Ride With Us To Texas, Won’t You?

After mentioning our near cross-country road trip last week, did you find yourself wondering how we entertained ourselves for over forty hours of driving? Well, we filmed a lot of it with our trusty Flip video camera. And we spent this past weekend not in the car (hootie hoo!), but trimming down all that footage into a little musical montage video of our road-trip-on-steroids.

For those curious enough to take the journey with us, we can promise you’ll see:

  • Some less than healthy drive-thru decisions
  • A bit of behind the wheel dancing
  • Grade A nerd behavior in the form of a geographic-tastic driving game
  • Sherry in bed with another woman
  • Obligatory Burger footage
  • Absolutely zero footage of Sherry driving (because it never happened)
  • Fast-food inspired decorating ideas (we didn’t say they’re good)
  • Sherry with her hair down (yes, for all you why-don’t-you-lose-the-ponytail peeps)
  • Visiting cultural attractions – scratch that, visiting a Pottery Barn Outlet
  • A preview of our adventures with the Bowers and my cousin’s wedding, which we’ll share more of soon.

So, without further ado, please enjoy the virtual road trip below (or watch it directly on Vimeo)

And while we’re on the subject, tell us where we can get a sneak peek at some of your summer travels. Got any good road trip stories to share? Photos posted somewhere to view? If anyone else has iMovied a little road trip video, we’d love to see it. Long live long drives!


  1. says

    I sooo want to go on a road trip with my husband! We’ve always wanted to and now I’m convinced more than ever that we should. Cuuuute video and looking forward to seeing more about that gorgeous wedding!

  2. Kt says

    hope y’all enjoyed Nashville! I didn’t realize your blogger friends lived here in town (I’m a NashVegas resident myself). In fact, I did the opposite drive on Friday & Sunday by driving home to VA & back this weekend! I40 is soooooo long, maybe I should try the video thing to keep me occupied.

  3. says

    What a great video! I have to echo the comment about the editing. I love iMovie, but I know how long it can take to edit something so long. The result is fantastic!

    Our big road trip of the year is always around Christmas, when we go to Hampton for a birthday and Christmas #1, then spend two days in NYC, then two days in NJ (Christmas #2), then two day in DC before getting back home to Charlottesville. At some point, we may add Asheville and Boston to the loop. It’ll be crazy, but it’ll be a lot of fun!

    We always travel with our dog, too (I travel for work and miss him too much to leave him behind any other time that I’m on the road). We have fallen in love with Kimpton hotels as a result because they have beautiful interiors (I thought your Nashville hotel was a Kimpton for a second) and they aren’t just dog friendly, they are dog fanatics!

    Maybe we’ll have to take some videos of our next road trip. All I have are pictures. :)

  4. Allison M says

    Love Love the Video! I might have to go get me a Flip today after seeing that! Glad you got to see a little bit of Birmingham..my city! Yes, it’s hilarious to the “locals” also that you can see Vulcan’s fanny! Keep up the wonderful work with the blog and go on another road trip soon!

  5. JenO says

    Awesome video! I never thought about it before, but Sherry your hair looks totally awesome down.

    And the map idea is brilliant – my family went on tons of road trips when we were kids and managed to hit all of the continental 48, but we never thought to make a map! We had to go back and think about all the trips we took over 2 decades of family vacations and list them out.. that was not easy!

    @Amanda – they can’t pick them up yet! They won’t have time to update their blog! (and also I don’t have a TV so they would have to demand of the station that they post full videos online!)

    • says

      RIPPY’S! Of course! Thanks for helping us out, Mandy. We also love to get matchbooks from all the restaurants we eat at but Rippy’s only had blank ones – hence our total brain fart on the name.

      Christen L, stay tuned for another quick video we made on our trip about traveling with a dog. Since lots of people asked after our last trip we decide to tackle it while we were on the road this time.

      Lisa, the Pottery Barn Outlet is part of Prime Outlets located in Gaffney, SC. It’s right near that “Giant Georgia Peach” so be sure to sing the theme song Sherry made up when you see it. :)

      KT, we realized we should clarify that the Bowers actually live outside of Atlanta. They just kindly planned a weekend trip to Tennessee to coincide with our road trip.

      Jeannine, thanks for tip on Kimpton hotels. It’s always nice to find a hotel that’s does more than just “tolerate” guests with dog.

      And thanks to EVERYONE for your kind words. So glad you’re enjoying the video!


  6. says

    Hey, y’all! That was AWESOME :) Super fun and some seriously snazzy editing work there. Dig it.

    I’m off line for a few weeks, but I’m looking forward to a chunk of time to catch up on all of the upcoming posts I’ll be missing! “See” you soon!


  7. says

    Very fun video! I am inspired to make one the next we have to drive forever in the car! We’ll see if I remember that when the time comes.

    So the big peach in SC…I grew up going by the big peach on the way to Grandmama’s house in Wake Forest, NC. I LOVED the big peach. And then I got to high school and Coach Boroff was teaching 9th grade geography and he referred to my beloved peach as “the big butt on a stick”…needless to say my childhood innocence was taken from me in that moment and I could see what I’d missed for years: that my beloved peach did in fact look like a big butt on a stick…thanks a lot, Coach Boroff. By the way, SC produces more peaches than GA which gets more peach hoopla exposure…weird, huh?

  8. Sarah says

    That was sooo much fun to watch!! It almost made me want to film my next road trip. You guys are great, thanks for sharing :O)

  9. says

    GREAT video! You guys are hilarious. I live in Birmingham, AL and I love that you guys stopped and visited Vulcan. My boyfriend’s father, Scotty Howell, was in charge of Vulcan’s restoration a few years back. Vulcan’s restoration took place at Robinson Iron Foundry, in Alexander City, AL (my hometown).

    Love the blog!


  10. says

    This video was so great! :) It’s made me add a Flip video camera to my birthday wish list. And I love the postcard idea — my fiance and I always forget where we go to eat / what we did while on vacation, and the postcard idea is such a cute solution!

  11. says

    You guys are so cute! You really need your own tv show.. maybe it could be like “Diners, Drive Ins & Dives”, but instead you can travel the country making over people’s homes :)

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