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Many of you know that I have a giant binder full of clear plastic sleeves where I shove a ton of tear sheets from magazines, catalogs and other places that inspire me (read more about how I organize that magical binder right here).

And one ripped corner of a magazine that has been in my binder pretty much since its inception has been an image from Elle Decor with gorgeous vintage looking glasses in green, yellow, blue and pink with recessed designs on them that create a light and almost sea-glass-ish effect. They’re credited as being from this super swanky store (which doesn’t happen to have a shot of them on their site- boo) and they’re listed as being $13 a pop there. Kind of pricey for drinking glasses but they’re just so lovely I’ve kept the torn magazine corner around for years. I guess I have eye candy abandonment issues.

Then something serendipitous happened this weekend.

I found insanely similar looking glasses at World Market. For just… wait for it… $2.99 a pop! They were available in clear, green, blue, and pink- but you know we grabbed the green and blue ones (three of each, six in total) since they feel the most like “us.” I can’t wait for our next gathering so I can break out these babies and liven up the table. I love that it’ll be a subtly mixed and matched tableau thanks to the two layered tones that we went for. Because there’s nothing like green and blue glass goblets (with fleur-de-lis on them, no less) to make you feel oh so luxe whenever you sip from them.

And sip from them I must. John actually has a huge rule that I’m not allowed to purchase anything that we won’t use regularly (which is great because we don’t have cabinets full of “special occasion only” servingware and china). So whenever a craving for lemonade or chocolate milk has hit in the past few days I’ve just reached for one of these babies. And let me tell you, I feel very posh indeed. Much more so than I used to with my clear Ikea glasses of yore. I’ve even been thinking of going back for more since they’d also make adorable votive holders or even pencil cups on my desk. Gotta love something that multitasks (and looks so good doing it).

Of course we love that we spent $18 for six (as opposed to nearly that amount for ONE of the designer ones). In fact six of the designer ones would have set us back $78! And I even laughed to myself when we later came across another similar version of them (in green and blue only) at Anthropologie- which incidentally is charging $6 a pop. It’s definitely a break from the $13 designer price, but our $2.99 World Market finds are still the lowest that we’ve seen for anything even remotely similar. So there you have our recent drinking glass victory. Cheers to hunting down deals! And speaking of sleuthing out the look for less, have any of you found dead ringers for something a lot pricier and couldn’t believe your luck? Share and share alike.


  1. Corrie M. says

    Beautiful glasses! I love World Market:)

    My crazy awesome find happened when I was a heartbeat away from custom ordering woven wood roman shades that were going to cost me roughly $550 for TWO. Then as I was perusing Lowe’s one day, I stumbled upon 2 deadringers for my customs ON CLEARANCE and in OUR SIZE for…..wait for it…$7 each. I almost stroked out. They look gorgeous in our living room.

  2. Barbara says

    Pier One used to carry glasses like that – I picked up four on clearance for $8.00. Unfortunately, I promptly broke one, so I guess I’ll need to go to World Market to find some that will go with mine!!

  3. Jennifer says

    Our Pier 1 still has them. We have a green one and a blue one. I think they’re so pretty.

    I’d love to see more images you’ve saved in your binder!

  4. Adriane T. says

    I love World Market, too! I have been meaning to send you a DIY WM find that you inspired, but I digress…

    I was looking for a barrister bookcase FOREVER but couldn’t swallow the $300, $500, up to $1000 cost. An hour before closing my husband asked if I wanted to look in Staples. I refused at first and then begrudgingly followed exhausted from no luck all day. Turned out they didn’t have any but their system showed that one store in the whole state did.

    It was a 45-minute drive to the St. Augustine, FL store (arriving just minutes before they closed) to learn it was marked out of their inventory so we left with it for $6!!! It is my most prized possession and my Mom still tells people about “the find.” =)

  5. Emily says

    Those are amazing for the price! I have something very similar that I use to hold pencils on my desk.
    Also, quick question: I’m an FIT student doing a project where I’m completing a short interview with my favorite design blog (YHL was my obvious choice!), would it possible to email you regarding this? Thanks so much!

    • says

      Sure thing Emily! You can see how to contact us on the sidebar (just click the “contact the youngsters” button. Did you know I went to FIT? Loved every minute of it.


  6. Megan says

    I have them from Pier 1 as well! After the first three broke I moved the loner to my bathroom for toothbrushes!

  7. Katy says

    I really like those little vintage sets of glasses you see in antique shops, but they are so expensive! And then one day my grandmother gave me a beautiful set that my dad had given her when he was a little boy. I drink from them sometimes, but mostly I use them for little vases of flowers.

  8. Austyn says

    Too funny! As soon as I saw your eye candy, I was going to suggest World Market as I was there yesterday and saw them….only to scroll down and find you were ahead of me ;o) I thought they were beautiful.

  9. Beylah says

    I love World Market… great find!

    I’ve been meaning to make an idea binder as well for quite some time now. However, most of my ideas have originated from online and are scattered in different organizational systems on my computer! I have a saved DIY section with bookmarked pages in Firefox, multiple Google Docs with just a ton of inspiring links thrown in (often with notes or other random ideas next to them), and then of course there are the links that people send me via email or facebook, and things that I email to myself to hang on to – which turned into a DIY folder in my email as well! I’d love to have an actual binder full of ideas, but I’m trying to make “greener” decisions lately, and I feel like printing out hundreds of pages would be going in the wrong direction. Any ideas for how to keep online ideas organized? I think I have way too many systems going on at once! Thanks! :)

    • says

      Hey Beylah,

      Just click the link in the first paragraph about our inspiration binder post- it includes details about how we organize our online images as well!


  10. says

    I wish there was a World Market closer to where I live : /

    I used to go to the one in New Orleans ALL the time to buy presents. They have the best stuff!

    I found some knock-off PB lanterns at Walmart for 1/10 the cost. They look e x a c t l y the same.

  11. says

    Augh! Now you’re making me drag the kids out into the rain to drive 5 cities away. What will I ever do? I. MUST. HAVE. THEM.

    . . . Even though my husband has put my spending on hold until me actually find a new home. Little does he know, shopping is my stress relief from selling a home and now having nowhere to go!

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