Fab Freebie: Pewter Geek

Lookin’ to add some flash to that backsplash? Some bling to your bathroom? Well here’s a freebie you’re sure to go geeky over.


Castalina makes high-end, hand-poured 100% lead free pewter accent tiles that are sure to upgrade any tile job around your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond. Even if you don’t have any tiling projects on the horizon at the moment, we think these stylish “dots” would look just as great lining a tray, bordering a picture frame, or even grouped in a grid as a sleek coaster or pillar candleholder. They’re even safe for flooring projects (they are real metal after all).


All of Castlina’s tiles are exclusively available at Costco.com for some pretty darn amazing prices compared to the other 100% pewter tiles on the market. They come in two finishes (polished or aged), two sizes (2×2″ or 1×1″) and three designs (flat, domed or pyramid) so there’s definitely something for everyone.

And here’s your shot to snag some for free. Since we couldn’t pick our favorite tile type to give away, Castalina kindly agreed to let the winner pick their prize! So one lucky guy or gal will receive two boxes (24 tiles) of their preferred style – that’s up to a $236 retail value.


To enter, just comment on this post with the words “I’M A PEWTER GEEK” by Wednesday 1/28 at 8pm EST. And while you’re at it, tell us what you go geeky for (I’m a little too caught up in Lost theories and Sherry is a bit Twilight crazy these days). Oh and Castalina ships anywhere in the Continental US, so this contest is open to all residents of the lower 48 states. We’ll announce the lucky random winner by the end of the week, so stay tuned…


Oh and Castalina also makes liners (those fab long pewter tiles along the top of the above picture), so be sure to check out everything that they offer right here. You won’t be disappointed.

Curious about how our giveaways work? Find out the juicy details here.


  1. says

    I’M A PEWTER GEEK! I’m half norwegian and you know they make alot of pewter in Norway…so that means I should win, right??!! LOL

    I’m a geek for all Home Improvement stores!

  2. Lori says


    My kids tell me I’m geeky because I am so excited that we have a local Trader Joes now! 3 miles from my house! And I am geeky in my love for libraries – I could move into the Twin Hickory library, no kidding.

  3. Christina Peterson says


    Let’s see…I would say Battlestar Gallactica is pretty geeky! My hubby and I just started watching the series and we are hooked.

  4. says


    This would be awesome in my kitchen. There’s a lot of chrome/silver accent in the fixtures. And seeing as how my backsplash is laminate… ew. This would be a great element in an upgrade!! OR I could give them to my brother since he just installed fantastic dark slate counters in his kitchen.

    I’m a huge geek for home design.

  5. says

    I’m a Pewter Geek!!!

    I’m also a science geek… it’s my life, and my career (Parkinson’s Disease Researcher)… so it’s at least a geeky thing that I indulge in everyday! Since buying our home, I have now become a decorating blog geek as well… as evidenced here.

    Hmmm, after reading this comment over it would appear that I am also an ellipse (…) geek as well! ;-) Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Lisa says


    I am totally geeky about checking out coupon saving websites lately! Anything to help out with the budget!

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