Reader Redesign: Another Bathing Beauty

Back when Anneliese sent over her first bathroom makeover we couldn’t wait to share the goods with you guys. Now she’s gone and sent us her second… and it’s just as lovely as the first! Here’s her letter:

Many elements of this redo are similar to our previous master bath renovation: the wall color, the espresso elements, the love of IKEA, the orange accents. However, for this tiny, tiny room (5′ by 7′), we managed to squeeze in a full-sized Jacuzzi tub, some cool porcelain floor tiles that look like wood planks, and a mongo vintage storefront sign- because I love a good antique. Hope you enjoy the before and afters! – Anneliese

Here’s the dated before:


And the oh so chic afters:




Everything from the soothing wall color and the complementary hits of orange to the vintage sign and those amazing faux-wood ceramic floor tiles totally floats our boat. Serious swooning going on over here. Thanks so much for the pics Anneliese! You have two gorgeous bathrooms and I’m sure more than a few people (us included) are green with envy…


  1. Cacey says

    Those floor tiles are gorgeous! Could Anneliese tell us where she found the tiles and the pretty wall art?

  2. Ann says

    I’m LOVING this bathroom! Please give us the information on where everything is from…the art, the sink/vanity, the mirror.

    Great job!

  3. Amanda says

    Wow I love it all! I love how the orange accessories really ‘pop’ with the rest of the colour scheme and those tiles…!!!

  4. Ally says

    I LOVE everything about this bathroom – great job! Along with everyone else’s reqeusts, could you tell us what paint color you used?

  5. SSM says

    I also suffer from small master bathroom-ness, do you have any photos of the tub part? I would love to see how they fit it in.

  6. says

    My bf’s parents put tiles like that in their bathroom renovation, too. I think they just got them at Lowes or Home Depot, nowhere special. They came across them totally by accident while looking for ordinary tiles. They also feel really silky underfoot, which is nice for the bathroom.

  7. Allison says

    This is such a soothing bathroom. The color of the walls is exactly what I want for our living room/most of the main floor.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey everyone,

      We dropped Anneliese a line to request all of those answers for you, so stay tuned! You can also check out Anneliese’s blog for more info on her entire home’s renovation:

      As for the paint color, she revealed it in the last makeover (she used the same paint this time around) and it’s Alexander Julian’s Lichen, although the line has unfortunately been discontinued. However, if you sweet-talk the paint guy at Lowe’s and give him this info, I’ll bet he’ll mix you a trial size of the paint in their Valspar house brand (this info is for a full gallon… they used the satin version): 113-9Y24 101-42 111-26 102-40.


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