every fall (although we won’t miss raking them).

19. Those two rare snowstorms that made everything look even more cozy somehow.

20. The pretty white and pink azalea bushes. There must be at least 50 of them.

21. The modestly sized rooms that have encouraged us to spend time together.

22. The wide doorways that so dramatically opened up the den, kitchen, and living/dining room.

23. All the crisp white trim, molding, and breezy curtains that make it feel like a beach house in the summer.

24. The patio that has charmingly aged over the last three years with moss.

25. More specifically, making smore’s on the patio after adding a fire pit last year.

26. The sunroom on a lazy Sunday morning. Our favorite place to be.

27. The subway tile all the way to the ceiling in the bathroom shower (I stare at it nearly every day and marvel at John’s amazing handiwork).

28. The fact that we have 23 storage baskets and 10 storage ottomans in our tiny house. Is there a support group I can join? Organizer’s anonymous?

29. The bedroom built-ins that make us feel tucked into a cozy little nook every night.

30. The fact that we brought our cute pup and our sweet baby girl home here. It’s not just our first house, it’s also Clara and Burger’s.

31. The big picture window in the living room (where Burger loves to bark at all of his dog friends).

32. The seeded glass pendant above the kitchen sink (so simple, yet we haven’t seen anything like it since ordering it from West Elm years ago)

33. Memories of painting nearly every room at least twice to get things just right.

34. The sound of the screen sliding in the sunroom, which used to signal to me and Burger that John was home from work. Such an exciting sound.

35. The intense pain in the arse that was removing the scallops from the front porch (my hardest solo project to date).

36. The excitement I felt as I listened to every crash when John demo’d the bathroom (I was prego, so I sadly couldn’t get in there and bash stuff with him).

37. The paranoid feeling that I forgot to unplug the toaster or lock the front door or turn on the alarm every time we left for vacation (John would humor me and we’d turn around so I could check)

38. “Camping” in the sunroom on a warm spring night (and regretting that decision after being awakened by the sun streaming in at 6am).

39. Plugging in the Christmas tree and sitting by the fire with hot chocolate. Doesn’t get much better than that.

40. Phantom doorbell ringings (when the battery would start to die, it would randomly ring and freak us all out).

41. The garage door that strangely swings out to open (and constantly warning people not to park too close).

42. How things looked in the first year, before we had any idea how much blood, sweat, and tears that we’d pour into this house (good thing we have this Burger video with old house details in the background to refresh our memory).

43. The sight of Burger laying limply near the vent under the side table in the living room warming his buns in the heat.

44. Screaming “don’t look, I’m peeing” when the half bathroom pocket door was broken (more details on that later this week)

45. Our wedding night, when we took one last picture in the photo booth in the corner of our driveway after everyone left before the truck came to pick it up.

Sheesh, somebody get me a tissue. We’re so excited to move into our amazing new house, but we sure will miss this one.


  1. says

    Thank you for sharing your memories with us! I love your house with all it’s quirks. I’m sure you’ll create more memories with the new home as well. I can’t wait to see all the new projects you’ll tackle!

  2. says

    I totally get how you feel. We moved to a new city recently and had to leave behind our first self owned apartment. Having spent almost 3 years planning and implementing various projects , I was devastated when i got to know we “HAD” to move. Moving day was the worst . I cried bucket loads.

    Enjoy the days in this home. Reminisce on the great times you had and look forward to the new, A new home is always exciting.

    Take care

  3. Jessica O says

    I feel your pain/joy. My Hubs and I bought our first house (after MONTHS of searching) 3 years ago when we first got married, and then this past spring accidentally stumbled upon one that we fell even more in love with. We moved in April & couldn’t be happier with our decision, but there will still be nothing like that first house. We still drive by just to wave to it & check out the deck my dad & husband worked so hard to build, see how the sod we planted is coming in, etc….basically just stalk it a bit.

  4. says


    Thanks for sharing. You two worked your house in creativity and living. I hope the new ownwers realize the love and care you both put into truly making it a home. Numbers 3, 4, and 13 would have sold me. How did you manage w/#12? I always feel like #15 when I travel. Numbers 18 and 19, love the shots, but also hate raking leaves and too much cold. Sigh to numbers 30 and 34. Hmm, too creepy w/#40.

  5. Paula says

    I love your blog! It starts my day and I’m really excited to see your upcoming projects in your new home. I’m an interior designer in Canada and your posts are both inspiring and thoughtful. I love this post in particular. What a great tribute to your first home. Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    It’s so hard to leave your first place! We felt like we were leaving behind our baby! :) Call us sappy, but I made a blurb book of all of our before and afters of our first home. It looks great as a coffee table book in our new place. Ahh, memories!

  7. Heather Hernandez says

    LOVE this post! Makes me stop and realize how we spend so much time working, running after a toddler, etc that we haven’t stopped recently to truly appreciate our HOME!! we owe it some love – thank YOU for your inspiration! :)

  8. Nicole says

    You remind us all that we have a lot to be thankful for in our lives. It sounds like many of your favorite memories will travel well with you to your new home, so that you won’t have to miss them so much afterall!

  9. says

    Is it strange that I’m going to miss your house too? I’ve referred to your archives so many times for inspiration that I feel like I’ve been there.

    But seriously, you guys made that house a home with the memories you filled it with, and that’s what you’ll do in your next home. Excited to continue the journey with you!

  10. Deborah says

    OK, I wasn’t expecting the tears to flow, but OMG how will you ever pull out of the driveway one last time ???? So much of your life went on in and around this home. I know you’ll make great memories in the next home but come on you have to admit BIG LIFE CHANGES happened here. I am shedding enough tears for all of you. At least you have awesome pics and this wonderful blog to remember every detail. Good luck with the new place can’t wait to see you get started, hurry up will you !!!!! P.S. What’s the first thing you’ll do at the new place?

    • says

      Hey Deborah,

      The game plan for the new place changes every day! Of course we want to unpack first, but then we’ll probably start painting something (but we’re torn between walls or bathroom vanities or what). Also have a ton of doors to remove and light fixtures to switch out…


  11. says

    My goodness, it’s not even my house and I feel a twinge of sadness and fondness towards it!

    I do gotta say, from a writing standpoint, that was one of the best posts you guys have done. Not trying to kiss butt, but I think the way you poured a ton of emotion into it really makes it stand out. So thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Totally made my day!

  12. says

    Umm, I’m pretty much on the need-a-tissue bandwagon, too. I feel like I’m even leaving this house behind because of how much love you two have for it. Super sad, but super exciting, too.

    I just hope you love the new house just as much–or more–than this one. This house was a big deal for you two in a lot of ways and lucky you, you have this blog to remember how awesome the last 4 years have been!!

  13. Megan says

    Yeah, although a new house is exciting, you are going to cry your eyes out that very last day when you are walking through it empty and you know you won’t be back. That’s what happened when we left our first house that we had our first child in. Hugs to you guys. That’s going to be a tough day. :(

  14. Harinee says

    That’s lovely! Had thought while reading this – it’s so nice that Clara will be able to come back and read all this one day; how many people get to “re-live” their childhood(well, first one) home in quite so much detail?!

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