Our House In Pasadena?

Ok, so this is right up there with the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen in our past almost-three-years as bloggers. Recently a reader (thanks Sara!) wrote alerting us that she had seen photos of our living room and guest bedroom on a vacation rental site called Airbnb. And apparently the “landlord” was claiming that they were photos of their house in Pasadena- and charging $48 a night with priority to anyone who booked it for one or two weeks straight (to the tune of $336 to $672) since they “received so much interest.”

Isn’t that weird???? What happens when people get there and it doesn’t look like that? Or maybe it doesn’t get that far because it’s all a scam and this person takes the money and runs without providing an address? Either way we were adequately skeeved out. And of course we contacted both the webmaster of the site along with the “landlord” to let them know that those images were ours and they were firmly planted in Richmond and not for rent. Pretty soon thereafter they were removed. Whew. But so odd right?!

It ranked up there with the time that another reader (thanks Michael!) wrote to us shortly after our big bathroom reveal to tell us that they saw some girl named Amber on Rate My Space claiming our bathroom after photos as hers.

The good news is that it was getting great feedback. But the bad news was that it wasn’t her bathroom! The funniest thing about that situation was that Amber was answering questions about the paint color and where she got things (all of which were wrong, so we were totally confused to see her claim that our $100 Overstock sink was a $400 splurge from Kohler and that the walls were some shade called Cucumber Dream instead of the actual Dune Grass hue that we used). Isn’t that weird? Of course we just commented under the post with a link to our site saying “Wait- that’s actually our bathroom! You can see where we got everything and how it all came together by following this link.” Literally within a minute the post was removed.

Actually now that we think about it, the Rate My Space thing might have been stranger than the room rental incident because the room rental person seemed to be in it for the money, so the idea of a scammer stealing a photo and trying to make some loot with it kind of makes sense. But isn’t it odd that someone found a photo of our bathroom and thought it would somehow be rewarding to claim it as their own on Rate My Space (where there’s no dough on the line)? Maybe she didn’t feel like redoing her bathroom so she thought using our photos would be a shortcut? Or she thought it would be funny? Consider us stumped.

Thank goodness for all of our lovely readers who have eagle eyes and thoughtfully email us every time they see our casa somewhere that it doesn’t belong. We’re used to hearing that our pictures are on eBay or Craigslist when someone’s trying to sell an identical rug or duvet. And we even saw before and after photos of our front yard on some landscaping guy’s website in Texas (so crazy, right?!). But the latest Rate My Space and vacation rental listing have been the most odd by far. What do you guys think? Can you figure out some ulterior motive for the Rate My Space thing? Have you ever seen your photos somewhere they didn’t belong? Do tell.


  1. says

    That’s terrible!! Thank goodness for those readers who caught that.

    Next thing you know someone will have a video of Burger, claiming they taught him all his tricks… Weak sauce, my friends! Very weak, indeed!

  2. says

    How bizarre! I wonder whether adding a watermark or tiny copyright image to your photos would help prevent this sort of shenanigans (although it could also mar the simple beauty of your photos…kind of a catch 22 there).

  3. Debra says

    Seems like she might have took too much medication the day she listed the photos on rate my space as her own, or maybe she “imagines” it’s her space, whatever it’s crazy.

  4. amyks says

    Okay, that is so bizarre…obviously you guys are doing so many great things and have amazing ideas, but how do people justify “stealing” your images and then using them as their own. I just don’t get it!

  5. says

    Wow. The rental thing is just creepy. I don’t understand how some people have absolutely no ethics at all and try to claim someone else’s work as their own.

  6. Chelsea says

    That’s so weird!! I’m so glad your readers caught it & told you. I’d hate for people to get scammed! The only thing that’s ever happened to me is when I was a YOUNG girl & used Xanga, someone stole my pictures & pretended it was her. Once I found her & my friends found her, she deleted it ASAP. I’d be a little weirded out now if I found something like that or like this happen.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Brooke says

    Holy crap, I’d be so majorly creeped out if I were you guys! (I even deleted my blog a year ago because I got so worried about cyber-stalking!) I know you guys are in the business now, so maybe you could put a watermark on your photos to make it harder for people to steal? I guess that would make it also harder for us to see your work! I hope the creepsters stay far away from you- I’m glad you have that home security system for Burger and baby Clara. :)

  8. says

    Wow, the nerve of people never ceases to amaze! I’m so glad that was caught and taken care of.

    I’m sure it’s only because your place is so awesome people want to steal images of it, but either they’re pretty dumb or they don’t realize how popular this site is! I think I’d recognize any photos of your place instantly if I saw it somewhere else!

  9. says

    That is the craziest thing I have ever heard! Sounds like you took it all in stride, but I’d be really freaked out. I guess it could be really flattering. Glad you cleared it up.

  10. says

    More than weird, it’s actually kind of scary knowing there are people who stoop so low. It may help to put a small copyright on the bottom of all your photos. Not the prettiest thing to look at, but only a good Photoshopper would be able to remove it.

  11. kathy k says

    hi friends,
    i have mixed feelings on this topic. on the one hand, i am furious when people use others’ material as their own and so paranoid little me always puts a watermark on posted pics. On the other hand, it’s kind of flattering – it means your stuff rocks enough for someone to WISH they had created it themselves.

    In your case, one was a money scam… and the other was maybe a virtual confidence booster? best guess :) I’m glad they took the pics down though, at least they are aware that it’s wrong.

    keep up the great work!! you’ve given me so many great ideas and tips!!

    can you post more pics, my website needs more.. errhmm…. (just kidding, of course!)

    • says

      We don’t have the address for it. So sorry! I think that’s something they release when you book it or something, because it wasn’t on the listing. Thanks for the thought though!


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