Another Whirlwind Weekend

It’s only been a week since we told you about our last whirlwind weekend and we’ve already topped it with an even crazier weekend adventure. In fact this one was so nutty that it actually lasted six days, took us through ten states and required forty hours of driving. Yep, you read that right. Four. Zero.

What possessed us to embark on such a trek? My cousin was getting married in Dallas, TX and I had some spare vacation days. And what can we say, we’re suckers for a good road trip. So last Thursday we set out westward from Richmond spending about 10 hours in the car on each of four legs of the trip. We took a day long break in Nashville to see the sights and eat some BBQ with two of our favorite home bloggers (where we were spotted and nearly outed on our secret romp across the southeast). We finally pulled into Dallas for a gorgeous Sunday wedding before jumping back in the car for two more days of driving back towards Richmond, this time via Birmingham.

Yes it was a lot of driving, but it was also a lot of fun. We got back to Richmond late Tuesday night just bursting at the seems with stories, pictures and videos to share with you guys. From the funky hotel we stayed in with the Bowers and a quick how-we-travel-with-Burger video to my cousin’s beautiful DIY wedding decor, we can barely decide where to start. And that’s not to mention the footage we captured of our four ten-hour driving days courtesy of our homemade dashboard camera (fashioned from a tripod and some classy white duct tape).

So as we like to say around here, stay tuned. There are a slew of home-related posts about our days on the road to be written. We promise to get started just as soon as we stop seeing road signs in our sleep…


  1. Destine says

    Ahhh! You guys are sneaky!
    I live in B’ham and would have been so surprised if I had spotted you! Nice picture with Vulcan btw…isn’t he kind of scary looking? :) Can’t wait to see more posts on the trip.

  2. LauraC says

    Very cool guys! Hubby and I have done some crazy driving trips too, but yours ranks way up there! And you were really close to our old stomping grounds of Lawton, OK – only about three hours north of Dallas. We used to plan big shopping trips when we got to go down to Dallas – good memories!

  3. Lisa says

    I know this has nothing to do with this post but I wondered where else you can suggest to pick up those lovely capiz frames you have in your bedroom. I checked Target, Pottery Barn, and a host of other places in store and on the net and cannot find them anywhere.
    Also I’ve been coveting your 8×10 JC Penny Honeycomb rug (which is no longer avail except in a smaller size in their outlet), and would love a tip as to where to find a similar color, style and size. I need a nice neutral shade like that for my living room and am having a tough time of it. You seem to have your finger on the pulse of alternates and where to find them.

    • says

      Hey Lisa,

      Try ebay and They’re two great places to search for things by name and hopefully track down identical (or extremely similar) versions. Hope it helps!


  4. says

    Hi Sherry & John!

    So, the Dallas wedding… was it at White Rock Lake. The picture looked like it. I am getting married next year and having my reception at the Filter Building. Was wondering if that was where you two were at.

    Hope you liked your Dallas trip! That is where I am from and grew up. I live in Austin now…


    • says

      Hey Melanie L,

      Good eye – that is White Rock Lake. Not sure what the name of the building was, but it was at Winfrey Point (according to our directions). Maybe they’re one in the same? It certainly was beautiful so you’re in for a treat next year. Congrats!


  5. Emily W says

    O-M-G……My best friend and I are HUGE fans of your site. Today’s post showed that you passed right-through-our-town recently and we didn’t even know it! We are located in Monroe,LA-right off I-20-you passed us on your way to Birmingham! So sorry we missed you guys!!!

    • says

      Hey Emily W,

      So sorry we missed you! Secret trips are fun but next time maybe we should announce our route beforehand to meet some friendly readers along the way!


  6. Val says

    Crazy! I read your blog all the time and and then here you were in the Magic City! I live next door to Vulcan — perhaps I saw the Petersik-mobile and never even knew it. We love living in this crazy place — hope you enjoyed your fleeting tour of our fair city. And maybe take next weekend off…

    • says

      Danielle, you know we don’t leave home without our trusty four-legged traveling companion! Rest assured Burger enjoyed the trip and will make many appearances in the posts and videos that we’re putting together this weekend.


  7. Lesley says

    It would be a great idea to announce your route! I’m in Arkansas and you drove right past me! Road trips are the best

  8. Austyn says

    You went to the Vulcan! It’s so funny to think that I might have spotted you cruising around Birmingham last weekend. I was even in Vulcan Park on Friday evening with my dog… That would have definitely made me do a double take. Looking forward to your posts from your trip.

  9. Dana Miller says

    Enjoy all the roadtrips you can! Hubby and I used to travel them all the time… until we had kids. Not as much fun with a carsick 4yo and 1yo toddler who doesn’t like staying strapped in longer than 2 minutes. HAHA! I’m living (maybe ‘traveling’) vicariously through you guys. Can’t wait to see some posts from the trip. Glad you returned safely.

  10. Jennifer says

    New fan of your blog… also a former Bham resident and current Nashville resident. Love both cities to death! Hope you guys had a blast in Nashvegas.

  11. says

    It looks like you took I-85 back home which would have taken you right through Greenville, SC, which is just an hour north of Abbeville, SC, where I live. Looking forward to upcoming posts resulting from your secret trip!

  12. Beth says

    I’d just like to say “I can’t believe you were in Dallas and didn’t look me up!!!!” heh heh. maybe next time. I’m sure what you want to do with all your time is meet all your groupies. :-) Maybe you could rent out a convention center or something… :-)

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