House Crashing: Luxe & Lovely (Part Two)

You guys remember Stacie, right? She lives downtown in a gorgeous home that we actually got to help her decorate. And we even got the chance to House Crash her a while back (check out all those details right here).

Maybe the befores of her bedroom will jog your memory. It used to look like this:

And then we whipped up one of our first mood boards ever for her… which helped her transform it into this:

And we also got to help Stacie revamp her dining room for a big party that she was throwing a few months back. Here’s how the room started out:

And here are the lovely afters pics (click over to our House Crashing post for all the dirty makeover details).

You also might recognize her gorgeous spiderweb-ish window atop the dreamy french doors that lead to her kitchen…

… or her super dramatic living room with luxe dark walls and stunning supersized windows flanked by ruby red curtains…

So now that we’ve reviewed a few of the fantastic rooms that we’ve already covered in that House Crashing post of yore, let’s get on to why we’re revisiting such a fantastic home. Well, Stacie’s boyfriend Jeff painted the most stunning mural, and we just had to share the latest chapter in her casa’s brilliant evolution. Here’s the entryway before the big makeover.

And here it is in progress after Jeff designed a detailed and customized cherry blossom branch just for the space, and then blew it up by projecting it on the wall to be traced and painted.

Oh and we suppose we should properly introduce the talented and brilliant muralist himself, so meet Jeff (armed with his trusty projector):

He designed the cherry blossom (with a lot of feedback from Stacie) in Photoshop, and was even able to show her how it would look on the wall (again thanks to Photoshop) before he got down to projecting and tracing the outline of the design on her wall.

Then he started filling things in with those steady hands of his (he’s actually a full time artist) and even left intricate cut outs to create a stunningly interesting and detailed composition as he went.

And now Stacie’s entryway looks like this:

Is that not the most fantastic mural you’ve seen in a long time? We love how it creeps up the stairs thanks to being custom designed for the space. And if you think it looks good in photos you should see it in person. It’s truly spectacular.

Here’s a closer shot so you can see that the small round buds that Jeff penciled onto the wall were actually given a lot more detail and depth when he got to the painting stage. They’re almost like little rounded star blossoms so they feel elegant and sophisticated (as opposed to kid-like and cartoonish). And those little white slivers that he left on the branches really create the illusion of shine and dimension- it’s almost like the chandelier above is casting light right onto the tops of the branches.

So that’s Stacie’s amazing entryway project. Just when we thought her house couldn’t get any better she goes and pulls a stunt like this.

Oh and Jeff’s actually for hire if any locals are interested in working with him (just shoot him an email right here). But back to that gorgeous cherry blossom. Is anyone else considering a mural for any room in their house? If so, which room- and what wiould the subject matter be? Share and share alike. And if you’re in the mood to crash some other homes that we’ve featured, you can check them all out right here. Bonus: you don’t even have to wipe your feet upon entry.

Psst- We’re always on the hunt for a mouthwatering house (or ten) to crash, so if you or anyone you know has a casa that’s feature-ready just shoot us an email along with some photos of the space and if we’re ever in the neighborhood we’ll be sure to drop in.


  1. Christin says

    Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. That’s amazing. She has a gorgeous home! And Jeff is one talented artist! Usually I see murals and I’m not fond of themin homes – but I would take that mural in a heartbeat. It’s so classy and beautiful. I love your house crashing posts. It’s so neat to see all the different ways people decorate their homes and how they incorporate personality into them. Nice post. Keep em coming! And a HUGE thanks to Stacie and Jeff for sharing it with you guys! What a beautiful home!

  2. says

    To answer your question–I wasn’t, but now I am. I am a painter at heart (not so much in practice), so maybe this would be a good excuse to do something super fantastic in my house! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. DC says

    Wow, what a fabulous house. Really enjoy your house crashing. The mural is amazing. My only suggestion is that is unfortunate that the hutch covers part of it. I wonder if the hutch could be moved over (might block the door though) or if she could find a shorter hutch.

    Wonderful mural.

  4. Sarah says

    The mural is stunning, and the house is gorgeous! I agree with DC, though, the hutch obscuring part of the mural is kind of a bummer. A shorter piece of furniture would be so much better there. Love everything else though!

  5. Miranda says

    Such a beautiful home!!

    I actually really like that the hutch is covering a small part of the mural. It makes it seem much more a part of the space and less “hey look there is a mural on the wall!”. It just seems more integrated if that makes any sense.

  6. CarMaj says

    this house blows me away! it’s simply beautiful and the entryway makes such a huge impression walking into the home. fab job!

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