Reader Redesign: Stellar Stencils

When Dana sent us her super simple and wallet-friendly stencil project we just had to share it. Here’s her letter:

I just wanted to pass along a quick and inexpensive project that you inspired! A while back you featured the knot stencil from Sunny’s Goodtime Paints in a mood board and I immediately fell in love with it. My lovely husband gave it to me for Christmas and I recently used it to stencil a pillow cover and laundry curtains (that hide my laundry room water valves and electrical cords) with fabric paint. It was really easy and I’m lovin’ the results. I’m thinking of using it on my foyer wall now that I’ve tackled these smaller stenciling projects. For all the details, you can check my blog. Oh and I just spent $30 on the stencil, $6 on fabric paint, and $3 to make the laundry curtains from on-clearance linen (the pillow cover was free since I already had it around). So my total cost came to $39 for one stenciled pillow and two custom linen curtains. Thanks again for all that you create and inspire! – Dana (& Steve)

Isn’t that a fun way to add a dash of posh personality to a pillow or a curtain panel? We can picture a number of knot stencils applied to long floor length curtains for a super spendy result (much like this). Thanks so much for sharing the eye-candy Dana! And definitely send us those photos of your foyer wall if you ever take that project on. What do you guys think? Anyone out there chomping at the bit to stencil something now? We’ve always loved that knot design…

Psst- Check out another one of Sunny’s gorgeous stencils in action on the sunroom floor of this amazing house that we crashed a while back. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Alexis C. says

    Such a timely post! I am itching to take a plain white duvet cover and add a little personality to it in one corner with a simple stencil and some fabric paint.

  2. Andie says

    I love the pillow, but you could do this even cheaper by printing the stencil image that you like and then cutting your own stencil into plastic. Then the cost would have only been $9-10 for the pillow and curtains!

  3. Laura says

    How did Dana attach the curtain to the underside of her cabinets? I have a similar issue in my laundry room and need a solution to cover the ugly!

  4. Samantha Carter says

    I love the stenciled look! Makes for a very cute laundry room.

    I’m still unsure what to do with my laundry room. There are these rather ugly white shelves, similar to what ya’ll have at YHL, but the washer and dryer are in a recessed nook inside the laundry room, similar to this picture:

    We took off the bifold doors, but I’d love a way to hide the ugly shelves. I thought about doing something similar with the bamboo blinds, but since it’s recessed, I’m not sure if it would look as good. Any ideas?

    • says

      Hey Samantha,

      we would definitely go the bamboo blind route (or the linen shade approach like Dana) since our own shelves were recessed just like yours. It looks do much better to hide them! Anyone else have other ideas for Samantha?


  5. says

    INSANITY! love love love this!
    oh my gosh, she did a great job on both the pillow and curtains!
    ok, and i thought our new laundry room looked good…hers totally puts ours to SHAME! hahaha! and i also like the flooring in your house crashers too!
    lovely, lovely! – CC

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