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The end of 2009 marks the end of our stint on the True Value DIY Blog Squad (which we excitedly introduced just three short months ago). Cue the nostalgic music: “it’s so haaaaard, to say goodbyyyyyye, to yesterdaaaaaaaaaaay.”

But don’t get all teary-eyed on us. We have tons to be grateful for thanks to our amazing three month gig. After all, True Value is the reason we took major leaps forward in getting ready for new additions in 2010 (i.e. the bean + all of the bean’s stuff). They provided gallon upon gallon of Drylok to make our basement storage-ready and supplied the rented demolition hammer that helped get the bathroom project rolling (so we can soon turn attention to the nursery). Not to mentioned that they also offered up a slew of other much-needed items (dimmer switches, paint cans, storage bins, drills, spray paint, puck lights, rollers, paint brushes, drop cloths, etc) to keep us going and tossed in some great advice along the way. So a big “muchos gracias” goes out to those master hardwarians over at True Value. Thanks so much for having us on your squad.

And speaking of the squad, our fellow DIY Blog Squaders also took on some pretty cool projects over the last few months. So be sure to check out their undertakings as well- like the basement tiling project that the Bowers tackled over at All Bower Power. Let’s just say I referenced their how-to advice more than once during our own bathroom tiling blitz.

Or the old door that Layla and Kevin at A Lettered Cottage transformed into a beautiful new piece for their guest bathroom.

Josh over at at Bungalow 23 is in the midst of a bedroom project that involves testing out a couple different types of paint strippers.

And the fellas over at The Handyguys Podcast served up tips for our favorite type of project (painting!) including a nod to the power of Frog Tape (which we can’t wait to try).

And that’s just a sampling of the projects that our fellow Squaders tackled, so be sure to poke around for more True Value projects on each of their sites if you have a minute. Looks like they all had as much fun as we did, although I think Burger’s the only one of us who got to ride in a shopping basket. Oh the perks of being eight pounds.

So here’s to a year of demo-ing, painting, rebuilding, organizing, accessorizing and functional-izing! Somehow we think 2010 will be packed with more of the same. And we’d love to know what you guys accomplished this year in the name of home improvement and space sprucing. Any big plans for 2010? Do tell.

Middle four images courtesy of All Bower Power, A Lettered Cottage, Bungalow 23 and The Handguys Podcast.


  1. meaghan says

    about frog tape!!

    i recently tackled my bathroom with a painting project, and the very nice lady at lowe’s suggested the frog tape… i was hesitant about the extra $2 cost then thought, “what the heck, i’ll try it”
    all i can say is that i was AMAZED at how well it worked! the lines came out completely distinct and straight and perfect (if i do say so myself!)… totally worth the extra $2!

  2. says

    Happy New Year John and Sherry! I am an advid home renovator, redecorator, and artist and I just love keeping up with your witty blog! Thank you for inspiring me and making it not only okay and COOL to be frugal. You make $7 look like a million bucks! Totally my style!

    Happy 2010,

    Shannon Jex in Mississippi

  3. says

    happy New Year to you guys, too! And I loved hearing all the T.V. Stories (my dad used to own a True Value Hardware store, back in the ’70’s

  4. says

    No kidding about Frog Tape!! Amazing stuff and worth the extra $. Glad I found your blog in 2009, looking forward to what you post about in 2010! Happiest of New Years!


  5. says

    Oh, how I LOVE frog tape! My hubs discovered it this past summer during a spree of painting projects, and we haven’t looked back since! We can definitely say that the extra money is SO worth it. Lines are so crisp and clean. I thought about it when I read your bathroom post (when you painted horizontal stripes). That’s an ideal example of when to frog tape!

  6. Jaye Leigh says

    Lots of plans for 2010! Our neighbors recently cut down a gigantic water oak tree that was just inches from their house (and several feet from ours) – now we’ll actually be able to get grass to grow in our front yard as well! Yay for sunshine! We’re excited to do some landscaping in the spring to increase our curb appeal.

    Also, we just found out we’re pregnant with Baby #2, so we’ll be making plans to convert our home office into his/her room! :)

  7. says

    We’re super excited for all that’s coming our way in 2010! We’ll be completely overhauling the exterior of the house, planting grass in the backyard (first time that yard will have grass in probably 4 years!), landscaping the back yard, replacing a ton of trim inside and re-doing our kitchen cabinets.

    Wow, I’m tired already….

  8. says

    Hmmm. Frog tape. I’m not usually one to tape off before painting, but the new trim might just call for some of this stuff. And caulking! Bed it would be great for clean caulking lines :)

    Projects for 2010? Oh, yeah, we got ’em. Finishing up the first layer in at least 3 of the bedrooms (including the master bedroom, yay!), our ensuite bath overhaul, painting all of the paneling and brick in the family room, and another phase in the kitchen redo. Too much for 12 sort months? We’ll see! :)

    Happy New Year to you all!!!!

    ~Sam and Jacci and crew

  9. Sara says

    BIG plans for ’10!

    Unpacking, decorating, painting, sealing up cold drafts, switching out regular light bulbs for energy efficient light bulbs, painting kitchen cabinets, replacing hardware, etc etc etc, I could go on and on…so much to do and I am excited about it!

    Happy New Year you guys!

    -Sara and Michael

  10. Jeannette says

    2010 is going to be a BIG year in renovation projects for me and my DH. We are closing on our first house at the end of January, and the place has ZERO curb appeal, gross blue carpets and laminate countertops! We can’t wait! Thanks for a year’s worth of inspiration.

  11. Jackie Smith says

    We will be moving back into our house in 2010! We gutted it entirely and haven’t even lived there for over a year! Left to do? Finish drywall and paint, put new kitchen in, lay floors,(slate & wood) and finish master bath and bedroom! Whoa…we hope to be in by my daughter’s fourth birthday on March 9th. Then when summer comes, let’s do the deck and relax!!!

  12. says

    My husband and I need to have our bedroom repainted (including installing new window treatments) by MLK Day because we’re finally getting new bedroom furniture! Real, grown-up furniture! We’re considering painting with Glacier from Restoration Hardware.

    We’re also going to power wash and re-stain our deck, power wash the exterior of the house… I could go on and on, but I bet we’ll run out of $$$!

    Happy New Year!

  13. says

    By far, our biggest decorating and renovating project of 2009 was the nursery. But it’s finally finished, and I am in love with how it turned out!

    In 2010, we plan (funds permitting) to finally work on a backyard…and turn the mounds of dirt and rock into lush rolling grass for the bambino (and us!) to play on!

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