Our Nest Made The Nest Magazine!

And not only did we make the mag, we actually made the cover. I know! There may or may not have been some excited screaming for a few hours after we found out.

cover feature young house love on the nest magazine

Needless to say we’ve been beyond excited about this little write up (which was shot back in November when they also filmed our video house tour). It was a pretty busy day… and Burger got to meet a crew of ten people for the occasion (a hair & make-up lady, a wardrobe stylist, an assistant to the wardrobe stylist, the photographer of course, his two assistants, the creative director, the prop stylist, his assistant, and a videographer).

young house love blog magazine press the nest magazine

Yeah, that’s right. They dressed us up (no those aren’t our clothes, but it is our dog!), powdered our faces (well, not Burger’s) and told us to smile pretty for the camera. We were both super self conscious (so many eyes- and lenses- on us) but we tried to keep our cool and act like it was just another ordinary day at Casa Petersik.

TheNestSpread2 YHL Young House Love

A bunch of you guys have actually seen the spread already since you opened your mailboxes and saw our smiling faces! The hilarious part of the story is that we actually never got a copy of our own (they said it would arrive around March 30th but it has yet to find its way to our house) so we finally got to see the story this weekend thanks to a friend who got the mag and met up with us to pass it along! The Nest magazine is a subscription only publication (they send it out to over 200,000 newlyweds, but it can’t be picked up in stores), so of course we were beyond thrilled when our friend called us to say that she had a copy in her hot little hands.

young house love feature in the nest magazine

And now that we’ve seen it, we couldn’t be more enamored (and relieved- our nerdy self-consciousness isn’t nearly as obvious in the pictures as we thought it was). Of course the photographer, David A. Land, captured our house beautifully, and the staff over at The Nest did such an amazing job putting it all together. Oh and could our little fur baby have looked any cuter? Did you see that pooch eye contact on the cover? Is Burger not destined to be a star?!

young house love in the nest magazine

Now we’ll wrap things up with a JPEG of each page of the article at a readable size (here’s spread 1, spread 2, spread 3, and spread 4 – just click on each one to zoom in). And we’ll be back with another post full of behind the scenes details later in the week. So… as we say so often around here… stay tuned!

Psst: here’s that post full of behind the scenes details so you can see how a national magazine really captures all those glossy shots.


  1. Melissa says

    Congratulations guys! You look terrific and the house does too! Only wish I could get the issue in store; thanks for scanning the photos.

  2. kelly says

    Holly, I’m so glad you asked Sherry that! I’ve wondered forever if we would even recognize Sherry with her hair down.

    Sherry- you should post a “hair-down” picture one day… just to throw us all off!

    You guys are the best!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Ok Kelly and Holly, I’m game. I hereby promise to post a pic of my hair down in the behind the scenes post about our photoshoot by the end of this week. Stay tuned…


  3. Grace says

    I LOVE your home!!! It’s truly gorgeous and inspiring. If it wasn’t for the NEST magazine I would have never found your website! the moment I saw the cover and read the article I typed in your website and have been hooked ever since :) You are now one of my quickie “fave links” on my apple! wooHOO. I’m oh so inspired and can’t wait to decorate my own pad for I am also a newlywed. THANKS GUYS!!! Could your little family be any picture perfect?! congrats and continued success…

  4. says

    Cheers!! Congrats to the both of you as well as to Erica. I look forward to being able to actually read the pages as well. If Erica’s bathroom is in the same magazine could you possibly post that page as well? If that is okay with her of course.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Melissa,

      We’d love to share Erica’s bathroom too! We’ll be sure to include a link to a picture of her bathroom makeover when we post our behind the scenes breakdown.


  5. says

    I actually received my Nest mag at the end of March and that is how I have become completely obsessed with your blog! I have a list of projects that I’m going to attempt as soon as I get my paycheck – starting with an upholstered headboard! You guys are amazing and Burger is beyond precious. Thanks for all the inspiration and especially for wearing those yellow shoes. They made me love you instantly! <3

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Aw thanks guys! We’re so glad you’re sharing in our excitement! We’re hardly celebrities but we’re thoroughly enjoying our little write-up and the fact that it helped so many of you find our blog! We’re more inspired than ever to keep bringing you fun (and budget-friendly) stuff in the future!

      Sherry (& John)

  6. says

    That is so cool!! Your house is amazing; I love all of the different projects you guys have done. I must say that you are an inspiration to me and my home. Hopefully sometime this year my hubby and I will be converting our garage the rest of the way into a den and laying down some hardwoods on the first floor. When that happens I hope to turn the living room into a living/dining room combo. Hopefully when that happens I’ll send you before and after photos because without your blog I would never have thought of doing that.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Melanie,

      We’re actually a bit unclear about how the magazine actually works. In fact we really wanted to do a giveaway so a few lucky readers could win their own copy to peruse, but The Nest said that they’re currently not offering subscriptions. From what we understand they randomly send out 200,000 copies to newlyweds (none of whom have subscribed, but perhaps they entered their info on theknot.com or thenest.com and were randomly selected to receive it). But fear not, we’re definitely going to scan the article so that people can click it to read every last word, which will be almost as fun as having the glossy version in your lap!


  7. says


    I’d never seen your blog until the issue hit our box. Now I’m addicted! I love it so much and I’m making my way through all the archives.

    We’ll be buying our first home in the fall (fingers crossed) and your little blog here is getting me VERY excited!

  8. tab says


    I also wanted to let you know that generally magazines can send you a few extra prints if you call and ask, esp. since you are on the cover.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Tab,

      Yup we already put in a request for some extra copies to share with the fam (there are lots of proud Grandmas calling dibs on ’em) but the people over at The Nest have said that it takes a few more weeks for them to get a hold of their extra issues, so we’re just sitting tight! Thanks so much for the idea though!


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