You Asked, We Answered: Part 2

Since we couldn’t cram all of your questions into last week’s video, we’re bringing you the follow-up where we’re tackling more funny and random personal questions that were submitted before last week’s big blogiversary extravaganza by our curious readers via Twitter and Facebook. We’re basically back to answer a few more of those quirky queries that had us laughing and cringing as the camera rolled (“what was your first thought when you first saw your house?”, “what chore don’t you trust the other person to do?”, “when do you guys get a chance to work out?”, “does Sherry wear her pajamas all day since she works from home?”). And this time I promise Sherry controls that potty mouth of hers a little bit better (see what we mean by watching Part 1). And enjoy Part 2 below on Vimeo or over here on YouTube.

Oh, and for those who can’t watch the video, here’s a quick recap of what we cover:

  • I don’t trust Sherry to load the dishwasher (a total surprise to her) or mow the lawn, she’d rather I not do toilets and prune things. I think I can agree with that.
  • We think we discovered our true “Petersik Style” a few months into blogging, once we refined our home’s color palette.
  • Sherry’s interest in home decor definitely spurred mine, but I’ve always taken an interest in design and enjoyed flexing my creative muscles.
  • Sherry’s looks can be attributed to a combo of DNA, make-up and lots of photoshop.
  • We’re a one-car household and we drive a Nissan Maxima now, but dream of getting a used Honda Element (if I had my way) or a used Nissan Rogue (the ride Sherry and I actually agree on). And somehow I make Sherry think she’s pregnant in this answer.
  • We use our living/dining room to entertain (and eat the occasional sloppy dinner that might ruin the couch in the den), but other than that, Burger’s the main occupant of that room (he likes to sit on the back of the couch and gaze out the window).
  • Sherry likes to credit our punny writing style to her copywriting background, but I reveal that we really have our weird dads’ senses of humor to thank. Shout out to Tom and Ken.
  • We usually read blogs or magazines, but when we crack open a book it’s either pink-covered chick lit (Sherry) or nerdish non-fiction (me and sometimes Sherry too).
  • Sherry’s first impression of our house was “we have to have it” and mine was “that’s A LOT of yard work.”
  • Even though she works from home, Sherry manages to change out of her pajamas 99% of the time – but still misses the old days in NYC when she got all gussied up for work and tottered around in 4″ heels (I had no idea she was 5’2″ for the longest time).
  • We decided to get a chihuahua because I wanted a cat, but Sherry’s allergic. Hence our cat-sized dog, Burger – whose manageable size makes him a breeze to travel with.
  • Sherry only runs when being chased (working out just isn’t her thing), but does go on long walks with Burger (in addition to banging out all of those sweat-inducing home improvement projects). I’m a runner and I go on my lunch breaks.

We know there are probably still questions out there, so feel free to hit us up with more. After all, we’re Talky McTalkersons when you get us going. We can’t promise they’ll all be addressed in another video, but you know we hate to leave any question unanswered…

Click here for Part 1 of our Q & A video series, where we tackle things like “when will you have kids for crying out loud?” and “when are you getting your own TV show?”


  1. sj :D says

    i just had to tell you, you two were the stars of my dream last night. i happen to be in the richmond area and because i read your blog it made perfect sense to me that we should all hang out. so i came over for a visit. and then we went shopping. to payless shoe store! of all places. and john was so friendly, but sherry was so preoccupied with looking at shoes i hardly got to know her at all, which was kind of dissapointing. and burger of course was as cute as can be. anyways, love your blog. congrats on all of your success with it. xo sj :D

  2. says

    I would love to read a post on how you function as a one car household. How do you do groceries? Must everything be super planned? Does Sherry run John to work?

    Sorry I’m nosy. I would love to know.

    • says

      Hey Julia,

      Coming from NYC where no one has a car, it was an adjustment to get one, let alone two. We figured we’d end up with a second car sometime down the line but over three years later we’re still living with one. It’s actually not very planned at all. I just stay home and blog away while John takes the car to work and on evenings when we’re both home we duck out for groceries or paint or whatever else we need. I’d say we run errands about one to two nights a week which isn’t bad, and the rest of the time I’m pretty much house bound. But surprisingly enough I don’t mind. In fact I love eating at home and settling in for some mindless TV. And only having the expenses of one car really is great. Hope it helps!


  3. says

    Husband and I have a Honda Element. At first, when I suggested we look at it, he was against the idea. He thought it was super ugly. But when I got him to sit behind the wheel, he completely fell in love. It’s such a great car and we’ve gotten a ton of compliments. It’s great for random trips to ikea, where I bought my lovely hubby a recliner or for moving Christmas trees (from the store to our home).

