As Seen On TV

While recently watching a super old episode of Parks & Recreation, we had to laugh when we saw what looked exactly like our card-catalog-turned-spice-&-spoon-rack in the background behind Amy Poehler. Especially because the episode was all about her unabashed hatred for libraries:

Isn’t it a dead ringer for the $5 thrift store version I got two Valentine’s Days ago from Sherry (read more about that here)?

So it got us wondering if you’ve ever seen something you have in your house on TV. Was your fancy stapler on The Office? Did your Ikea curtains make an appearance on Project Runway? Have you spotted the same touristy magnet from Texas on someone’s fake sitcom fridge? Spill the as-seen-on-TV beans.


  1. Liz says

    I’ve seen my work telephone featured on The Office (Cisco IP phone). I always make a stupid point to myself that the phones on the show are just props because the phone screen isn’t showing any information. ;)

  2. Mary Catherine Sears says

    Two & A Half Men features my coffee maker. It’s fun to see something that I already own on TV!

  3. Christin says

    This is pretty old school, but I noticed that my brother’s childhood bedding was the same as the bedding in Home Alone – McCauly’s attic bedroom – as well as DJ Tanner’s bedroom on the older episodes of Full House (when the kids were all little). Crazy stuff. LOL. :)

  4. Melanie says

    on the Big Bang Theory: Penny totally has our green with white vines Ikea throw pillows! (I’m sure half the world has them, as they’re an Ikea staple, but it’s still so weird to see!)

  5. Tiffini S. says

    YES! I saw the matching occasional chairs to my sofa on a show about 6 months ago. It was some sitcom, I think. Not a big show watcher. Anyway, I got my couch at Sofa Mart, wanted the matching chair but could not afford it. Before I could, they discontinued my model. But it’s similar to this new offering, except it’s blue and the pillow design is slightly different. The chair is the wood one at the bottom of the page.

  6. Leah says

    Nothing from the house- but on an episode of my favorite soap opera, I recently saw a character wearing a shirt I just bought from H & M!

  7. Holly says

    My aunt got me a 60’s style chip and dip bowl set for Christmas one year, which I absolutely adore. I was over the moon when I saw the same one as a prop in one of my favourite shows American Dreams a few years back.

  8. Emily says

    I have some blue and brown Jonathan Adler dishes that were on the TV show “Gilmore Girls” and then again in Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck’s apartment in “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

    Both sightings made me squeal with delight. :o)

  9. ESBlondie says

    We have a clock (that my husband actually got for a high school graduation present) that we see all the time on TV. I’ve see it on Real Housewives, Million Dollar listing and a few other shows. I get a kick out of it everytime.

  10. Jenn says

    My office in a cool old bank building was bought and renovated to become the Real World Philadelphia house. Surreal!

    • says

      So trippy, Jenn! On a slightly similar note, the office I worked in in New York City in 2003 had previously been a set in the movie Big (ok, so like way previously). It was the toy company where Tom Hanks worked. I didn’t recognize it or anything (my boss told me about the connection) but later watching Big it was so weird to see him in the same hallways… especially since it looked pretty much the same all that time later.


  11. Jennifer S. says

    Sandra Bullock’s character in “The Blind Side” had my C&B dinnerware. Oh, and when Robin Williams’ character in “Mrs. Doubtfire” moves into his own place, he has the very same rug in his apartment that my parents had in their living room when I was kid. That rug was 1990’s awesomeness.

  12. MJ says

    I was watching Home Improvement once as a kid and noticed that they had the same juice glasses that I won at my elementary school’s Fall Festival playing the dime toss game. They were clear glass with yellow strips at the bottom and a picture of an orange slice around the sides. I thought it was pretty cool!