Reader Redesign: Stunning Switcheroo

This unbelievable bathroom makeover sent in by Kathleen is a true demonstration that one major change (the floor tile) along with a lot of little changes (painting the walls and the mirror) can really result in an entirely new space.

Here’s the eek-tasatic before:

And the gloriously fabulous after:

How great is that? Of course we love that basketweave tile (as we have some of our own). And isn’t it amazing how much sophistication the subdued wall color and trim tones add?

Nice work, Kathleen!


  1. says

    while i’d agree with you that the before was “eek-tasatic” i actually liked the original color of the medicine cabinet.

    great floor choice, i’m dieing to put that in my own bathroom.

  2. Kelli says

    Kathleen, that looks awesome! You should be so proud of yourself. Where did you get the floor tile? I’d like to do something like that in our bathrooms.

  3. says

    Thanks youngsters for posting our redesign! Thanks everyone else for the praise!

    Kelli – I will try and find the web site I found the floor tile at.

    Feel free to read more on our home remodel at

  4. Alysia says

    Oh my goodness! What a great change! It should be required for all persons who submit their updates/remodels/etc to list where they bought everything. :) The train rack is gorgeous!

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