The Porch Project Continues…

Since spilling the super exciting challenge beans last week, we’ve been moving right along with our porch makeover for Better Homes & Garden’s 48-Hour Challenge with Home Depot. And you can check out our latest project update over on There you’ll learn exactly what we’re painting (with subtle stripes!!), and what we’re building (Burger gets his own zone and we’re turning a planter into a side table). We also have a few more crafty ideas up our sleeves (like some twine mobiles that we’re going to whip up). Here’s a little sneak peek:


For more of the porch plan, just head on over to and scroll down a bit to find our blurb. And stay tuned for another update next week…


  1. EvY says

    For some reason I can’t wait to see this project happen. Maybe because of my competitiveness I really want to see you guys win. Yeah beat that gardener guy!

    Eye of the tiger!

    *rocky theme music*

  2. Lindsay says

    Hee, so I mainly had to comment to make it 3 out of 5 comments by someone with my name (too funny!), but I really like that green and white pot! Can’t wait to see what all is in store! :)

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