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You may recall that back in April when Sherry’s belly was still full of baby we had some visitors stop by Clara’s nursery, including one wielding a big camera.

Well the pics from that double-duty photo shoot for Do It Yourself magazine and Kitchen + Bath Makeovers have finally seen the light of day. At least the ones for Do It Yourself have (the others will be popping up later this year). In fact, a bunch of you have already mentioned seeing them in the Fall 2010 issue that’s out now.

Our usual “He Said, She Said” advice column took a one-issue hiatus in order to share those photos of Clara’s DIY-riddled nursery. There’s even a never-before-seen angle that necessitated a ladder outside of Clara’s window to capture the shot. To check it out and read all the fine print, just click the image below for an enlarged version (and click it again to zoom):

Of course there’s plenty else to see in the issue. We love that they’re calling it their “second chances” issue since it’s all about breathing new life into old salvaged items. Feel free to check it out at Barnes & Noble or even Home Depot.

In other magazine news
, I’m pleased to share that my little lady – well, not my littlest lady – was featured in the latest ReadyMade magazine. See that mention of “Speed Clean Your House” at the very bottom of the cover? That’s where Sherry comes in…

Just flip to page 30 for Sherry’s interview (or click the image below to see it larger). You can also read it over on ReadyMade’s website if that’s your preferred method of mag absorption. We hope cleaning up is even easier thanks to the roundup of quickie ideas. Oh and the tip about chlorine bleach was added by the writer, just in case anyone who knows about our bleach aversion was wondering.

As usual, the issue has a bunch of other cool projects and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas in there (like the green-roofed doggie digs on page 38). It reminded us how much we enjoy reading ReadyMade. So feel free to check the rest of the mag out whenever you get a moment!

But enough about us, what are your cleaning shortcuts and secrets? We’re always looking to get ‘er done even faster/easier, so spill it.


  1. says

    i LOVE me some cleaning tips from Sherry! I’ve been following her cleaning guide for months now and I have to say that life is SO much easier. Short bursts of cleaning throughout the day help to eliminate that long drawn out one day per week cleaning fest that we all dread so much.

  2. Ericka says

    Great articles with very useful tips!

    Just thought I’d point out that the article about cleaning gives the tip to use NON chlorine bleach in the toilet brush holder. I’ve never heard of using non chlorine bleach in cleaning. Hmmm.

    Do you guys use the Mrs. Meyers’ to clean the bathroom as well? Do you have any concerns about disinfecting?
    (especially when there’s sickness in the house

    • says

      We use Mrs. Meyer’s or Dr. Bronners in our toilets, but if you’re worried about disinfecting there’s an all natural disinfecting spray (and wipes) by Seventh Generation that’s worth checking out. They should have it at Target. Hope it helps!


  3. Elizabeth says

    I’ve yet to truly solve the dirt making its way inside the house dilemma because my dog loves his dog door soooo much…and so do I when I am late or have to go somewhere right after work. I would hate to deprive my dog of his mid-morning routine of retiring to the back porch chaise lounge to sun nap. Sigh…I dream of a shoe free and dirt and dog hair free home…but I love my dog more than continually pristine surroundings apparently.

  4. says

    Norwex products make my cleaning so much easier…and they’re great for the environment since you just use their cloths plus plain old water! The cloths seem expensive at first, but they’re supposed to last like 10 years and you never have to buy cleaning stuff again (even the good eco cleaning stuff gets used up eventually, and that’s another bottle to send off to be recycled).

    Oh yeah, and the microfiber cloths are antibacterial, so no worries about reusing them again and again between launderings–they clean themselves!

    You can read more about the company on my blog. I’m in the process of switching over to Norwex for all my cleaning (as my old stuff gets used up). Their products are right up the Petersiks alley, for sure!

  5. says

    You two are a powerhouse. Keep up all the amazing work and congrats on the sweet features. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of each :)

    As for cleaning shortcuts.. I have a check list of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly cleaning and maintenence tasks. I know i know. Anal. BUT it works for me and keeps the house tidy :)

    • says

      Ooh now that would be fun to see. We love checking out people’s lists because we’re list people too! You don’t happen to have it typed up to share do you?


  6. Elizabeth says

    That “never seen before angle” of the nursery truly makes it seem like a entire room we’ve never seen before…too funny.

  7. says

    My husband I do the “10 minute tidy” on a daily basis. I’ve explained it in more detail on my blog here:

    Essentially we each have to do 10 minutes of tidying every day. It can be anything we want to do – clean a few toilet bowls, vacuum 2 rooms, tidy the tupperwear drawer.

    It helps keep the house looking tidy. We save the big cleans – mopping the floor, cleaning the windows etc. for the weekends when we have more time to spend on housework.

    By each doing the 10 minute tidy neither of us feel that the other isn’t pulling their weight with housework a problem that we used to have… :)

  8. says

    My mother-in-law and her husband are friends with the owners of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, so she keeps me supplied. I really love the fresh scent. I had never heard of it until after we had our son, and she gave me some because it’s so safe for babies. I assumed it was only sold in Iowa since she knew them and said that they live in Iowa too. I’m supried to see how popular it is EVERYWHERE! Yay for mother-in-law’s contacts!

  9. Danielle says

    great articles – how exciting!!

    One question – love the wallpaper in the drawers…how did you seal it?

  10. Laura in LA says

    I picked up the Do It Yourself magazine a couple of weeks ago just so I could show my husband my “friends”. The magazine was great, will definitely grab it again.

  11. Miranda says

    I don’t know if you’ve ever checked out Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook, but she has very detailed lists of chores organized by year/season/month/week. It’s very helpful. I just put it on the calendar and do it when it comes up.

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