Using Safety Pins To Keep A Mattress Topper In Place

I’m not obsessive about making the bed with hospital corners or even making it as soon as I get up (Burger sleeps in a little and I usually get around to it in the early afternoon). But I am a maniac when I can feel the featherbed slipping around under me, or worse- resting about a foot out of alignment with the bed (gasp).

We already posted a few other ways that we whipped our bed into shape (so easy, still loving both methods!) but when it came to our slippery featherbed mattress topper we were stumped for a while. I tried alligator clips (no dice), clothespins (negatory), and other clipping devices (argh) in a desperate attempt to secure the sides of the featherbed to the trim around the mattress, but everything popped right off with the slightest pressure (as soon as we climbed into bed… snap!). And then my darling husband had an idea.


Safety pins! I was originally convinced it would result in a shredded featherbed or a ripped up mattress but three months later (we waited to post about ’em just in case…) everything is still secure and tear-free. The key is grabbing enough of the featherbed and the mattress to be certain that they won’t easily rip and dispersing enough pins around the perimeter of the bed so there’s not too much pressure in one area. We used three across the head of the bed and three across the foot. And that’s the story of how my man MacGyvered our featherbed into submission with a few household items that we already had laying around. Best zero dollars we ever spent!


  1. Focipresley says

    Good Morning Sherry –

    *Sigh* the feather-top sounds luxurious!! Alas, I am slightly allergic to feathers. Boo!



  2. says

    So clever! Luckily, my pillow top is attached to the bed, so I don’t have to worry about that, but still, it’s a neat trick! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Denise says

    Sherry, with the feather-top do you also use a mattress cover or just the fitted sheet? Also, does this arrangement require a deep pocket fitted sheet?

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Denise,

      We just use our featherbed with a fitted organic sheet over it (so of course it was always slipping around!). Oh and it’s a regularly-sized sheet, and it fits just fine. We actually have a major bed upgrade in the works though (our current mattress was actually a hand-me-down from John’s sister and it’s more than past its prime), so stay tuned…


  4. Laurie says

    I’ve done this with my duvet for the last 10 years or so; and I so agree on the ease of pining and flipping inside the cover. Your dduvet clips seem like they might painful if encountered but I’ve never noticed the pins they slip easily into the excess from the seam.
    congrats on the satisfaction of your newly stable bed (isn’t that the best feeling?)

  5. elizabeth says


    Pacific Coast Down makes a line of down products for allergy sufferers called ‘Allerest’…They have a feather bed protector too! We really want to try the comforter.


  6. Meaghan says

    i have to ask; is there a day that goes by in the petersik household that doesn’t have an ingenious discovery? have you ever thought about designing for IKEA- ya know, simple solutions to modern day living?

    another fine solution!

  7. jessi says

    smart idea!! i also pin my down comforter to the inside of the duvet cover to prevent it from sloshing all over in there!

  8. Travis says

    Do you ever get poked by a safety pin that has come undone? Any magic to which side of the safety pin is up?

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Travis,

      Good question. We actually have never been poked so we don’t really have a method when it comes to the direction of the pin since they seem to stay in place so well and haven’t popped open yet. Perhaps if we ever get poked we’ll revise the pinning direction…


    • says

      I guess the key to doing this properly is to secure the safety pins and place them in a concealed place, so whether or not it comes undone, there won’t be any poking incidents.

      BTW, the safety pin idea is ingenious.

  9. Amara says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is the bane of my existence. I am going to try it when I get home:)

  10. Erin says

    The trick is to get a feather/fiber bed that has the pocket sides that scretch over the corners of your mattress. We have a pillow top, but I believe you can never have too much cushion! Most come with the extra large pockets to fit most any mattress. I have purchased mine at Kohl’s in the past. They usually run a sale on mattress toppers several times a year – Buy One, Get One Free!! Great Deal, especially for the guest beds. It’s still a little bit of an investment, but well worth it!

  11. Focipresley says

    Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for the information! I’ve actually been searching for an allergy-free version of the feather-bed matress cover for quite a while and couldn’t find anything… I _thought_ this was strange. I just checked out the Pacific Coast website and am relieved that they sell their products at a few Canadian retail locations. Thanks again!


  12. Arlene says

    I have had this problem for a long time and tried the safety pin thing but they always popped open. I’ll try using more pins and as you said the pressure won’t be on one area.

    We use a mattress cover under the sheet hoping it would keep it in place (and to protect the topper)but it doesn’t!!


  13. cheep3r5 says

    I am wondering if using cotton duck or heavy webbing fabric wrapped around the edge of the feather topper, through which the pins would go, would relieve or take the pressure/tension off of the feather topper fabric? The heavy fabric would give the pin-etration support through the topper.

    Moving around and tugging on the topper every night….

    Just thinking out loud….

  14. arissa says

    Hopefully this makes sense without a photo. I am currently using a feather bed that has 1.5″ wide elastic stitched on each side of the 4 corners (approx 12 inches across) so it looks like a triangle. You just tuck the elastic under the mattress and it holds in place. Works just like a fitted sheet!

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