  4. Dagny says

    Thanks for the summary of the video, GREAT idea. And, makes me want to watch it more once I get home!

    I also wanted to let you know that I found your blog using Stumble Upon and read just about EVERY post in about four days. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, but I just found your blog so interesing and inspiring. I love the before/afters, as well as the DIY tips, and would love to see more zero-cost transformations in the future. Rearranging furniture is one of my things, so I like to see rooms that are transformed just by a simple switcheroo.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but thanks for putting so much work and effort into your blog. It truly is amazing, and it helps give me fun ideas for my apartment!

  5. CJ says

    You two are so much fun–I look forward to reading your blog every day. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    I’ll join the other Element owners with a plug–it is a GREAT vehicle. True, it is ugly as sin, but oh-so-handy for DIY and outdoorsy adventures. It’s looks will grow on you–kind of like Burger’s did! (He’s adorable, by the way).

  6. Lindsey says

    I loved the video! But I’m not gonna lie…I watched this while working from my couch…in my pajamas…after only walking my dogs less than a half mile this morning!

    Sherry, you have inspired me to put on my short jeans (because you’re right, who needs long ones when working from home!) and go walk the dogs. Thanks for a great video!

  7. says

    GET AN ELEMENT!! We’ve had one for three years and I’m still happy every time I drive it. We are in the middle of a major home renovation (on our first house!) and we loaded it with a new 40 gal water heater, 10 sheets of cement board a bunch of small misc items AND three adults!

  8. says

    Okay…the Honda Element thing. Did you know that the 2010 edition will include the option of ordering the “Dog Friendly” edition? I’ve been lusting after one since it debuted at the auto show in the spring.

    It’s like a toaster on wheels…for pets!

  9. says

    So, Sherry, since you guys are becoming pretty well known around the globe, do you ever have people in your neighborhood stop you when you’re out on those walks with Burger? You know, running up to you saying, “You’re Sherry from YHL! OMG I love you!” or anything like that? :-)

    • says

      Hey Beth,

      We sort of touched on that in the first video (see it here: ) but we do get recognized in a plethora of places (on walks, at Target, at the farmer’s market, etc). John also often gets spotted during the day since he works downtown and walks to the gym and to lunch sometimes, so that’s always a trip (someone will comment to say: does John wear aviator sunglasses? I think I just saw him on main street!). So in short we do get recognized and we’re pretty sure we’re always awkward (I blush and we’re always so flattered that we just sort of stand there beaming like idiots). Hope it helps!


  10. says

    My husband loads the dishwasher by putting whatever he’s holding in the middle of the biggest open space he can see, which means I have to totally re-org the entire thing to fit in a full load. I can fit in at least 50% more than when he does it! I guess it’s reversed in your household!

    Nowhere near John’s commitment to home design, but I am positive you’re right that most guys do care. Sometimes Paul looks at me like I’m crazy when I ask for his opinion on things, but whenever he expresses an opinion I try to go with it, and the result is that he compliments how nice our house looks a lot more often than I ever would have expected, which makes me feel great!

    You should check out the Toyota Matrix, it’s a 4-door hatchback that gets great gas mileage (basically the equivalent of the Honda Fit but less expensive and a bit more roomy). We have one and love it; it has even served us well with many a home improvement project, with its hatchback and easy-to-fold-down seats!

    I HAVE A PUNNY DAD TOO!! It’s a good thing to have a punny dad, I wouldn’t trade him. Does your dad also say something and then laugh hysterically at himself?

    All the non-fiction you mentioned are some of our faves too, so yay! Freakanomics and Mary Roach especially.

    And finally, another case where we’re the same as you two but with the roles reversed: I grew up with a cat but my hubby is allergic, so we just adopted an Italian Greyhound! She’s so shy from being rescued that so far she’s basically the same as a cat except that she loves going on walks.

  11. says

    Sherry & John,

    I have only read ya’lls blog a few months now, def. hooked ya’ll are so much fun! :) BUT Sherry what do you do at home? And John what do you do at the office?

    thanks guys!


    • says

      Hey Jo,

      Maybe this will help explain what I do at home, it’s a post we wrote all about how the blog became my full time job…. which definitely keeps me busy!

      As for what John does, he’s a senior account executive for a local advertising agency downtown, so he coordinated photoshoots and commercials and all that fun stuff. I sure could use some help at home though!


  12. LauraC says

    The funniest thing for me to learn was that Sherry just puts dishes where ever in the dishwasher, and John knows there’s a place for everything. Hilarious, considering you are Queen of Organization, Sherry! Nice to know you’re normal too. ;=) Thanks for the video!

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