Our Rate My Space Clip

We finally had a chance to cobble together an online version of our fleeting appearance on HGTV’s Rate My Space, which many of you caught live in mid December. Our fingers were crossed that the whole episode would be posted to HGTV.com but after a few weeks of impatiently waiting we decided to DIY a little YouTube clip ourselves.

So here’s a short video of the show’s intro, our two brief appearances and the final makeover reveal (of course we left in the big before and after). And if you missed our behind-the-scenes take on filming, head over here for more of the dirty details. Enjoy!


  1. says

    Her reaction to the new design is PRICELESS! So cute! Thanks for posting- I didn’t get a chance to catch it on television. You guys are movie stars!

  2. Heather says

    Do you know where I can find pictures of their bedroom on Rate My Space? Their color scheme is the same as the one in our master bedroom, so I’m hoping to get some ideas :)

  3. says

    SO cute! I’m so glad you posted something on this again though. I’ve had the worst time trying to find their old Rate My Space website. Did they take it down? Their new “gallery” looks like it’s only past episodes. Where are the galleries where people just add their photos and people look for inspiration??

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Sarah,

      Here’s a link that seemed to take us to the page where you can upload your pics and check out other people’s spaces:

      Hope it helps!

      And for all you adorable and sweet people who got a kick out of our video, thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement!!! Of course I still think I sounded a little pitchy and crazy but I guess national television will do that to ya. We’re so glad you enjoyed the clip!

      Sherry (& John)

  4. says

    Just found your blog and it is wonderful! I was on RMS TV (also briefly!) episode 108, Lackluster Kitchen. I think they have them all online now, but I haven’t watched any. Great work!

  5. Steph says

    Hey John and Sherry- Congratulations on all your success with the site and your house! I’m so excited for you both. You guys have an amazing eye for design :)

    Keep me posted on how things are coming along- I love hearing about what you guys are up to!


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