Abbey’s Design Dilemma

Abbey’s family room is bursting with potential. Here’s her letter:

I am sooo excited about submitting my request for a mood board for my family room. I found your blog about 3 weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. My home feels like a railroad apartment where you walk into the living room, which then opens into the dining room and then finally the family room. I would like to have a cohesive look that flows from one room to the other. The family room is very bright and opens to the kitchen. It doesn’t really have any style and I’d like it to have a more cohesive & polished look. While I like neutral & muted tones (tans, browns, beiges) my husband prefers a bit of color. So I’d like to be able to find a happy medium. I’d like the room to feel modern, contemporary and warm (I like reds, oranges, golds, browns). Also storage is critical. The configuration of this room is awkward so I’m anxious to see what you come up with. I’d also like to add a desk to the space. What stays: the TV, the green armoire (we are willing to paint it) and the sectional. Items that can go: the tables, the curtains, possibly the TV stand, the lamp, the console with the plants. We’re open to a new wall color and we’d like something that works with the other colors on the main floor (suggestions for the kitchen walls are welcome!). I look forward to your suggestions! – Abbey




This space is primed for a major makeover. Here’s the plan:

Modern, Warm Family Room

And now for the mood board breakdown.

1. When it comes to our color scheme we’ll be bringing in all sorts of browns, golds, tans and reds since they happen to be Abbey’s favorite colors (and they’ll work beautifully with the existing couch). We’ll also replace the lighter toned wood accent tables with clean-lined modern pieces in chocolate brown for a crisp and polished look in a snap. As for the wall color, we’d love to see a warm and regal golden tone on the walls (Benjamin Moore’s Westminster Gold 200) and as for some color for the adjoining kitchen, a softer goldy-yellow (Benjamin Moore’s Cornsilk 198) will really warm things up in there.

2. Bringing in a deep textural round coffee table in the place of the existing rectangular one will instantly add to the flow of the room and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s still modern and crisp thanks to the deep, rich color and the contemporary shape. And since this table is a bit on the pricey side of things (although it’s on sale), we also dug up a cheaper alternative just to toss into the mix.

3. A few of these lovely geometric pillows (just $21 each on sale!) will add punch and pattern to the existing red sofa while tying into all the browns and golds that we’ll be introducing through everything from the golden curtains to the striped rug.

4. Since paper storage is key, and Abbey would like to create an office in this space, we actually though that converting the armoire into a mini work station would be a great solution (as demonstrated by this similar green armoire from Pottery Barn). Many people are relying on this solution when it comes to having an office that functions within another space (like this family room) and we love that when it’s closed no one will be the wiser that it stores a computer and a slew of office supplies (and when it’s open there will be a chair nearby that can be pulled over and used as a desk chair in a moment’s notice). We also liked the idea of bringing in one of these handsome dark wood filing cabinets which can be placed where the console table with the plants currently lives. With a handsome leather parson’s chair next to it (which will serve as the office chair whenever the armoire is open), our little corner office will instantly become fully functional yet oh so easy to tuck away.

*Our alternative to the office in the armoire would definitely be to bring in a desk like this to be placed under that pass-through (it’s extremely light and clean-lined so it’ll take up less visual space than most desks would).

5. And now for another corner of the room. We thought replacing the existing TV stand with something a bit more substantial that tied in with the rest of our chocolate wood furnishings would really add to the entire room. And this media unit (on clearance!) will slide into the corner like it was made for the room.

6. These shimmering golden silk curtains (in “sand dune”) will add height,drama and luxe appeal when they’re hung high and wide on each window to drape from the ceiling to the floor on either side of both windows.

7. Bringing in some rich, golden abstract art will really transform the room in a snap, and this lovely Yves Klein print will add a whole lotta drama without breaking the bank like real gold would…

8. Clean-lined glass & metal nesting side tables (on sale at Pottery Barn!) will create perfect balance on either side of the sofa while injecting an airy & light vibe. We always love to keep things from getting overly matchy-matching, and bringing in metal and glass side tables with a woven coffee table will really keep things feeling sophisticated, layered and inviting.

9. Here’s the aforementioned leather parsons chair that will sit next to the wooden filing cabinet to the right of the armoire in the corner to create an instant office at a moment’s notice. And the price for this leather piece is pretty darn amazing too.

10. Two of these table lamps (one on either side of the sofa on those lovely glass nesting tables) will add a ton of geometric interest and effortless style to the space. We love how the tiny circles on the base mimic the circles in the throw pillows for the sofa- and that the cream color is very close to the lightest tone in our area rug.

11. And speaking of the rug, this 8 x 10 stunner (on sale!) will totally make the space. It will ground the sofa and the new coffee table, make sense of the layout, tie our whole color scheme together, and add a bit more gentle pattern to energize the space in a snap.

So there you have it. A multifunctional family room full of modern and polished style. We can’t wait to see what you guys think! And if anyone else out there is in need of a custom makeover of their very own, click here for some decorating advice on the double.

Note: Our mood boards are now posted at least 72 hours after they’re sent to the client (so they have a chance to purchase everything before it sells out).

Update: Abbey sent over her after pics and they’re amazing! Check them out right here.

Update #2: We sadly can no longer find the time to take on client commissioned mood boards (we now whip up general inspiration boards instead) but if we ever reinstate them we’ll make a big announcement!






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