Fab Freebie: I’ll Drink To That

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Sherry and I can’t stop talking about how good the toasts were at my cousin Casey’s wedding in Dallas (Wedding Crashing pics to come…). There were five in total (two groomsmen, two bridesmaids and my other cousin, the bride’s teenage brother) and each was remarkably funny, articulate and touching. Most weddings are lucky enough to have one of those, let alone a handful. So in that spirit, we think this week’s prize from Mikasa Crystal & Dinnerware is quite fitting.

Mikasa’s been dishing out classic and stylish servingware for over 60 years (perhaps they were even on your wedding registry?) so we were stoked when they contacted us to offer up some free goodies for you our lovey readers. This week we’re serving up prizes to three lucky winners from Mikasa’s new Cheers Too line of glassware. Each set of four crystal drinking glasses features simple, modern designs that just make you wanna throw a dinner party. With lots of “beverages” on hand, of course.

  • PRIZE: Your choice of the Cheers Too White Wine, Double Old Fashioned, or Highball Set of Four by Mikasa
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “I’ll DRINK TO THAT” and…
  • BONUS QUESTION: Tell us about a memorable toast you’ve heard (or given!) and what made it great. We could all use a few good toastmaster tips, right?
  • CONTEST CLOSES: Wednesday, August 26th at 8pm EST
  • PRIZE SHIPS: United States only this time.
  • THE USUAL: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winners will be selected using random.org and announced on Thursday. Good luck!

Get more info on our freebies at our Giveaway FAQs page. Images courtesy of Mikasa Crystal & Dinnerware.


  1. Amber Smith says

    I’ll DRINK TO THAT, I have to say the hardest toast I’ve done was at my best friends wedding and I was 7 months pregnant so no little sip of wine to take the nerve off.

  2. Kay says

    “I’ll drink to that.” Can’t think of any special toasts, but do love that Mikasa glassware. Keep up the good blog!

  3. says

    These are so beautiful! I’d love to host a dinner party with them. I’m sure they would be the “toast of the town” so to speak. :)

  4. mandy says


    my favorite toast was at my cousin’s wedding, which was great because it told a story about him which pretty much summed up his entire childhood and showed how perfect they are together.

  5. Carrie Hamilton says

    “I’ll Drink to That” : You know come to think of it… I don’t think I have heard any crazy toast stories! Just all heartfelt and very nice. I know I’m boring! =)

    But the Best one in a movie was def. the one from Wedding Crashers! “You’ll hear crickets” Love it!

  6. Lindsay says

    I’ll drink to that!
    In my opinion, the best wedding toasts (or other toasts, I suppose, though most toasts I hear are during weddings) are light-hearted and slightly humorous. I know many people love the you’re-amazing-and-mean-the-world-to-me toasts, but they’re just not my thing. :)

  7. Courtney says

    I’ll Drink to That!

    The most memorable toast that comes to mind is the most recent one I have heard – my sister’s MOH toast to my husband and I at our wedding. She wrote a song about our relationship, sang it and had my brother accompany her on guitar.

    Everyone that was at the wedding wants a copy of her “toast”!

  8. Andrea says

    I’ll drink to that!

    My brother in law said something short and simple:
    May your love always be added, and never subtracted
    May your household multiply and never be divided

  9. Angela says


    The best toast I have heard, I was lucky enough to hear at my own wedding. My sister did an absolute awesome job! She said memories of when we were younger, talked about my new husband with a few jokes and welcomed him to the family and then proceeded to give us a few words of wisdom. It was so awesome! I’ll never forget it!

  10. Kim says


    I made a toast at my cousins wedding as her maid of honor that had the whole family crying! (In a good way)

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