Hotel Decor Inspiration (Part One)

You may have seen glimpses of our fun with the Bowers in our little road trip video from last week, but we’re back to share a collection of fun decorating ideas courtesy of our stay at the quirky and memorable Hotel Preston in Nashville. Katie and I had been brainstorming another video that we could throw together ever since we started planning our little reunion (you can see our first joint video adventure right here). And once we checked in at our hotel it was obvious that it was full of amazing inspiration that triggered some hotel-chic ideas that anyone can implement at home. So without further ado, here are half of our favorite hotel-inspired decorating ideas…

…to see the other half, just head on over to All Bower Power.

But then don’t forget to come back and tell us what hotel touches you’ve drawn inspiration from in the past. Was it a paint color? A good friend of mine painted her half bath a rich navy hue after she saw it at a posh hotel. Maybe it was an amazing featherbed or even a bathrobe that you just had to introduce to your own home after spotting it at a hotel? How do you keep your guest room feeling luxe and oh so inviting for your friends and family? Do tell.

Note: Hotel Preston didn’t comp us, pay us, or otherwise reward us for mentioning them in this post. We found them via Travelocity & TripAdviser and paid to stay there because it looked fun. And it was.


  1. says

    Hilarious! Who knew decorating videos could make someone laugh so hard, and it looks like you two have a lot of fun making them, too! I loved the drum shade idea inspired by the hanging lights. The pillow menu idea was really cute! I would love if I stayed at someone’s house and they had that for me! I hope you two can make more of these in the future, because I love them!

  2. Calliope says

    Hi youngsters!
    We once stayed in a ridiculously expensive airport hotel in Athens, Greece, where we loooved the bathroom and made a very close copy of it when we built our house.We now take our showers in a glass-door, double built-in, with ceiling rain showers to die for and amazing greenish-stone-like large tiles.
    Also, once in a hotel in Prague, we decided we really really really liked higher-than-usual beds with upholstered headboards and many many pillows and we never regreted since!

    BTW your new logo (w the initials and the heart) is super cute!

    • says

      Hey Calliope,

      MMmmm, your bathroom sounds amazing. And funny you should mention liking our new initial logo with the heart. We actually have had some requests for a YHL t-shirt so stay tuned for that possible development…


  3. says

    We actually stayed in the Hotel Preston for a business trip. Definitely checked out a pet fish at the front desk. It’s a fun hotel and we had a great time.

    I’ve not copied anything from a hotel, but we once stayed in a hotel with the BEST transluscent tile in the shower/tub. Gorgeous. I took a photo and keep it in my inspiration folder.

  4. Jen Z. says

    Love the paper lantern or drum shade idea. We are thinking of doing something like that for our enclosed deck. It is bare now, but with some TLC and paper lanterns, it will look inviting. Great videos. You two are so cute. Love watching and thanks for the great ideas. :-D

  5. says

    I always have a robe, slippers and small toiletries kit ready for when my guests stay. The slippers are cheapies that I get at Target so that my guests can keep them, the robes (I have a men’s and a women’s) I actually wash and reuse because I’m not made of money! But I also added a sitting area/writing desk in our guest room complete with stationary. If they’re an out of town guest that has brought their own car I also give them a list of cool stuff to do.

    I want a Young House Love tee! How awesome!


  6. says

    Hi again guys!
    I had some ideas I borrowed from a hotel in Belfast.
    *crisp, white, high thread count egyptian cotton bedlinen, I found mine in a supermarket in the sale.
    *a tiny fresh filter coffee maker with espresso-size cups, I bought mine from amazon
    *even cheaper idea: hide all your potions lotions creams soaps shampoos and paraphenalia inside the bathroom cabinets. Shelves are for plants, not mismatched plastic and labels. Actually, my plants are fakes, found in a sale. Saves watering!

  7. says

    I got the chocolate brown and light neutrals color scheme from hotels. Plus sofas that have white outline on them. Our bedroom also sport almost the same massive, vertical, and cushioned headboard in your hotel room.

    I also got the idea of having two separate bathroom sinks from hotels. I also have a man urinal installed since my wife threatened to file a divorce if I don’t change my morning habits. I got this idea from public restrooms though. But the best Idea I got from the hotel is the “Do not Disturb” Sign. ;)

    Nice idea Erin. I think we’ll also apply the free-toiletries and-slippers-for-guests at our home. I am might also start putting a basket of fruit or a large bar of chocolate on their pillow prior to their arrival.

  8. says

    you two crack me up! love the little videos … i love the travel bottles of shampoo and such … they always “seem” to make it into my suitcase when i travel!

  9. Meredith says

    Could you post the link to your video on YouTube like you usually do? My computer seems to be unhappy with the one that’s currently up and won’t show it to me. :( (I know it’s my computer and not your blog—the vimeo ones never work on this computer…) Thanks, you guys are the best!

    • says

      Amy- We love those crayon monograms. How cute!

      Erin- We’ll definitely check out As long as things are dog friendly we’re totally down!


  10. Erin says

    Hi Guys,

    Love the video! Hotels always inspire me. I am working on my peaceful master bedroom retreat as we speak.

    You probably won’t post this with the others because of what I’m about to say, but I don’t care. I feel I just HAVE to share this with you since you travel AND love to save money! Check out It is usually cheaper than all the major travel sites and has free concierge service and travel insurance. It is just as easy to use. Even if you don’t post this to others, I highly recommend you use it yourself! It’s worth a look if it’ll save you guys money next time you go somewhere.


  11. Arlee Leo says

    My husband and I have traveled extensively and stayed in both hotels and people’s homes and gleaned a lot of ideas of how to make our guests more comfortable. In addition to stocking our guest bathroom with mini-shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles, we included a travel hair dryer, hair product and spare toothbrushes. In the guest room, we added a small bookshelf with an assortment of novels, short stories and magazines.

  12. says

    Great videos! They’re both really cute and helpful. Sherry pulling a Vanna White from inside the closet was hysterical! our master bedroom was inspired by a hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon in Oia, Santorini. We loved the cool blue walls and dark furniture of the hotel room. We even found a Ben Moore color called “Santorini Blue” and it worked perfectly.

  13. Christen L says

    Too cute! Love the fact that you’re shameless!! I can only imagine what the random guests in the lobby thought was going on. lol.

    Great Ben Drake song… which one is it? You always choose just the right background music!

    • says

      Hey Christen,

      We actually met some cowboys in the lobby. Or maybe they were just southern guys with cowboy hats on. You never know who you’ll meet when you’re filming on your Flip video in the hotel lobby. Hehe. As for the music, it’s actually an instrumental song called Good Morning by the talented Ben Drake. Hope it helps!


  14. Sheena says

    Love the new video! Last week I was on vacation and we stayed at a resort hotel. I’m normally a two pillow sleeper, but they had these pillows that were so luxurious, I only slept with one. They had body, yet were so soft..and always stayed cool! Before we left I had to check the tag. They were Sweet Dreams pillows from Calderon Textiles. After finding their website, I contacted them about ordering some. They don’t sell to individuals, but directed me to an awesome site: where you can buy things that are normally in hotels, and sure enough, they have those pillows! I can’t wait to order some!

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