Let’s Tackle It Together: Closet Clutter

So it’s been ages since we first introduced (and then seemingly forgot) a two-post feature where we invite you to tackle a house project right along with us. Last July it was cleaning out our garages, and this time we’re turning our attention to our closets.

Call it nesting. Call it the spring cleaning bug arriving a bit early. Call it whatever you want, but Sherry and I recently got the urge to purge. With the bean arriving in T-minus 10-ish weeks (and loot from baby showers headed our way even sooner) now’s the perfect time for us to donate/toss long forgotten items of clothing and unnecessary doodads that are taking up precious real estate in our closets- and better organize everything else that makes the cut. Plus, my closet has become quite a half-folded mess lately (we men only fold so much…):

So we’re giving in to that urge this weekend, and inviting you to join us. Well, not literally at our house, but to do the same thing in your own home. You get the idea.

And in case you think you’re off the hook because your clothes are perfectly pressed and sorted by color, we’d gonna tackle some other closets this weekend too. Like our hall closet that stores all sorts of memories along with a growing collection of “emergency” gift bags and boxes (nobody needs that many).

Plus, those bamboo blinds that conveniently cover the shelves over our laundry nook?

Um yeah… there’s a reason we conceal this mish-mash of tools, luggage, wrapping paper and what I can only imagine is a lot of dust too…

So now that our less organized nooks and crannies are out there for all to see, we’ve given ourselves a kick in the pants to make it better by Monday. (Do I get 500 bonus points for using nooks, crannies, and pants all in one sentence?). So who’s with us? What could use some purging / re-organizing at your house this weekend? Whether it’s a junk drawer or an entire floor, we’re here to virtually rally your troops and encourage you to take it on. Not only will you gain the satisfaction of a cleaner and more organized place to live, but you’ll actually earn extra square footage (for future storage, or just to allow your house to breathe again). And the self satisfaction of a job well done is pretty nice too (we’re fans of rewarding ourselves with ice cream). We promise to post our “results” next week along with the process that we used to clean house- and we can’t wait to hear how it goes for all of you too. Good luck! And good riddance to all that closet clutter.


  1. Kate says

    I’ll definitely be joining you guys! I have quite a bit of spring fever already, and my closets really need some organization. Maybe I’ll do the little storage locker (kind of like a closet, and definitely full of junk that needs to be cleaned out) and at least one of our apartment closets.

  2. Caryn says

    Well, we are a couple weeks ahead of you all! We rolled up our sleeves and took on our studio/office closet 2 weekends ago. It felt so good to finally get it all organized! We whipped out many plastic bins and our handy label maker, and now are ridiculously and amazingly organized to be artsy in there! Tomorrow, we do the final step and take the pile of donations to our local thrift store. Good luck with yours!

  3. Kim says

    It’s nice to see that not every square inch of your house is perfect. :) Makes me feel a little better about my cluttered closets. I accept the challenge!

  4. Sarah says

    I’ll be joining you guys for sure this weekend, and pretty much every weekend from now on! Since we aren’t able to sell our house, I want to make the most of the space we’ve got and I cannot WAIT to start clearing things out.

    Project #1 on the list this weekend is making a tiny “mudroom” out of our kitchen coat closet – my dog broke the door off years ago (trying to get to the trash!) and it’s been an open storage nightmare. Looking forward to purging coats and bags and soda and making a pretty space!

  5. Lisa says

    I love this! This morning while getting dressed, I actually said out loud, “wow, I need to clean this closet…” Thanks for the extra inspiration!

  6. Allison says

    How positively providential! I started purging items from my overstuffed clothes closet last night (motivated by a recent Oprah episode on de-cluttering) and my resolve was waning, but you’ve inspired me to keep going and get rid of some of this stuff. I just hope my local Goodwill is prepared to handle the intake.

    And thanks for posting pics of your hall closet and laundry nook. Your place always looks so pristine, it’s nice to know you have some clutter hiding here and there.

  7. Lauren says

    Believe it or not, you guys already inspired me to do just this…last weekend! I got rid of a couple bags of old clothes and shoes and rearranged things in my closet to allow for my hamper and a couple plastic drawers so I could finally add a chair for reading, etc. in our bedroom (as doing anything in bed tends to only result in sleeping). So thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Kate says

    Wow! What a relief to see that you guys actually have some “mess” …not after this weekend though! My hubs and I have planned a whole weekend of organizing so we’ll be with you in spirit. Happy Spring Cleaning!

  9. Jen says

    I have just one question.. and I may have missed this from a previous post, but I love the idea of having drawers at the bottom of your closet to maximize the space, but where do you keep all of your shoes??

    • says

      Hey Jen,

      There are actually open shelves for shoes on the bottom of both of our wardrobes (you just can’t see them in this pic because John’s drawers are pulled forward and the bottom of the wardrobe is cut off). Here’s an old post that makes it a lot more obvious where we stash all of our shoes. Hope it helps!


  10. Renae says

    Not to get too revved up i’m going to tackle the ridonculous pile o’ papers that my son brings home from K. Sheesh…seriously, I didn’t have that many papers in college and this kid brings them home (sometimes two or three or more) everyday! So i’ll tackle the stack and feel accomplished after doing so! Thanks for the push…can’t wait to feel the inspiration of your afters next week. Have a great weekend!

  11. Brien says

    I will definitely be joining you this weekend! We have a ton of extra storage space in our new house so it is tempting to just stick things in the closets of rooms we don’t use, but it feels so good to get rid of things you don’t use or need!

  12. Liz says

    We are nesting this weekend too! We have just 4 weeks to go until our first baby arrives and its starting to freak me out! So I hear you loud & clear on the purge-fest. Have fun! (I’m sure I’ll be hitting Coldstone as a reward..)

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