Weird Winter Tradition: Making A Summer List

Here’s a strange little tradition that John and I started last year: in the dead of winter, we make a list of stuff that we’d love to do in the summer:


Then we hide the list somewhere that we won’t look until the weather is nice and warm again (we tape it to our sunscreen bottle, but it would also work tucked into a bathing suit drawer or stuck in a cooler that you only use in the summer months).

It may sound weird, but we come up with about a million things that we can’t do in the winter because it’s cold, and then summer rolls around and everything we were dreaming of doing somehow slips right out of our brain. So instead of relying on faulty mental notes we decided to make an actual note to be rediscovered months later when the sun is back out in full force. This year our “to-do” list includes everything from Frisbee-golf to a tour of the Capitol and even building our own rain barrel. It’s a definite excuse to get outside and have fun, and we love that it’s one to-do list that we never dread. Happy listing!


  1. says

    This is a great idea. Here in Chile it IS summer, and I’m sure that I won’t get to doing some of the things I dreamed about through the cold winter. I also like the idea of applying this to other things from vacations to just things to do in your area…I’m always thinking of fun weekend activities, and by the time the weekend does roll around I end up just lazing around the house. Which is enjoyable, but trying something new is fun too.

  2. heather s. says

    So you don’t use sunscreen in the winter? Shame on you! ;) As a skin cancer survivor I’d like to point out that the sun’s harmful rays can still cause damage on cloudy days so lather up!

    I love lists – this is a great idea.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Heather S,

      I knew we should have been more specific about the sunscreen thing! We use spf 15 lotion in the winter (religiously, I promise) but not the waterproof 40 spf sport body lotion in the bathroom closet- that just comes out in the summer.


  3. euni says

    I love this idea! The January blues in NY make me day dream of all the wonderful things I can do when it’s warm. I should take note like you guys. :)

  4. Kelly Spokas says

    Good idea….I think it would also be great to see organizational tips like this more frequently on the blog, too.

  5. says

    What a great idea!! I love it! I could see this working for all seasons… for instance, I always think it would be charming to go on a sleigh ride in the winter, or to go hiking at a state park when the wildflowers are blooming in spring. But do I ever think of those things when the time is right? Nope! Time to break out a pad of paper and put this wonderful idea into practice. Thanks for sharing!


  6. says

    What a super fun idea. I love to break out my gardening books in January and get planning for the warmer weather. Then the cold snow doesn’t seem to bad.

  7. says

    Heyo! We are building our rain barrel this summer, too! There is a juice factory just up the Allegheny River and we canoed out to salvage some litter (a giant, floating barrel that got away from the juice people). Now we just need to get the spout and drill a hole in the top when the weather gets…well when it’s more than 10 degrees.

  8. says

    My husband and I totally do this. It’s such a great idea. We made the list as winter was becoming spring, and I taped it on the fridge so I’d have some things to look forward to!

  9. Sandra J says

    This is great! My husband LOVES some frisbee golf! We have a course next to our house and he is always looking for people to play with….

  10. says

    I love this idea. We forget how miserable we are in the winter when the weather is great. I am going to sit my family down and make them write the list.

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