Another Whirlwind Weekend

It’s only been a week since we told you about our last whirlwind weekend and we’ve already topped it with an even crazier weekend adventure. In fact this one was so nutty that it actually lasted six days, took us through ten states and required forty hours of driving. Yep, you read that right. Four. Zero.

What possessed us to embark on such a trek? My cousin was getting married in Dallas, TX and I had some spare vacation days. And what can we say, we’re suckers for a good road trip. So last Thursday we set out westward from Richmond spending about 10 hours in the car on each of four legs of the trip. We took a day long break in Nashville to see the sights and eat some BBQ with two of our favorite home bloggers (where we were spotted and nearly outed on our secret romp across the southeast). We finally pulled into Dallas for a gorgeous Sunday wedding before jumping back in the car for two more days of driving back towards Richmond, this time via Birmingham.

Yes it was a lot of driving, but it was also a lot of fun. We got back to Richmond late Tuesday night just bursting at the seems with stories, pictures and videos to share with you guys. From the funky hotel we stayed in with the Bowers and a quick how-we-travel-with-Burger video to my cousin’s beautiful DIY wedding decor, we can barely decide where to start. And that’s not to mention the footage we captured of our four ten-hour driving days courtesy of our homemade dashboard camera (fashioned from a tripod and some classy white duct tape).

So as we like to say around here, stay tuned. There are a slew of home-related posts about our days on the road to be written. We promise to get started just as soon as we stop seeing road signs in our sleep…






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