You Asked, We Answered: Part 2

Since we couldn’t cram all of your questions into last week’s video, we’re bringing you the follow-up where we’re tackling more funny and random personal questions that were submitted before last week’s big blogiversary extravaganza by our curious readers via Twitter and Facebook. We’re basically back to answer a few more of those quirky queries that had us laughing and cringing as the camera rolled (“what was your first thought when you first saw your house?”, “what chore don’t you trust the other person to do?”, “when do you guys get a chance to work out?”, “does Sherry wear her pajamas all day since she works from home?”). And this time I promise Sherry controls that potty mouth of hers a little bit better (see what we mean by watching Part 1). And enjoy Part 2 below on Vimeo or over here on YouTube.

Oh, and for those who can’t watch the video, here’s a quick recap of what we cover:

We know there are probably still questions out there, so feel free to hit us up with more. After all, we’re Talky McTalkersons when you get us going. We can’t promise they’ll all be addressed in another video, but you know we hate to leave any question unanswered…

Click here for Part 1 of our Q & A video series, where we tackle things like “when will you have kids for crying out loud?” and “when are you getting your own TV show?”






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