Reader Redesign: Best Seat In The House

When Angie sent over her simple and inspiring chair makeover we loved the outcome so much we had to share it. Here’s her letter:

I love your style and your blog. I just got into blogs a few months ago and yours is a must read every day! I’m so excited to share my before and after chair makeover. I purchased it at the Ann Arbor ReUse Center for $5.00. After I removed the seat cushion and a ridiculous number of staples, I patched, sanded and primed the chair. I bought some new foam for the seat on sale at Joann’s and painted the chair with some white trim paint I had on hand from other paint jobs in our house. To cover the seat I bought a half yard of this funky fabric from the monaluna mingle collection on Etsy. Thanks for the daily inspiration! -Angie

Here’s the bleak before:

And here’s the brilliant after:

Didn’t Angie do an amazing job? Feel free to drop in on her blog for more details. We love how simple this project really is and how anyone can do it on a serious budget with a fantastic result. Happy chair covering to one and all!

Looking for a little step-by-step chair recovering tutorial? Look no further.


  1. says

    Angie, I love the transformation, but I have a question: where are you placing the chair? I have seen many chair that I would love to rehab, but never know what I would do with them afterwards.


  2. says

    It looks great! I can definitely see lots of people making conversation about that chair! I love when you can recreate something and everyone will ask where you bought it and you are able to say, “I did it!” and stun all of your friends!

  3. says

    That is SOOOO Cute! I love it! Very, very well done.

    I am curious – did she say where she is going to put the chair? I am always scared to buy a single chair, so I would love to know what she did with it.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Elisa says

    I have 3 chairs I “saved” from someone’s trash that have been sitting around waiting for me to DO SOMETHING with them. Seeing this post makes me want to finally get around to sprucing them up. Love the way this turned out!

  5. Christin says

    Love it! I have a chair that I inherited from my husband when we got married that is a little… obnoxious. It’s seat cushion is bright orange fuzzy fabric. Need I say more? I keep thinking about fixing it up and this has inspired me to do it! Now I just have to form a plan of attack. :)

  6. Megan says

    Love it! I am in the process of doing the same thing – except I got my chair from the curb in front of someone’s house! With $6 worth of fabric and paint I already have, this is one of my cheapest projects to date!

  7. Erica says

    Love it Angie! What a fabulous transformation, it looks brand new! I’m also curious about where Angie is going to put the chair. Will this be a desk chair? An accent chair in a bedroom?

    Angie – This is totally unrelated, but would you mind sharing what color paint you have on the wall in the 2nd close up photo? Its looks so calm and cool and beachy, right up my alley!

  8. SFDC says

    Love the fabric — but I think it would have looked great with the wood! Hard to tell if there was a condition issue or if she just wanted it white. Still a very cute chair, though.

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