Steal Of The Week: Pump It Up

We recently snagged this recycled glass soap pump from Target for $9 and we couldn’t be more excited about our sleek Restoration Hardware-esque purchase.


It’s a little bit industrial and a little bit classic and it may just help us avoid the flu this year (hand washing just got more fun). In fact we love it so much, we grabbed a second one for our other bathroom, and now we have two refillable soap pumps made from recycled glass full of Dr. Bronner’s Organic Almond Castille Soap (our favorite) that make sudsing up a little swankier.

We can’t find it on but we’re crossing our fingers that your local Tarjay will come through with the goods. And it’s not in the Home Design Event area, it’s right in the regular bathroom section (although there were other recycled glass soap dispensers over there last time we stopped in and picked up our beloved gourd lamp). Happy hunting!


  1. Sara says

    I got that same pump a few months back! It is way better than the last one we had. Love the bottles slight green color from the recycled glass.

  2. says

    I love it! I’m going to have to swing by Target on my way home and check out their selection. I’ve been looking for some soap pumps for my kitchen and I’m happy to hear that Target has some reasonably priced, good looking ones available.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Rachel,

      You’ll never guess where we get our Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. Why Target of course! It’s not in the soap aisle though, it’s actually in the eco/green aisle near the makeup with the Burt’s Bee’s stuff. It’s usually located on a bottom-ish shelf to the right of the Burt’s Bees stuff, all lined up and colorful (you can see the green and red and blue labels from a mile away). There are lots of scents to choose from (we love almond but there’s also peppermint, citrus, etc) and since they’re made from vegetable oils they’re fabulously mild. Perfect for sensitive skin.

      Oh and you should also check out the Dr. Bronner’s lip balm (also on the bottom-ish row located in a basket) – it’s another all natural product that we’re crazy about. Hope it helps! Happy hunting…


  3. YoungHouseLove says

    Poor KK, one of our many soaped-shirt victims. Is was this very tendency to misfire that made me put my foot down and demand that we find a new soap dispenser. Fortunately we snagged a good lookin’ one that aims right into your palm.

    And it should be noted that you weren’t the only visitor attacked by our old dispenser. I think the entire DIY crew left with soapy shirts.


  4. says never fails….you guys and I have such similar taste! And in this instance – we bought the same soap dispenser! Hubby and I love it and actually showed it off recently in our bathroom redo on my blog!

  5. DJ says

    You guys really have an eye for things. When I shop in a large store, such as Target, my brain just shuts down. Too much stuff, too many people. I can’t see how anything could work in my home.

    But I LOVED the way the soap pump looked in your photo. Our local Target had two left when I stopped by this evening and I bought them. They look wonderful in the bathrooms, but I never would have noticed them on my own.

  6. says

    We also have this same soap dispenser! I liked it so much that I dragged my hubby back to Target to pick up a second one for our guest bath. I love them and they look great in both of our bathrooms!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Jill,

      My initial reaction was “go for it” and John actually weighed in and agreed so that’s two solid votes that the new soap dispenser will totally work with the existing brushed tissue box. Since they’re not going to live directly next to each other and the new dispenser has so little metal on it (the main feature will be the gorge recycled glass) we think it’ll look lovely.

      We’ve never been super matchy about those things (for example in the kitchen we have a chrome accented pendant light above the sink with a brushed nickel faucet & hardware below). Just like different tones of white and tan can be layered in a room, we think the same can be true for metals- especially when they’re both in the chrome/nickel family- brushed or not!


  7. Niki says

    Howdy again,

    I went out to my local target tonight and much to my dismay they didn’t have them. I asked a few associates but they said they have never seen anything like it. I have also searched all the sites I could think of and google for them, no luck. The people at target said they are about to totally redo the bathroom area and that maybe they will be in with the new stuff. We are kinda slow getting cool stuff here in the midwest :-D So… Fingers crossed!


    • YoungHouseLove says

      Good luck! They only hit our stores for the first time about a month ago so I think there’s a strong posibility that they’ll make their way out to you…


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