Budget Blooms: Think Pink

There’s nothing like a fistfull of blooms to make a gray winter day feel downright cheerful. True to his word, John reminded me that the beginning of January kicked off his promise to get me one bouquet of flowers per month. Who knew standing in line at our local grocery store (Kroger) with a three dollar bouquet of pink frilly flowers would make me feel so tickled?

And John actually confessed that he thought flowers would be a lot more, so in light of the three dollar price tag he even offered to up his promise to two bouquets a month. Isn’t he the best?

For now we’ll just see how long these babies last and go from there. But it really is nice to know that such a small purchase (cheaper than almost everything else in our shopping cart) could make our home feel so warm and alive in the dead of winter. And we actually got two arrangements for the price of one…


I plopped half of the bouquet into an old pink vase from Crate & Barrel on my desk so I can admire them all day long (I love how the pink flowers look with the similarly toned vase) and the other half of them into a glass bathroom cup on our console table (which used to hold toothbrushes back in the day- gotta love repurposing).


Splitting the bouquet made each arrangement just $1.50 and worth every penny. A girl could get used to this! What about you guys? Do you have any flower buying rituals or bloom arranging tips? We’d love to hear if flowers rock your wold as much as they’re rocking ours. And while you’re at it, what are your favorite types? We don’t even know what these pink lovelies are, so we figure we should bone up on our blooms for our year of flowers.






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