Our Silver & White Christmas Tree

We did it. We busted out all of our Christmas stuff and officially decked the halls. We’re pretty organized about our holiday storage so it’s not too difficult to unleash the Christmas beast in our house. We keep specific ornaments designated for spots other than the tree (hurricanes, bowls, etc) in labeled ziplock bags:

And we store all the other tree-only ornaments in an under bed storage container, which is easy to pull out and set at the foot of the tree for decorating in an instant. And because it’s a hard container we don’t have to wrap our breakables in newspaper since they’re all gently placed in the bin for protection until next year.

We’re always up for a before and after, so here’s what the living room looked like before we started:

And here’s the finished product. Well, finished is a relative term… we’re already planning to add some lime green to liven up our silver and white scheme.

We’re big fans of introducing a few unexpected elements, like a starfish stuck an a random branch and a plethora of sheer silver bows filling in all the dark spots in the place of garland. And who can say no to a little disco ball or three?

It’s amazing how the rest of the room sparkles when you add a tree. As soon as we plugged in the lights we were already feeling downright festive. And when John put on some Christmas tunes and whipped up something warm and tasty, we really started to feel giddy with Christmas anticipation.

Here’s that “something warm and tasty” that John disappeared into the kitchen to make. Some mint hot chocolate (Trader Joe’s- yummy) with some whipped cream and even a dusting of chocolate shavings to take things to the next level. Oh and his tip for making chocolate shavings (he actually grated Hershey’s kisses himself) is to store your chocolate in the fridge so it’s hard enough to grate without getting all smushy and melty. Good to know, eh? He’s my little Martha Stewart.

Oh and one of our favorite substitutions is our two-sheepskin-rugs-from-Ikea in place of a traditional tree skirt. So floofy and inviting. And they look adorable with a whole mess of presents on ’em.

And yes, our tree is 100% artificial, faux, fake-ola. Even though they’re not always the “classiest” by reputation, we like that we can reuse it for decades instead of tossing it on the curb come January 1st. But we totally understand how the smell and the look of a real tree can be sheer magic around the holidays, so to each his (or her) own. Happy decorating! And stay tuned for more festive ways to get into the holiday spirit on the cheap and in a flash.


  1. Brandi H. says

    Love the decorations! You two are so inspiring. I really get a kick out of looking at your site, and the things you two do together. I only hope that one day I have a fun marriage like the two of you ;) I am looking forward to the magazine in February. It will be nice to have pictures of your house in my hands for reference while out shopping!! May I ask where you got your sofa? I am looking for a white/cream slipcovered sofa that is not out-of-this world expensive (i.e. shabby chic), but more comfortable than the one at Ikea. I have a child and thought this would be nice so that I can wash the cover. Thanks for you time, and inspiration.

  2. KK says

    Absolutely lovely!

    I’ve been wanting to pick up some of those furry throws from IKEA, but I can’t find them on their website. Am I missing something?

  3. Jen says

    I love your decorations! I was wondering, does Ikea still have those sheepskin things? If so, can you get them online or just in the store?

  4. says

    Very awesome tree.

    Mine’s faux too, and it’s definitely nice not to have to save up for a tree during the financial crunch of the holiyays.

    I especially love the disco balls. My mom has a giant one on a shelf in her kitchen and it really plays up the lighting she gets through the big windows. Always a great touch.

  5. Tatyana says

    Everything looks lovely.
    On another note – when my husband and I were making our wedding invitations, him with a glue gun in hand, I told him he was my Martha Stewart. So your “He’s my little Martha Stewart.” made me laugh.
    Also, I can’t tell what they are… but they look like big white glass drops… where did you get them? They look like something from CB2 but I don’t know.

  6. Joni says

    Y’all are too cute – this is lovely! I’m going to check at Ikea for those sheepskin rugs – great idea.

    I’ve been looking for stocking hooks just like yours – mind sharing where you found them?

  7. elizabeth says

    The tree looks great! We are going to have our first tree this year, but we are trying to figure out where to put it. One of the drawbacks of a small house is where to put the tree…

  8. Laura says

    Fantastic decorating! Kudos… And you’re making me feel very stylish b/c we have the same tree theme although I wasn’t able to find any disco ball oraments :(

    On a completely seperate note, are those three Ikea Lack shelves I see on the wall in your dining room? We don’t ]have quite enough space for a full sideboard in our dining room so I was pondering an option like this.

  9. Lori says

    Love your Christmas look! We can’t use sheepskin under the tree, tho, cause our Westie feels like they are friends who he needs to drag around! We get a real tree every year, and the expense isn’t too bad since we save our coins all year specifically for the tree purchase! Then after New Year’s we mulch the tree to do our part. Looking forward to more Xmas tips!

  10. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey peeps,

    Is it Christmas yet? So glad you’re all getting into the spirit with us. And now to answer a plethora of questions: the chandelier ornaments are from Old Navy (purchased last year), the big white glass drop ornaments are from West Elm (last year), the stocking hooks are from Target (last year), the floating shelves are the Lack ones from Ikea (we love them for a clean and open look), our fireplace mantle came with the house (we painted it) but we’ve seen some great ones at architectural salvage shops, the disco ball ornaments are from Target, Ikea does still sell those sheepskin rugs (search Rens sheepskin on ikea.com), and the sofa is from a Rowe retailer in town (just google Rowe sofa and your city and you’ll find one near you).

    Oh and Elizabeth, we totally feel your pain about finding a spot for the tree in a small house. We actually move that green bookcase that you see in the before pic to the third bedroom to gain some space and then move it back once the tree comes down. Happy nook hunting!

    And Gracia, we’d love to help you convince Eric that you DO need a tree so here we go: Hey Eric, it’s Sherry and John. We really think Gracia deserves a tree this year. She’s been a good girl, right? And you love her, right? Go ahead, spoil her this year. She’s totally worth it.

    Hope it helps!

    Sherry (& John)

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