Take A Number

With our two year blogiversary in full swing, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of the stats that make us smile, blush or just plain blow our minds. Here’s how it all breaks down…

1006- Our number of published posts to date (crazy considering we only had 380 on our first blogiversary)

68,025- The number of comments we’ve amassed from you, our lovely readers

19,206- The number of spam comments that our stupendous spam filter has intercepted (no we don’t want to see naked Lady GaGa pictures thankyouverymuch)

3,507- The number of comment questions that we’ve answered  to date (we do our best to answer every single one)

78- Average number of reader emails that we receive each day (again, we also do our best to answer every single one)

14- The number of posts we like to have in the hopper at all times

2- The number of weekdays we have not posted on this past year. Once after this announcement (to be sure everyone had a chance to read about the big change, and once exactly seven days later when our server crashed for the entire day (it was a rough week)

44– Total number of weekly giveaways that we’ve held since starting them back in December

$6,233– The total monetary value of all of our fab freebies combined (thanks to this week’s gift card for pushing us over the $6k mark!)

49- Our average number of posts per month

15- The total number of videos that we’ve cobbled together since setting a goal of sharing one per week

229- The total number of projects that we link to on our How To page

15- The number of amazing homes that we’ve barged into and officially “House Crashed” (and there are more to come…)

108- Custom mood boards completed to date (check out a bevy of them right here)

26- Average number of minutes it takes for our custom mood boards to sell out after listing them on Monday mornings (crazy!)

17- Room makeovers that we’ve whipped up for other people (either virtually or in the flesh) and corralled in our Portfolio

32 (& growing)- Major home-related makeover projects that are still on our To-Do list (fear not, we’ll never run out of stuff to do around here!)

2.5- Number of people who live in our house (if we count Burger as a half)

2.5- Number of computers that live in our house (if we count John’s work laptop that comes home with him each night as a half)

40- Approximate number of times a text between me and John contains the word “clog” instead of “blog” (thank you auto-fill)

86,239- Most blog pageviews we’ve received in a single day (thank you amazing readers!)

1,621,079- Total number of blog hits we received last month (thanks again amazing readers!)

8,509,736- Total blog hits to date (did we mention that you’re amazing?)

12- The average amount of hours per day that I spend on the computer

18- The approximate amount of hours per week that John works on the blog beyond his 40+ hour a week job

5- Total number of steps from my desk to the couch, where we “decompress” after some serious blogging (with some trashy reality TV)

So there you have it. The how long, how many, and how often. Are we forgetting anything? Ask and we shall calculate…


  1. says

    Wow. All your success is definitely a result of the hard work (as evidenced by the 12 hrs a day that Sherry puts in and 18 extra hours for John) you guys put into this blog. Congratulations!

    And I’m in AWE that your mood boards sell out so quickly!

  2. Jill Stigs says

    Unreal! Well the proof is in the numbers of just how successful you both are. I can’t wait for your summary of your readership. I am in the bottom percentile for my old age for sure!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Rebekah says

    How awesome! I wonder how many items have sold out, or sales have spiked, due to you posting them in your moodboards? I think these stores should be paying you commission! :)

  4. Begoña (Spain) says

    you are so so so so so so so great. I discovered you three months ago because I was looking for ideas for a garden low key wedding and your blog popped over google. Since then, I’m a huge fan. I read you everyday,and i check like thounsand times if you have posted something new. You gave me ideas and a sense on balance whent talking about decoration. Plus, I discovered Make it lovely and Making this house thanks to you. You gave me the courage to buy suplies and tools and try DIY projects. Seriously guys, you’ve changed my life!!!!I thought i was the only one out there that was cheap and loves bargains, now i dont feel so lonely, haha.

    PS. I spend like 12 hours at the computer too.

    • says

      Hey Briel K,

      Good question! We have a lot of internal stat counters (like WordPress Stats and Google Analytics) along with filters like Akismet and commenting software that pretty much does all the tallying for us. The only things we had to figure out ourselves were things like total number of videos and posts per month, which were pretty easy to do (when John wasn’t shouting out 34! 19! 61! to mess me up). Hope it helps!


  5. Begoña says

    I’ve even added a power drill, an electric sander and a box of tools on my wedding list, because you show me how much i need them. My husband-to-be couldnt believe it!

  6. Amanda V says

    Y’all are awesome!! I bet my blog views account for about a 4th of your totals! jk jk!

    But I love love love your blog to pieces; it’s my daily fix!

    Keep up the good work youngsters!

    • says

      Hey Amanda L,

      Haha, too funny! We’d guess around 5-10% of posts at least reference Burger in some way. And judging by people’s survey responses they want even more!


  7. kim says


    By the way.. your video stat reminded me..

    What kind of video camera do you guys use? Do you find it easy to record, transfer, upload, edit, etc? Do share, please!!

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