Before We Move: A Semi-Crazy Goal To Clear Out 100 Things

I want to get rid of (via donations, craigslist, ebay, freecycle, etc) at least 100 things before moving day. On one hand the number sounds kinda high, but on the other hand, I know there are at least 100 things in our house that we never use, need, or should spend time and effort moving. And I actually plan to keep track, writing all 100 items down on a piece of paper in list form. Why? Because I’m weird like that.

To kick things off  I went through my shoes (pun intended). Amazingly, I realized that I hadn’t worn a good amount of them since leaving NYC and moving to Richmond 4+ years ago. How embarrassing.

I ended up with ten pairs of shoes in my toss/Goodwill/ebay pile. Not too bad considering I had just 18 in my keep pile (although my definite-keeper Puma sneakers were out in the sunroom for a grand total of 19). That means I’m ready to say “hasta la vista” (in my best Schwarzenegger accent) to over a third of all the shoes that I own.

Sidenote:The blue-gray bedroom wall looks so green in this picture- clearly I still have a lot to learn about the new camera.

So although that’s actually 20 things I’m getting rid of (since there are two shoes per pair) I’m counting the shoe purge as ten items just to be fair. Now to find 90 more things to get gone. Somebody wish me luck. And stay tuned for an update to see if I’m able to reach my weird little goal…

Is anyone else out there cutting the fat at home and pairing things down in a major way? Let’s commiserate.


  1. says

    Love it… I do this every time Sophia (my 18month old) needs new clothes or switch out the ones she’s outgrown ( every 2 months) because we only have 500 sq feet to play with we can’t be wasting space……


  2. bungalowbliss says

    I think it’s a great goal! And yes, I’m coming down from a purge high from the weekend. As I’m nearing the start line for my basement project, I had to really sort through things downstairs (it had essentially become one ginormous storage room). I recycled metal, sold a few pieces to the local antique store, gave a few pieces to friends, and donated the rest to the disabled veterans thrift store in the neighborhood. Get it outta here!! (And it’s soooo nice and spacious downstairs now…time to get started!)

  3. Ashlee says

    How timely! I am actually reading “The Joy Of Less” right now, about minimizing the clutter in my life. I threw a few things away yesterday & was positively giddy.

  4. says

    My husband and I went through a phase this year where we watched an entire season of Hoarders then decided to downsize everything. It’s amazing what motivation can occur when you’re comparing your dirty closet to someones home.

  5. Sara says

    Yes! I love it! I decided to re-do & pair down my closet a few months ago. I made enough through consignment shops & ebay to purchase a new kitchen dining set. My husband was shocked at all of my needless “treasures” (not what he referred to them as)that I had just lying around. I had such a great time doing it & it feels amazing knowing that there is NOTHING stored under my bed. Now, if I could jest stop my purchasing frenzies at etsy. Good luck, I can not wait to see you list, as I am a fellow list maker extraordinaire.

  6. Allison says

    I am in the midst of doing the same thing! I just had to move over Halloween weekend and will be moving again in 3 short months at the end of January (the joys of having an unpleasant landlord). I did go through stuff before the Oct move, but I can already tell there’s lots more that needs to go before January. Although I hate it, getting rid of things you realize you just don’t need is one of the best things about having to pack everything up!

  7. jennifer says

    yes! we’re doing the exact same thing, just not with an anticipated move in mind – an anticipated spring bambino in mind. with all the things children apparently come with, i’m determined to try to ditch a large chunk of extraneous things we have around the house so as not to feel overwhelmed later.

    i’ve sweet-talked my family into coming into town for periodic “nesting weekends” in order to clean, declutter/throwaway/giveaway, decorate, and cook many freezable meals. good luck with your 100 items!

  8. says

    I’m trying so hard to fit pare two rooms worth of goods down to one tidy, organized room in order to make room for an upcoming addition to our family. :) In looking through the two rooms now (an office and a spare room), I notice that we use them more for extra storage of things we barely use than functional rooms. My goal is to get rid of the things we haven’t touched in years and make both rooms useful, good looking rooms that we will enjoy living in. I took five bags of clothing and shoes to Salvation Army over lunch today, but that is not even the tip of the iceberg! I’m actually really excited to get organizing, though…especially for such a good reason.

  9. says

    that’s an awesome goal! my big hoarding spots are bookshelves and kitchen gadgets. i go through all my clothes and shoes a few times a year to purge, too.

    i agree with rosanna above– just watch hoarders and watch the cleanliness of your house spike!

  10. says

    I’m loving those lime green heeled sandals. But sadly, I’m guessing you’re more than a size 6 since no one else on Earth seems to have such small feet. I always do a major purge before moving. I guess it’s one of the drawbacks to being a military brat who joined the military. If I haven’t used it in the couple of years I’ve lived somewhere, it’s time for it to go.

  11. Stephanie says

    Were you honestly able to keep 29 pairs of shoes in the Ikea wardrobe? Or did you pack some away at times? I am so sorely lacking in organizational skills/ideas, any pointers would be appreciated!!

    • says

      Hey Stephanie,

      About half of them were on the bottom shelves of my Ikea wardrobe and the rest were on the floor of the master bedroom’s original closet. Although in my NYC days I always tucked shoes around the perimeter of the bed – under the comforter they were totally hidden.


  12. Randi says

    Soooo. I think I’m headed in the wrong direction because I want to add some of your shoes to my closet. Those gray strappy sandals are super cute. Anyway, I am obsessed with lists and I think it’s the best feeling ever to write down my accomplishments, big or small! Good luck to you!

    P.S. Do you think you’ll start trying to give John’s stuff away for him…? :)

    • says

      Hey Randi,

      John actually caught the bug and has spent the last hour or so going through his clothes (while singing to Clara to keep her entertained since he’s on bean-duty while I work this afternoon). Gotta love the multitasking!


  13. says

    I am doing it with my whole house.. and well more than 100. I have become quite interested in simplifying and going more minimalist. A friend just moved in with me and he and I are totally decluttering the house. I had a storage shed and EVERYTHING in it (20+ years of my stuff) except three boxes of holiday decorations that will go to my brother and sister were donated or trashed. I now have a place to store the lawn mower and the two bikes my friend bought with him.

    We are working a room at a time and being relentless. The memories i have of my late mother are not in the possessions around what used to be her house…. It took me almost 5 years to get to this point but I can now let go of the items that I do not need or want…

    It’s very freeing!

  14. Amy says

    We did the same thing when we moved back in May, and it was very freeing. Now that we’re settled in and know what we use on a regular basis, I need to clean out even more. My husband is usually pretty resistent to getting rid of things, but like Rosanna I make him watch a few episodes of Hoarders, and he gets so disgusted that it always ends in a Goodwill run :)

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